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Headlines of note for November, 2014 [updated Nov. 26]...

Celebrated finance journalist Matt Taibbi  leaves The Intercept on Tuesday, Oct. 28, following months of disputes with First Look founder Pierre Omidyar and his immediate officers over the management of the digital journal Racket which Taibbi was to head...

InterceptThe Inside Story Of Matt Taibbi’s Departure From First Look Media

In a little over a week, on Thursday, Nov. 6, Taibbi publishes what is perhaps his biggest story on Wall Street fraud - at his previous employer...

Rolling Stone: The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare

While this story reiterates much of what we already knew about Wall St. malfeasance leading up to the burst of the housing bubble in 2008, its significance is that it presents all the elements necessary for a prosecutable criminal case against high level officers, including Jaime Dimon, at JPMorgan Chase, in spite of Eric Holder's failure to do so. See also...

Wall Street on Parade: JPMorgan’s $9 Billion Witness Puts Government Testimony by Her Boss into Question

Inquiring minds would like to know, how long was publication of Taibbi's story delayed due to the management dispute? There was a hint of what was to come as early as a tweet on July 10 (but this is inconclusive at to whether or not Taibbi had his whistle-blower yet), and another more definitive on Sept. 25. Well before this, however, as we read in the article of whistle-blower Alayne Fleischmann's epiphany: One day last spring, Fleischmann happened across a video of Holder giving a speech titled "No Company Is Too Big to Jail.".... That's when she decided to break her silence. The video referred to is this: Eric Holder: No such thing as "too big to jail", dated May 5.

Taibbi was with First Look Media for seven months. Knowing that Wall St. fraud has been Taibbi's specialty, and he just starting at "whistle-blower central," Fleischmann must have considered him the obvious journalist to contact, and would have done so in early to mid May, if she acted immediately upon her resolution. Supposing that he could have had her story ready for publication by sometime in June or early July, this gives us a full four months of delay. If this is the case, then in besetting Taibbi and his team with his millions and his micro-management (i.e. 'we're going to roll out this big deal... but that takes money and time'), Omidyar was effectively running interference for Dimon and Holder.

Between Fleischmann's decision to go public - if it was in May - and the time of publication came a much belated interview by criminal investigators, as Taibbi notes, "in late summer". Further questions as to who knew what when are raised by this timing. Did Holder's Department of Justice take a sudden interest in her allegations knowing that Taibbi's story was immanent? If so, how did Holder's DoJ know of it? The NSA? Omidyar? Presuming the foreknowledge of the story, was the DoJ's interest then an effort to head it off by giving Fleischmann the confidence that the DoJ was finally going to act? To resolve these questions, we will need a definitive answer as to when she contacted Taibbi. In spite of detailed questions relating to the time-line of the story in a Democracy Now interview of Taibbi and Fleischmann, the question remains unanswered (nor is it answered in an interview with Max Keiser on RT). The answer would satisfy another question regarding her motivation. Was it her conscience that drove her to the press after patiently but fruitlessly waiting for prosecutors to act, or is she pursuing a whistle-blower defense just as she comes under the scrutiny of an investigation? The latter possibility is raised by...

Willyloman: Matt Taibbi’s “Ball Washing” of Alayne Fleischmann Who Spent Two Years Crafting Toxic Assets for Chase

The answer to the timing question will add more or less fuel to the fire of charges that have beset Omidyar's media venture from the beginning. The very nomenclature is curious for its double-entendre, in that it would invite the charges: "First Look Media," to insure that the targets of its "adversarial journalism" get the first look, and hence a heads up for damage control - e.g., the timing of Holder's resignation announcement in late September is quite convenient for him in light of what was coming; while, "The Intercept" intercepts the journalistic football, so to speak, running it in the opposite direction from the goal line that is the public interest - see Cryptome's drip-rate tally of the Edward Snowden leaks; and, "The Racket" - whose racket?

On an unrelated issue, but supportive of the charges: notice that we haven't read anything in this quarter of a billion news venture about the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine. Is Omidyar turning a blind eye to what he helped stoke?...

Pando: Omidyar-funded candidate takes seat in new Ukraine parliament

More on Omidyar...

Rancid HoneytrapI Read the New York Magazine Omidyar Article So You Don’t Have To

But news-media moguls running interference for financial criminals is nothing new...

Steve PieczenikBen Bradlee, Washington Post - A Formidable, Charming Adversary in the Maryland Savings and Loan Crisis of the Late 1980s!

As a side note, on Oct. 1 Taibbi tweeted a congratulations to his father Mike Taibbi upon retirement from NBC. While the son has far outstripped the father as a journalist, we would agree with Not Dove Zakheim that Mike's career was nothing to celebrate. We note the irony of a hit-piece from early in his career against the noise rock group Missing Foundation, a group whose symbol - a negated upside down martini glass - signified  "the party's over," namely the fraudulent Wall St. boom of the 1980's and the disparate income gap it engendered (but which pales in comparison to today). Their music rallied for squatter's rights vs. slum-lord property rights and against police brutality, but Mike's effort to cover the story was a classic case of killing the messenger, replete with the kinds of unfounded slanders that were popular among yellow-journalists at the time...

Sensitive Skin: Missing Foundation and Mike Taibbi’s "Cult of Rage"

Some 23 years later, his coverage of Occupy Wall Street was not quite so yellow, but unremarkable.

Meanwhile, the kind of rage that MF had channeled so primordially in 1988 explodes again following the grand jury verdict in Fergusson, MO...

Reddit: Live Feed for riot and protest in Ferguson, MO. Scanner reports, news links

LiveStream: I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO

And elsewhere...

NBCBayArea: Ferguson Protesters Set Fires, Vandalize Shops and Assault Cops in Oakland: Police

Reuters: Scores arrested as Ferguson protests spread to other U.S. cities

ZeroHedge: The REAL Looting Is Happening On Wall Street … Not In Ferguson

While irregularities in the investigation and in the grand jury proceedings give protestors plenty to doubt as for the justice of the case, certain discrepancies between widely reported eye-witness accounts and previously unreported eye-witness accounts as heard in court raise the specter, once again (as with the Trayvon Martin case), of a media-manipulated provocation...

AP: Ferguson grand jury papers full of inconsistencies

LATimes: Ferguson grand jury witnesses often cited fear in testifying

Washington Post: Unorthodox police procedures emerge in grand jury documents

We are going with the original WaPo headline here (a mockingbird's mea culpa)...

Fergusson Decision and its Aftermath More a Media Event Than Organic Moment

RT: ‘They might be armed’- 2 journos attacked in Ferguson riots, police refuse to help

It isn't as if police brutality weren't an epidemic however. They are more and more proving themselves to be of a predatory nature...

Cleveland Plain Dealer: 12-year-old boy shot by Cleveland police has died

KCTV: 80-year-old man says police beat him

Davy V.: Greenacres, Florida Police officer Jared Nash Breaks 15-Year Old Girl's Arm in School Over Cell Phone

PrisonPlanetCop Thrashes Mother In Front of 8-year-old Son After ‘Yelling’ Incident


Elsewhere around the world...

DailyMail: Human remains unearthed in FOUR new mass graves in Mexico as desperate hunt continues for missing 43 students

McClatchy: Mexican president burned in effigy as tens of thousands mark day of protest

Novorossia News AgencyJoint statement of the DPR and LPR: Kiev will have to defer to the judgment of Donbass people

Criminal investigation launched in shelling of school in Donetsk

Eurasian Union: Porochenko orders to fortify Kharkov and other cities

Sputnik: Nuland to Join Biden on His Ukraine Visit: State Department

Voltairenet: Iranian version of U.S. drone captured in 2011 already flying

Wall Street Journal: Obama Wrote Secret Letter to Iran’s Khamenei About Fighting Islamic State

Al Monitor: Iran official - Obama’s letters have been answered

From summer 2009 to October 2014, four letters were reported to pass from Obama to Ayatollah Khamenei.  However, according to the transcript provided by Iranian Students’ News Agency, Shamkhani said that there are “contradictions” between the contents of these secret letters and US public positions.

These "contradictions" are becoming public...

Obama says no plans to remove Assad

Asked pointedly if he was actively discussing ways to remove Assad in the context of plans for a political transition in Syria, Obama responded with a simple “No.” 

Obama’s clarity on Syria stood in contrast to an unusual presentation by US Secretary of State John Kerry the next day on how the Islamic State and the government of Syria are actually “co-dependent” or “symbiotic,” that is, they need each other as enemies, and the US must build and back a “moderate center” in Syria.

Kerry is clearly losing is mind; and as he is so fond of saying of others, he "needs to go". We are dismayed however that instead of Kerry, Chuck Hagel - regarded as among the more rational in Obama's cabinet, relatively speaking - is going...

Reuters: Behind Hagel's ouster, tensions over Syria and Obama's team

FOXNews: Source says reported letter from Obama to Ayatollah ‘f***s up everything'

...for neo-cons, that is. Is Obama attempting to bypass the neo-con elements in his own cabinet with his letter to Khameni? Is there any acknowledgement in the letter of the role these elements had in giving clandestine support to IS? Is this a little too much wishful thinking on our part? Perhaps, but as we've previously reported, Obama has been something of a captive within his presidency from the beginning. Any attempt on his part then to break out of that captivity should be duly noted and encouraged.

Other matters that Obama may have (or should have) discussed in his letter...

Wayne Madsen Report: Two CIA-funded "cults" team up in Middle East

WMR's sources in Turkey and Iran are confirming that links have been established between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Iranian exiled terrorist group Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) through Central Intelligence Agency and Israeli Mossad interlocutors.  

There have reportedly been personal contacts between the husband-and-wife leadership of the MEK, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, and the senior leadership of ISIL. These contacts have been authorized by ISIL's self-proclaimed "caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. ISIL and the MEK have also jointly approached the Baluchi terrorist group Jundallah, which operates in western Pakistan, on conducting joint terrorist operations against Iran. These contacts have been facilitated by Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and Mossad...

FARSNewsIraq Intel Report - US Planes Supplying ISIL with Weapons, Foodstuff

Voltairenet: John McCain admitted he is regular contact with Islamic State

Washington Post: How the Islamic State evolved in an American prison

Telegraph: Does Jihadi John have a body double?

BBC: Syrian 'hero boy' video faked by Norwegian director

Land Destroyer: CNN - Libyan "Rebels" Are Now ISIS

Other policies show where the neo-cons/new cold warriors remain in ascendency...

SkyNewsNATO commander in Ukraine for talks

NYTimes: In Secret, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat

Strategic-Culture: Obama’s preventive coup in Burkina Faso

...and where they have come up short...

Pravda: BRICS came near losing Brazil

...and where they will likely continue to come up short, as the rest of the world gets along quite nicely without "us"...

Fruitnet: Chile seeks closer trade links with Cuba

Fiji Sun: Leaders Happy With Xi Meet Here

RTPutin - Russia, China close to reaching 2nd mega gas deal

Xinhuanet: China, Russia pledge to strengthen military cooperation

DWSpike in Russian military activity is about more than Ukraine

President of RussiaInterview to German TV channel ARD

Moon of Alabama: This "Putin Isolated" Nonsense Is Dangerous


Spook news...

Washington Post: CIA Director John Brennan considering sweeping organizational changes

The article evinces ignorance of CIA history, as Allen Dulles had advocated for and to some degree implemented the integration of the operational and analytic sides. Needless to say, Dulles is not the DCI we would like to see emulated - a Bill Colby or Stansfield Turner would be preferable (or better yet, Kennedy's proposed 'smashing into a thousand pieces'). Certain of the disasters and atrocities of the Dulles era can arguably be attributed at least in part to this integration, as any checks and balances of "afference" against "efference" (to speak in poli-sci/neuro-biological terms) were thereby lessened. Insofar as the counter-terrorism center integrates these functions, moreover, the same may be said for the current era...

Denver PostMark Udall to consider all options to reveal CIA torture report

Wall Street Journal: Americans’ Cellphones Targeted in Secret U.S. Spy Program

Intercept: Secret Malware in European Union Attack Linked to U.S. and British Intelligence

Cryptome (Bill Blunden): Et tu Poitras?

Columbia Reports: Convicted Israeli trainer of Colombia paramilitaries claims CIA ties

Y-net: The Rummenigge file opens - Mossad's top agent in Lebanon speaks for the first time



Organizing Notes: Rosetta Mission Helps Prepare for Mining the Sky Rosetta’s Comet Sounds Like This (Magnetic Oscillations)

ESA: Our Lander's Asleep

RT: Chelyabinsk meteor #2? Massive flash over Russia’s Urals stuns locals and scientists


ENENewsNHK - Attempt to stop flow of highly radioactive liquid at Fukushima “in doubt” — AP - Much of it is pouring in trenches going out into Pacific — Experts: Amount entering ocean “increasing by 400 tons daily” — Problem “so severe” it’s consuming nearly all workers at site — Top Plant Official: “Little cause for optimism”

KING 5 News - US nuclear workers’ brains eaten away, hallucinating, mental capacity of preschooler — Wife films frightened, trembling husband on deathbed — It’s indescribable what they’ve done and they don’t care — They want you to die — Gov’t Experts: It’s allergies from cats or feathers… or B-12 deficiency — Doctor: Quit helping workers get help

UWToday: UW study shows direct brain interface between humans

NatureGut–brain link grabs neuroscientists

Farm Wars: GE Crops, Glyphosate, and the Deterioration of Health in the US

Factor GMO: $ 25 Million GMO and Pesticide Safety Study Launched in London

Common Dreams: Monsanto, Dow Chemical File Lawsuit to Destroy Maui County's GMO Ban

Matercare: Catholic Doctors Speak - Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control

RT: Topless Femen deface Christian cross in Vatican (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

CBS: CIA prototype of Osama bin Laden doll up for auction

Telegraph: Kim Jong-un photobombed by stuffed animals in compromising position

Mirror: 'I watched Tory MP MURDER a boy during depraved Westminster VIP paedophile party'

DailyMail: Paedophile orgies in luxury flats and claims three boys were murdered by VIPs: Special report into the growing stench of a cover-up by the Establishment

JFK Assassination 51 years on...

Video Rebel: Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since

Radio Fetzer: Judyth Vary Baker (see our comment)

Newsmax: Mafia Hit Man Confesses to Killing President Kennedy

If so, he was but a cog, while the orders came from on high...

Nostalgia and Now: LBJ - JFK Assassination Kept Him Out of Prison

Another LBJ infamy...

Consortium News: Behind the USS Liberty Cover-up

JFKFacts: CIA intrigue enveloped Bradlee and Angleton

Mockingbirds today...

Sharyl Attkisson: Docs - Adviser Tells Attorney General Holder How to Manipulate Press on Fast and Furious

And for those who don't play...

PJMedia: Email Proves that White House, DOJ Targeted Reporter Sharyl Attkisson

Activist Post: Who Trusts This Government to Regulate the Internet?


The boost in mainstream sites is not across the board - dinosaurs like CNN, FOX, NBC, etc. are continuing to implode - but the dip is common among nearly all of the larger independent news outlets, with the exception of First Look Media (if it should be counted among them). Hummingbird purports to detect the intent of the user, but the Alexa data could suggest that this isn't a purely afferent, or passive, detection, but an efferent "shaping" of intent. In answering user's queries, is Hummingbird relying on a rating system that deems certain sites as more reliable by its own preemptive estimation? Is Google telling you then, 'what you really wanted is this...'? What has long been feared of the revoking of net neutrality then may be taking place regardless of attempts to enforce or regulate it.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Headlines of note for October 2014...

If only we can clean up the mess of the 20th century's nuclear clunkers...

ENENewsAgency - Fukushima workers urgently trying “to prevent groundwater from leaking into ocean” — Levels of nuclear waste surge next to sea — Strontium-90 shatters previous record by over 5 Billion Bq/m3 — Now 25 million times EPA limit

Official: “Plant Emergency” at U.S. Nuclear Facility, Uranium Gas Released — Eyewitnesses: “There’s the plume… It was moving across highway… Chemical taste in mouth… I could smell it!” — Size of release unknown — Emergency crew trying to find source and whether it has stopped

King5: Experts - Workers in danger at Hanford

A story that gave us exuberant hope in October 2011, only to be dashed with questions concerning the inventor Andrea Rossi (see bottom of March 2012), now has found new life...

Pure Energy Systems: E-Cat Fuel Analysis and Validation Paper Posted October 8, 2014

Sifferkoll: The Big Banks are Certainly Paying Attention to the E-Cat is the Military-Industrial Complex?...

Phys.orgLockheed Martin pursues compact fusion reactor concept

If we detect here a race underway for the future of energy, pitting on the one hand the independent entrepreneur whose invention would favor a decentralized production model (with little need for distribution and metering of energy), versus on the other the corporate establishment whose R&D would favor a more centralized production and distribution model (though perhaps not quite as centralized as the current grid), so do we detect something of an arms race following similar tendencies...

WiredThe $1,200 Machine That Lets Anyone Make a Metal Gun at Home

StratRisksAirborne Directed Energy Technology Maturing in the U.S.

The contest here will be decidedly asymmetric: 19th Century Wild West vs. 21st Century Star Wars. The question remains, however; can strength in numbers of the former defeat strength in watts of the latter?


Some loose ends from last month: on Sept. 18 "Puffy Cheeks" Poroshenko came to Washington, seeking lethal aid for Kiev's beleaguered fight against the breakaway republics of Novorossiya in the East. In spite of a receptive audience in the typically Pollyannish U.S. Congress, however, Poroshenko went away empty handed, admitting that "Blankets and night-vision goggles are important, but one cannot win the war with blankets..."

RT: Obama declines to give Ukraine 'lethal aid' despite Poroshenko's plea

Two days before this disappointment - and indicative of the degree to which Israel and the U.S. coordinate their foreign policies (wisely so, in this rare instance) - Poroshenko was similarly rebuffed by Netanyahu...

Intelligence Online: Israeli drones won’t fly for Kiev

After several months of intense Russian pressure, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled the sale of a small fleet of drones to Ukraine on September 16...


HaaretzFirebomb thrown at Kiev's oldest synagogue

The firebombing at the Great Choral Synagogue on September 24, the eve of Rosh Hashanah, reportedly did not cause damage.

Seemorerocks (Oct. 4): Nazis trash exhibit in NYC

Odessa massacre exhibit was attacked by Ukrainian Nazis in New York City. 3 young people entered the exhibit, started throwing papers with Azov battalion logos, spray-painting the walls and photographs with words 'Lies', broke a laptop and sprayed the organizer with tear gas. The free exhibit also showcased other pictures from Ukraine and Syria.

Deja vu, circa 1941...

ReutersGermany considers sending soldiers to eastern Ukraine - source

Anti-MaidanUkraine Crisis Front-Lines | Militia Storms Donetsk Airport | English Subtitles

Counterpunch: An Interview with "The Saker" - The Ukraine, As We Know It, Is Gone Forever

The Vineyard of the SakerSomething very, very interesting has happened in Novorussia


Elsewhere around the world...

ZeroHedge"Anti-Petrodollar" CEO Of French Energy Giant Total Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow The Oil Weapon - A New Way To Wage War

Andolu AgencySaudi Arabia to pressure Russia, Iran with price of oil

Financial Express: India to take Moscow route to channel oil payments to Tehran

A hostage?...

LiveLeak: Propaganda Video By IS Featuring John Cantlie (ORIGINAL)

An accident?...

ISIS Captures US Military Airdrops in Kobanê City

A blunder?...

Daily BeastU.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS

A conflict arena?...

There Are No SunglassesTurkish Military Prevents Thousands of Kurds from Reinforcing Besieged Kobane

Al MonitorErdogan's slow turnaround on foreign fighters in Syria

RTBattle for Baghdad - ISIS now within 8 miles of airport, armed with MANPADS

Asharq Al Awsat: Lebanese military foil ISIS attempt to establish emirate in Tripoli: sources

RéalitesSituation en Libye : Daech s’implante

Uprooted PalestiniansUS Attacked Iraqi Market, Killing 22 Civilians, a total disregard for human life

GuardianUS-led air strikes against Isis in Syria 'killed 10 civilians'

Asia Times (Pepe Escobar): A Caliph in a wilderness of mirrors


Times of Israel: More French Jews said to join Islamic State

Wayne Madsen Report: Iranian police stopping and questioning Arab drivers

WMR learned while in Tehran that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters have crossed into Iran from Iraqi Kurdistan along the mutual border that has long been known as a smuggling route. It is not known how many ISIL fighters have entered Iran but the news apparently triggered an alert by the Iranian government to police to be on the lookout for Arab-looking drivers.

Traveling on the road between Darvestan and Fasa in southern Iran on October 2, this editor noticed a number of police cars pulling aside drivers. When I asked my escorts the reason for the traffic stops, it was explained that the drivers had to prove that they were "Iranian" to the police...

ISIL has already attacked an Iranian border post on the border with Iraq, near the Iranian town of Qasr-e-Shirin. As many as 11 Iranian border guards were killed in the attack. There have also been reports of ISIL attacks bear the Iranian town of Urmia and Khoi in Iran's West Azerbaijan province. The ISIL units reportedly received support from Mossad operatives based in Azerbaijan, a country on Iran's northern border having close ties to Israel...

NYTimes: Explosion at Key Military Base in Iran Raises Questions About Sabotage

PressTV: Press TV reporter in Turkey killed in suspicious car accident

VoltairenetDisappearance of incriminating tapes of UN assisting Islamic State

Al Monitor4 arrested in acid attacks on Iranian women

Some Iran officials point to conspiracy behind acid attacks

Asia Times: Iran's Baloch insurgency and the IS

Intelligence OnlineGID turns to ISI for support

Ankara and Riyadh unite against Washington

Boiling Frogs PostThe New Great Game Round-Up: October 21, 2014

CryptomeHong Kong Protests Photos

Oriental ReviewThe ‘Umbrella Revolution’ and Secessionist Political Contagion in China

New Eastern Outlook: Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” is US-backed Sedition

RTPanetta reveals US nuke strike plans on N. Korea, spurs controversy

India Today: Cheese blamed for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's broken ankles

WikiLeaks: Updated Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - IP Chapter (second publication)

LaRouchePACChange in Argentine Central Bank President Signals Clampdown on Active Financial 'Coup-Plotters'

Strategic-Culture (Madsen): Soros and CIA Suffer Huge Defeat in Brazil

VenezuelaAnalysis: International Media Barely Raises Eyebrow over Assassination of Pro-Government Legislator in Venezuela

Morning Star: Venezuelan communists targeted in arson attack

McClatchyProtesters burn city hall in Mexico town where 43 students vanished

ZeroHedgeSpain Warns "Something Went Wrong" As Suspected Ebola Cases Rise In Madrid

Obama's invasion of Africa continues, by any pretense necessary: mad dog Qaddafi, Kony 2012, #bringbackourgirls, and now...

ReutersU.S. ramps up Ebola troop deployments, total may near 4,000

Global Research (Engdahl): Obama’s “War on Ebola” or War for Oil? Sending 3000 Troops to African “Ebola” Areas that Happen to Export Oil to China

Black Agenda Report (Freedom Rider): Privatized Ebola

Militarized Ebola...

RTUS Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn't be weaponized

Strategic-Culture: America’s Weaponization of Ebola

PrisonPlanetMadsen - Ebola Epidemic Linked to CIA

Information Clearing HouseUS Bio-warfare Laboratories In West Africa Are The Origins Of The Ebola Epidemic.

Now that Ebola is in the U.S., with an acknowledged handful of cases, we have been presented with a media fear-mongering blitz similar to the swine-flu scare of 2009 - a scare which in the end amounted to relatively nought. As none of the acknowledged Ebola cases contracted in the U.S. need have happened had proper protocols been followed, protocols which we anticipate will become more stringent as the "epidemic" progresses, we are inclined to say that this too shall blow over - in the U.S. (West Africa is certainly another matter). We are nevertheless obliged to acknowledge the possibility that the mainstream media, in seeming to over-hype a story, is in fact suppressing it. We must cite then the fear-monger site numero uno...

Infowars: Doctor - Health Authorities Covering Up Ebola-Like Cases in U.S.


Police state news...

The expression "by any pretense necessary" may be used concerning the further encroaching of the U.S. Bill of Rights. Again, Ebola...

ZeroHedge: Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola - Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely

Cop killers...

AOL: Under siege - People become prisoners in their own homes as authorities search for PA shooter

Killer cops...

Mint Press: Off-Duty St. Louis Cop Kills Black Man Near Ferguson, Reigniting Protests

CBS St. Louis: Protester - 'All Hell Is Going To Break Loose' If Darren Wilson Isn't Indicted


Alex Jones Channel: ISIS IS HERE

Also with our northern neighbors...

Globe and MailOttawa attack - MPs fashioned spears while Harper whisked into closet


AangirfanOTTAWA FALSE FLAG - Updated


Spook news...

Hollywood Reporter: Edward Snowden Doc 'Citizenfour' Reveals Existence of Second NSA Whistleblower

Yahoo NewsFeds identify suspected 'second leaker' for Snowden reporters

CryptomeSnowden's First Comsec - Three Tales

Diane Roark Battle with NSA by James Risen

Intercept: Core Secrets - NSA Saboteurs in China and Germany

RIA NovostiNATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg And His Top-Secret KGB Past

CounterpunchNew Evidence Links CIA to APA’s “War on Terror” Ethics

Washington Post: Probe of silencers leads to web of Pentagon secrets

Ars technicaNew docs show how Reagan-era executive order unbounded NSA

Liberty Blitzkrieg“Non-Official Cover” – Respected German Journalist Blows Whistle on How the CIA Controls the Media




Universe TodayMysterious Military X-37B Space plane Lands after Nearly Two Years in Orbit – Video

ReutersTest flight of Virgin Galactic spaceship ends in fatal crash in California

RTRussia ready to deliver US supplies to ISS after Antares rocket explodes

NewsweekAssange - Google Is Not What It Seems

TruthoutThe CIA/MSM Contra-Cocaine Cover-Up

NarcoNewsThe Washington Post Needs a Bus – and to Throw Jeff Leen Under It

Boston Globe: Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

Judicial WatchValerie Jarrett Key Player in Fast and Furious Cover-Up After Holder Lied to Congress

Sharyl AttkissonJustice Dept. List of Withheld Fast & Furious Docs is 1,323 Pages Long

FOX: The highly sophisticated hacking of Sharyl Attkisson's computers

Memory Hole: FEMA/DHS 12/14/12 Plan for “Mass Death of Children at a School By Firearms”

Inquisitr: Vatican Child Porn Scandal - Jozef Wesolowski Accused Of Storing Tens Of Thousands Of Videos And Photos

Akron Beacon-JournalErnest Angley’s Grace Cathedral rocked by accusations involving abortions and vasectomies

Jerusalem Post: Inside Goel Ratzon's cult

Washington Examiner: Hitler art is the new rage among collectors


Yes, even we may have fallen prey; see the bottom of ...

WxxxNews: Mary's assassin

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mary's assassin

[See below for updates]

Fifty years ago this week, Mary Pinchot Meyer was shot and killed while walking on the Chesapeake and Ohio towpath along the Potomac river in Georgetown. According to a retired CIA agent, the assassin was Air Force Lt. Col. David Herbert Strier. He is named in a comment on Steve Pieczenik's blog by one "MITmichael" who also comments as "C_I_A_ operator". According to his short bio he was recruited by Walt Rostow in 1980. Elsewhere in comments on Pieczenik's blog he notes that David Strier was Rostow's "assassin buddy". Other biographical details on Strier: he was counter intelligence in Florence up to '56; he had a brain injury; he "worked as an assassin directly for Jim Angleton"; and he died in 2004.

MITmichael/C_I_A_operator's own blog, Simple Truths from my C.I.A. Career, has a post on the JFK assassination that is well worth a read. Lyndon Johnson is the lynchpin of Kennedy's assassination, without whose guaranteed complicity as POTUS in the ensuing coverup, nothing could have happened in Dallas on that day. Operator writes: "Lyndon broached the topic first with C.I.A. officer Cord Meyer.   Meyer had various motives for wanting to see Kennedy go..." Foremost among those reasons was the fact that Kennedy was having an affair with Meyer's estranged wife.

In his book, Mary's Mosaic, Peter Janney implicates Cord Meyer, along with James Jesus Angleton, Allen Dulles, Ben Bradlee and his own father, Wistar Janney, as having had some complicity in the assassination of Mary Meyer. A William Lockwood Mitchell, however, is named as the trigger man in the first edition of the book. This is based largely on a secondhand report of a phone conversation between journalist Leo Damore (since deceased - suicide?) and Mitchell, or someone claiming to be Mitchell. Mitchell was the star witness testifying to have spotted the accused, the patsy Raymond Crump, following Mary on the path shortly before her murder. The council for the defense, Dovee Roundtree, was able to raise enough doubt about the testimony to have Crump acquitted in the jury trial.

Janney has since backed away from the charge against Mitchell as the trigger man. While Mitchell was likely part of assassination team, it is evident that he already had his role to play as the witness, and it is more likely that the gunman was someone else. 

Memory Hole: The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer  

In January 2014 Janney deposed William Mitchell as part of a wrongful death civil lawsuit to procure information on Mitchell’s potential responsibility for Meyer’s murder. “I am still in the last stages of my research that I hope will pull the pieces together that may point to the fact that [William] Mitchell had a specific role in this event on October 12, 1964. But I do want to make clear that I no longer believe that he was the actual assassin.”

Thanks to MITmichael, we have a new lead...

Update, Oct. 20 - In new comments to Steve Pieczenik's article, C.I.A. Finally Tells the Truth about its Past Failures, further allegations are brought against David Strier, particularly for the defenestration of Frank Olson. This case was long thought to be an LSD-induced suicide, but in A Terrible Mistake (2009), H.P. Albarelli Jr. implicates mafia figures Francois Spirito and Pierre Lafitte, under the direction of Federal Bureau of Narcotics and CIA agent George Hunter White (of "Operation Midnight Climax" fame), for the murder of Olson.

We are informing the authors Peter Janney and Hank Albarelli of these claims, if perchance they have come across Strier's name in their investigations. Of course, it is possible that we are becoming the vehicle of a disinformation campaign, and so we must leave off with this disclaimer.

Update 2 - Hank Albarelli's response was quick and succinct: "Total baloney."

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Headlines of note for September 2014...

We begin with some dated headlines, revisiting previous Septembers. This month in recent history has been rife with terror attacks not just for the USA, but for Russia.

Some suggest western backing for these attacks, in the form of logistic, material and "moral" support and protection of Chechen rebels...

Heralding the Rise of Russia: The West Masterminded Chechen War to Destroy USSR and Russia

Others say terrorism within Russia is self-inflicted for the advancement of imperial ambitions. It is so alleged of the series of apartment bombings of 15 years ago...

Blowing Up Russia: Terrorism From Within -Written and directed by Yuri Felshtinsky and Alexander Litvinenko.

We know what happened to Litvinenko in London in November of 2006. What is less known however is the connection that Litvinenko had with MI6...

Independent (Nov. 29, 2013): Murdered spy Alexander Litvinenko gave MI6 secret briefings about key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Guardian (Dec. 14, 2012): Alexander Litvinenko accusation puts MI6 in an unflattering light

Litvinenko's widow, Marina, articulated her belief that MI6 failed to protect him. Her counsel, Ben Emmerson, said: "Mr Litvinenko had been for a number of years a regular and paid agent and employee of MI6 with a dedicated handler whose pseudonym was Martin."

Or of his conversion to Islam and support of Chechen separatists...

Wayne Madsen Report: December 4, 2006 -- New wrinkle in Litvinenko murder

The following dispatch came from the, a Chechen news web site, on November 24 [2006]:

The communication from London the day before at night arrived to us of the poisoning and passing away of Aleksandr Litvinenko. A. Litvinenko it was poisoned on 1 November. Doctors struggled for the life of A. Litvinenko, however, it was impossible to save him. Meanwhile, a while back Litvinenko accepted Islam and all Moslem rites were carried out before his death. A specially invited mullah read over the dying Litvinenko the 'Sura Yasin' [key passage from the Koran]. Aleksandr Litvinenko will be buried in a Moslem cemetery, with the observance of all proper rituals. Nearing death, and understanding that his killers are Putin and his criminal clique, Aleksandr Litvinenko requested to transmit to the Mujahadeen of Chechnya and Caucasus that they understand him as their brother in the weapon [emphasis added] and he requested to the Most High Allah for themselves the future of martyr (insha Allah)."

The Chechen press release reference to "the weapon" may have been hinting at a project to build a radioactive "dirty bomb" by Litvinenko. London's Observer surmised as much in a December 3 report: "Among the theories that remain open is that the poisonings were an accident that happened while Litvinenko tried to assemble a dirty bomb for Chechen rebels. Those who know him believe he was crazy enough to attempt such a thing and, in the past week, some have implicated him in the smuggling of nuclear materials from Russia."

Given his contacts with MI-6 and his support of Chechen rebels, and "crazy enough" to have possibly attempted the development of a dirty bomb, the question is raised as to what Litvinenko may have known about the Beslan school massacre of ten years ago this month...

RIANovosti: Beslan - Deadly Nightmare on the First Day of School

There are, as with the Moscow apartment bombings, allegations of false-flag terror on the part of FSB (formerly KGB) in this case...

Russophobe (translation of Novaya Gazeta): Beslan and KGB

A curiously timed outage at Ft. Mead however points to the involvement of western intelligence services...

WMR: October 31, 2007 -- NSA "Went Dark" on Caucasus Region Hours Before Beslan Attack

According to sources at the National Security Agency (NSA), hours before a group of Chechen separatists took 1200 children and adults hostage at a school in Beslan, in the Russian republic of North Ossetia-Alania, NSA intercepts of INMARSAT (International Maritime Satellite) and cell phone traffic in the region “went dark.” Analysts at NSA and the Medina Regional SIGINT Operations Center (MRSOC) in San Antonio, Texas had been monitoring cell phone and INMARSAT phone traffic in Beslan but all communications intercepts of traffic suddenly ceased...

...Russia linked some of the hostage takers to Islamist exiles in London, where the now much-adored former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was assisting Russian-Israeli mobster/tycoon Boris Berezovsky to help Chechen and other anti-Russian forces to help topple the Putin government in Moscow. Litvinenko later died from polonium poisoning, an act blamed on Putin but appears to have been a Russian-Israeli mafia hit designed to eliminate an uncomfortable witness to dubious and illegal activities by the Russian-Israeli mafia based in London, Tel Aviv, and New York...

The fact that the NSA’s sophisticated surveillance platforms “went dark,” in an unprecedented manner, on unencrypted South Ossetia and Caucasus regional communications shortly before the Beslan incident indicates that high-level parties knew of the attack in advance and did not want NSA intercepts to yield the identities of the terrorist planners and leaders.

Look in the mirror for some answers beeb...

Guardian (Oct. 3, 2004): London mosque link to Beslan

The links remain in place...

RT: ‘This message is to you, Vladimir Putin’: ISIS threatens ‘to liberate Chechnya and Caucasus’

Ramzan Kadyrov, the flamboyant President of the Chechen Republic... intimated that IS “took orders from their handlers in Western security services.”

Where you would least expect it...


Daily Mail: The private school jihadist - As PM unveils new terror crackdown, a Scots girl incites bloody massacre on British streets

Obama said "The Islamic State is not Islamic". Indeed, it may be a revival of the ancient mysteries...

KRZog: Isis, yesterday and today

As "John of The Beatles" strikes again...

Time: ISIS Video Intensifies Pressure on Britain

Daily Mail: MI5 know who 'Jihadi John' is but are waiting to gather even more intelligence before they make a move

This is all going down in desperation on the eve of...

GuardianScottish independence referendum: Last day of campaigning before vote that could end UK - live

Pulling out all the stops to prevent it, including good old fashioned vote rigging...


Wake Up From Your SlumberSalmond warns Scotland could declare independence without a referendum after accusing Westminster of 'tricking' voters

Back to ISIS, or ISIL: rhymes with... Israel, which is in this as well...

WMRBeheading videos, SITE, and journalist "freedom fighters"

For the second time in a little over two weeks, a video of the beheading by a British-accented Islamic State jihadist of a U.S. journalist captured in Syria was distributed by the same organization. The most recent video images of orange jump suit-clad U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff being beheaded were released by the Search for International Terrorist Entities or "SITE," which also initially discovered and released the video beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley of

As with the Foley video, U.S. intelligence initially refrained from validating the authenticity of the Sotloff video until it completed an examination of the Sotloff video. Obviously, the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies are well-versed on SITE's Israeli pedigree. As previously revealed by WMR, SITE is a Washington, DC-based research institute with links to Israeli right-wing Likud elements and Mossad. SITE is operated by Israeli intelligence asset Rita Katz and was also the source for a number of dubious videos of Osama Bin Laden, including one that only showed the Al Qaeda's lips moving but the rest of his body inanimate. In 2008, SITE released a video purportedly of Al Qaeda's number two, Ayman al Zawahiri. A number of experts determined the video was a fake...

Global ResearchWho is Behind the Islamic State (ISIL) Beheadings? Probing the SITE Intelligence Group

WMRISIL/ISIS: Another contrivance brought to you by Mossad, MI6, and the CIA - Part II

There is every indication that ISIL has significant links to Israel. Although there are claims to the contrary, ISIL absorbed most of the ranks of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Nusra Front) Islamist insurgent group in Syria. Al Nusra Front has coordinated its seizure of Syrian army positions along the Golan Heights border with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Rather than hit back at Al Nusra positions on the Syrian side of the Golan frontier, the Israelis attacked Syrian army positions, giving a boost to the Syrian campaigns of Al Nusra in particular and ISIL in general. There are reports that the Israeli military has been given the coordinates of Syrian army and Hezbollah forces, as well as "Committees for the Defense of the Homeland" militia forces of Alawites, Shi'as, Christians, and Druze, by Al-Nusra/ISIL to launch missile and drone attacks from the Israeli side of the border...

And Turkey...

Al Monitor (translation from Turkish Radikal): Notes from Erdogan-Obama meeting revealed

“The President [Barack Obama] demanded Turkey truly join in the struggle against the Islamic State in an effective manner. But [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan resisted, saying the Islamic State can carry out sabotage in Turkey and that there are 40 Turkish citizens held hostage in their [IS] hands.

“We know that Barzani offered to evacuate these people but was turned down by the Turkish side. It is still not clear who was behind the Reyhanli bombings of May 2013. It is understood that the Erdogan regime is using these two issues as pretexts to avoid taking action.

“Even before there was the issue of hostages, Islamic militants, mainly [the] Islamic State, for years freely shuttled back and forth over the Iraq-Syria and Turkey borders. This is not because the border supervision is difficult but because of the persistence of the Erdogan administration to topple Assad, who had been hurting the Muslim Brotherhood, which has empowered Turkey in the Middle East. To that end, Islamic fighters, including the Islamic State, were allowed to use Turkey as a logistics base for years.

“As part of this policy, Erdogan armed Islamic militants in a move coordinated by the MIT [Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization]. Weapons and explosives found on captured Islamic militants were marked MKE, Turkey’s state-owned industrial corporation. Turkish security forces several times stopped MIT trucks carrying weapons to Syria but the prosecutors, police and gendarmerie that stopped the trucks were reassigned and even put on trial on charges of spying. Although the government said these trucks were carrying humanitarian assistance, the trials are still held secretly.

“In addition to weapons assistance, Islamic casualties are immediately sent to Turkey where they get official care. After rest and recuperation these fighters return to the battlefield.

“The President [Obama] told Erdogan that it is crucial for this support to cease immediately and definitively."

And further complicating matters for Erdogan...

PKK commander threatens to resume war


In other international news:

Ceasefire in E. Ukraine on very shaky ground, thanks in large part to...

RT: Wolfsangel in E. Ukraine - Foreign Policy talks to deputy leader of ‘pro-govt’ Azov Battalion

Anti-Maidan18+ GRAPHIC | Ukr. Forces Shelling Donetsk Again | English Subtitles

Ukraine Crisis | Ukr. Tactical Ballistic Missile SS-21 Hits Donetsk Factory | English Subtitles

Eurasian UnionMilitary Situation in Novorossiya with Maps – 5.9.2014

Inquistr: World War 3 - Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Threat Has Ukraine Discussing Restoring Nukes

Dream on Puffy Cheeks...

IISS VoicesPoroshenko and the limits of US assistance

Let us handle it...

BBCUS and Nato troops begin Ukraine military exercise

ReutersNearly 600 U.S. soldiers with tanks to arrive in Poland, Baltics

Earlier in the month, snarling war pigs gathered in Wales...

Paul Craig RobertsWarning to the World - Washington and its NATO and EU Vassals are Insane

Consortium NewsWarning Merkel on Russian ‘Invasion’ Intel

Granma International (Fidel Castro): Just ideas - or disaster - will triumph

New Eastern Outlook: Poland is becoming 52nd state of the United States

ZeroHedgeWhat It's All About: Russia, China Begin Construction Of World's Largest Gas Pipeline

RIANovostiStatement by Rossiya Segodnya Director General on Death of Photojournalist Andrei Stenin

Dutch Safety BoardInvestigation crash MH17, 17 July 2014 Donetsk

Middle East/N.Africa...

Intelligence OnlineAbbas accuses Hamas of coup attempt

NYTimesSuspicions Run Deep in Iraq That C.I.A. and the Islamic State Are United

IndependentAssad's letter to the US - How Syria is luring President Obama into its web

VoltairenetThe Grand Saudi Reversal

Al Monitor: Ayatollah Khamenei urges Iran to prepare for 'new world order'

Washington Post: U.S. military charter plane forced to land in Iran

DWLibya militias seize Tripoli government offices

Maghreb ConfidentialMalta as Libya’s new capital

Other parts...

Steve PieczenikAs the World Turns, Both Nuclear Pakistan/India are Preparing for a “Hot Melt Down” through “Mutual Assured Destruction!” 

Moon of AlabamaThe (NED Financed) Hong Kong Riots

Mad Cow ProductionsCIA Plane in Big Aussie-American Heroin Bust

400-Kilo Drug Bust at Paris Hilton’s Ranch in Costa Rica

ZeroHedgeRussia Discovers Massive Arctic Oil Field Which May Be Larger Than Gulf Of Mexico

ENENews: “Very Frightening”: Journalist on popular Japan news program found dead — Only person reporting about Fukushima on national TV — Chilling recent quote: “I want you to know I will never commit suicide”

Times of IndiaArtificial micro-humans to replace animals in lab tests

NatureEbola virus mutating rapidly as it spreads

Daily Observer (Liberia): Scientists Allege Deadly Diseases Such As Ebola and AIDS Bio Weapons, US DoD’s?


U.S. domestic news:

Ebola crosses the pond...

CBS DFWCDC Confirms Patient In Dallas Has The Ebola Virus

WebMDParalysis in Kids With Enterovirus D68

Collective-EvolutionNew Study Finds A 340 Percent Increased Risk Of Autism In Boys Who Receive MMR Vaccine On Time

ENENewsFukushima nuclear material reported in West Coast groundwater; It’s discharging into Pacific Ocean — Fallout also found in meat and fish from same area — “Routinely detected’ in plant life long after March 2011

“Like a Science Fiction Movie”: Bizarre deaths after radiation exposure at US nuclear site — My whole family’s dead; Mom eaten up by tumors everywhere, could see them growing; Dad had masses suddenly erupt all over; Brother died at birth — Incredible number of colleagues killed by cancer, 2-3% alive 

LaRouchePAC"Staggering" Rail Delays Threatens U.S. Food Supply

Ferguson just a warm-up for Chicago show-down?

Ahmad770Farrakhan warns Chicago of Militarization worse than Ferguson! Mike Brown Murder

Liberty BlitzkriegAt Least 17 Fake Cellphone Towers Capable Of Invasive Spying Have Been Discovered Across America

ACLU:  DEPARTMENT OF JIUSTICE WHITE PAPER, May 25,2011 - Legality of a Lethal Operation by the Central Intelligence Agency against a U.S. Citizen

Spook news...


The CIA loses contact with Damascus

To make matters worse is the loss of the United States by the CIA to one of the last safe contact in front of the Syrian rebels. In the bombings carried out by the army of Damascus [in] Idlib on September 8 were killed more than 40 officers of the rebel group Ahrar al-Sham . Among the victims was also the group's leader, Hassan Abboud, also known as Abou Abdallah al Hamaoui, a native of Hama. Abboud was in regular contact with the CIA and former ambassador of the USA in Damascus Robert Ford and Daniel Robenstein.

The CIA has long had close direct relationships with Abboud and his organization leveraging the mediation of Jordanian intelligence. Now, however, with his death things for the American secret services are complicated. The CIA will have to rebuild contacts within Ahrar al-Sham and remain many doubts about the resilience of the group after the hard hit. -Google translation

RTEstonian security officer detained in Russia on suspicion of spying

‘Most convincing evidence’ - Russian embassy trolls NATO with toy tanks

Free Beacon: Cuban Intelligence Aggressively Recruiting Leftist American Academics as Spies, Influence Agents

Intelligence OnlineKim's sister heads intelligence

CryptomeThe Truth about Voice of Russia’s Liquidation - Version 2

Declassified Articles from Studies in Intelligence: CIA's In-House Intelligence Journal

WikiLeaksSpyFiles 4

Boiling Frogs Post“The Lone Gladio” reveals Washington’s strategy for winning the New Great Game- A Review by Christoph Germann

Secrecy NewsCIA Posts Hundreds of Declassified Journal Articles


arXiv (Joshua Davis): A Proposed System for Covert Communication to Distant and Broad Geographical Areas

NYTimes (James Bamford op-ed): Israel’s N.S.A. Scandal

Editors note (Sept. 20): On the subject of Israel, we would guess that in the past week we have had more than a few visitors browsing from this country, drawn particularly to our Cult of the Kadeisha post. What is odd however is that our traffic source stats shows not a single hit from Israel, in spite of the popularity of the article (relative to our usual traffic). Meanwhile, Turkey is exploding - where English speakers are far and few in between relative to, say, Israel where English is a second language. Turkey at present is giving us far more hits than even our native U.S. Here is how it breaks down:

Turkey 183
United States 67
France 54
Egypt 19
India 13
Germany 12
Algeria 8
United Kingdom 7
Ukraine 5
Netherlands 4

This leads us to speculate; does Israel cover its internet browsing tracks, falsely ascribing hits to Turkey instead?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cult of the Kadeisha (for Goyim)

Ha'aretz: Cult suspected of prostituting women 'to save Israel'

Judea and Samaria District Police arrested eight people yesterday who are suspected of leading a cult that forced women into prostitution and took sexual advantage of them when they were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  

The suspects allegedly told the women they had to have sex with non-Jewish men “to save the Jewish people and expedite the redemption.”

Jerusalem online: David Dvash is the cult leader arrested in Kiryat Arba

The investigation further suggests that the cult members believed that Israel's redemption will come by means of what they refer to as "sparks" – sexual relations with non-Jews...

"A young woman who was hurt addressed me, a woman that wasn’t prepared to speak with anyone before", Lehava activist Anat Goferstein said. "We spoke for a long time, she told me of a cult which draws women and forces prostitution on them, mostly with non-Jews, foreigners, immigrants. All was done under a cover pertaining to Jewish law, under strong religious belief and self-annulment of the woman so that her personality was completely erased. He would stand over and take pictures, and they found a religious explanation for that as well".

Israel National News: Cult Arrested for Sexually Abusing Women to 'Bring Messiah'

The Lehava anti-assimilation group led Judea and Samaria branch police in exposing an extremist Messianic cult that brain-washed Jewish women into taking drugs and having sex with Arab men in order to "bring the redemption."...

Lehava leaders Bentzi and Anat Gopshtain on Sunday revealed they exposed the cult and passed evidence to the police, after receiving complaints several months ago against a Kiryat Arba resident manipulating women from around Israel, encouraging them to have sexual relations with Arabs...

"We in the Lehava organization don't turn a blind eye, even in the case of a Jew pretending to be religious," said Gopshtain on Sunday. "We didn't hesitate to act for the sanctification of the nation of Israel."

"This is a shocking incident and we didn't rest or stay silent until the leader of the cult was arrested," added the Lehava director. "A phenomenon like this must be gotten rid of."


See also...

tamboo: Kadeisha Means

Jewish Reconstructionist Communities: Tamar the Hidden

WxxxNews: Tzipi does porno for Zion

Monday, September 1, 2014

Headlines of note for August 2014...

The Times: US begins drone flights over Syria to prepare for airstrikes

One year after a concerted but failed effort to generate public support for the bombing of Syria, a new casus belli is presented. This time, however, the targets ostensibly are to be the Syrian rebel forces of ISIS...

(Ostensibly; however as Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge notes, quoting AP, already the possibility is being raised of 'balancing' strikes on ISIS with strikes on Assad)

NYTimes: U.S. General Says Raiding Syria Is Key to Halting ISIS

Oh really?...

Britain Investigating Whether Journalist’s Executioner Is a British Citizen

Look in the mirror Britain, the bogeyman is you...

Mirror: ISIS fighters could launch a deadly attack on Britain at any time warns David Cameron

"I am actually puzzled. I mean, if America were serious about eliminating terrorism, the first capital it should rock with cruise missiles is London." - Muammar al Qaddafi, October 25th 2001 on Al Jazeera, cited in TERRORIZING EUROPE: LONDONISTAN by Jürgen Elsässer

Seems they are asking for it...

Daily Mail: British Embassy in Washington sparks fury after holding a party to 'commemorate' 200th anniversary of the burning of the White House

Then there is that other "British Invasion" - in commemoration of its 50th anniversary... Yesterday and Today...

Telegraph: 'British' jihadist who beheaded journalist is Londoner called John

Operating closely with two other British born militants, the group have been dubbed ‘The Beatles’, by fellow jihadists because of their nationality.

For a little detour on this theme...

Wizards, Buses and the Physiodelic Church: "I am Yesterday, "and I am Today ; and I have the power to be born a second time. I the hidden Soul create the gods, and I give sepulchral meals to "the divine beings in Amenti and in heaven." 

Back to ISIS... London hip-hop artist Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary key suspect in hunt for killer of American journalist James Foley

Infowars: Experts - James Foley Beheading Video Likely Fake


What kind of a journalist was (is?) James Foley anyway?...

National Journal: These Are the Stories James Foley Risked His Life to Tell

Global Post (James Foley archive): Inside Gaddafi's Libya

Wayne Madsen ReportGlobal Post, the employer of freelancer James Foley, fails to pass smell test

The media operation has not been around long. It was initiated on January 12, 2009, a week before the inauguration of Barack Obama as president, by two Boston businessmen, Charles Sennott and Philip Balboni. The new website claimed it was going to “redefine international news for the digital age.” Originally charging an annual subscription of $199 a year, Global Post cut its annual rate to $30 a year, which has been WMR’s unchanged annual subscription rate since 2005. However, Global Post’s subscribers’ base only stood at around 400. Yet, Global Post could boast of 65 worldwide correspondents, albeit, many of whom, like Foley, were freelancers. But how does an on-line media with subscribers only in the hundreds manage to finance reporters in war zones like Syria and Libya while maintaining a worldwide network of correspondents?

Global Post, with its lackluster business revenues, was able to cut syndication agreements with the Public Broadcasting System (sometimes mockingly referred to as the “Pentagon Broadcasting System”), the Sumner Redstone-owned CBS, and the Mort Zuckerman-owned New York Daily News. Oddly, just two years after its start-up, Global Post had garnered Peabody, Polk, and Edward R. Murrow awards for its “On Location” video coverage. Clearly, someone wanted to increase Global Post’s street credentials through an “award washing” campaign....

Owned by Global News Enterprises, LLC and headquartered on Boston’s affluent waterfront, Global Post’s board of directors and management includes those who have had only a glancing encounter with actual journalism: former cable television executives, a former chairman of C-SPAN, a former member of the board of The Boston Globe, a former publisher of The Boston Globe, an assistant to the CEO of the Hearst Corporation, a public relations flack for PBS, and a board member of the Boston public television station WGBH.

But even more suspicious is the presence on the staff of Global Post of two former editors for The Cambodia Daily, a CIA-connected publication officially owned by Cambodian orphanage “aficionado” Bernard Krisher; a former senior correspondent for the CIA- and Soros-linked Radio Free Europe in Prague; a graduate of the CIA-linked Sasin Business Institute in Bangkok; a former Boston Globe Jerusalem bureau chief, a former editor for the CIA-connected Tico Times of Costa Rica, and a former editor for the hard-neocon publication The Atlantic. Global Post’s team of international correspondents are steeped in neocon credentials, from The Daily Beast and Kyiv Post to The New Republic and The Daily Telegraph...

Steve Pieczenik (citing NYTimes): Proper Rules Regarding Hostage Rescue and Hostage Survival...

In the NYTimes article entitled, “Before Killing James Foley,  ISIS Demanded Ransom From U.S.”,  (posted earlier) written by Rukmini Callimachi, the following  most revealing paragraph appears about James Foley’s death wish:

“Across the ocean at his home in Cambridge, Mass, the chief executive of GlobalPost Mr. Balboni, reached for his Blackberry and had a TERRIBLE SENSE OF FOREBODING [my emphasis]: The email informing him of Mr Foley’s abduction was almost an exact replay of the horrors his staff had endured a year earlier when Foley was kidnapped with three others by Col. Muammar El Qaddafi’s forces in Libya.”

 Let’s review what happened in Libya:

 “We had joked that we needed to take away his (Foley’s) passport, Mr Balboni said Wednesday. “I don’t want to say it was deja vu but in a way it was…in one way I knew what was coming.” Not only did James Foley put himself purposefully in harms way but he also compromised Mr Balboni and the integrity of his journal and it’s financial viability.  Mr Balboni and countless other individuals spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours to rescue James Foley from Libya.  In return for their collective “good-will” Foley returned to the mundane job of being an editor for the journal (desk job) in Cambridge Mass...

Just like a physician, the state dept and military must be able to triage whom they can afford to save and who they must let go.  Needless to say, not every hostage deserves to be saved.  Unless that hostage is sponsored by a large organization that can afford to pay ransom then asking the USG to send in Intelligence Officers and Special Forces to save a potential hostage would bankrupt us and endanger the lives of others.

If for reasons unknown, James Foley worked for some organization other than the stated one, the triage applies doubly for any overseas operatives who have been taught how to avoid these types of precarious situations...


Washingtons Blog: New Terror Narrative Emerging - ISIS Supports American Resistance

A veteran AGIT-PROPer recognizes the methodology...

Steve Pieczenik: I Have Never Been to Missouri…

(note also off-topic comments concerning remembrances of Charles Harrelson courtesy "MITMichael")

Reddit: Live Feed for riot and protest in Ferguson, MO. Scanner reports, news links

The Final CallRebellion, confrontations with police as another young Black male is gunned down

See our President Weatherman, part II for context. Weathermen-styled agit-prop - even at the White House - is evident...

InvestmentWatch: DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson

Infowars: Ferguson Police AWOL For Looting, Out in Force to Crush First Amendment, Arrest Journalists

Showdown - Black Activists Go Head-to-head Against Ferguson Riot Police

Attempts to divide and channel the rage with the race-card have not been entirely successful - perhaps in part because the case is egregious enough to generate outrage across racial and ideological lines - but thanks in large part to an over-equipped if not DHS-hijacked Ferguson police. The issue du jour has become the militarization of police, whence the "us" is more generalized and not entirely race-ID'd, while the "them" is not some isolated hapless cracker (e.g. the role played by George Zimmerman) serving to divide the populus into contentious and convenient factions. It is "the people" vs. "the pigs". Though to zero in on the police state apparatus does not entirely get to the crux of the crisis, which is the oligarchical looting of America, but it is a step in the right direction.

Black Agenda Report: Ferguson Versus the Counter-Insurgency State

Oath Keepers: Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon From Missouri Oath Keepers

New York Times: In Wake of Clashes, Calls to Demilitarize Police

Occupy Corporatism: New Bill Calls For ‘De-militarization’ of DHS, FBI and Others


On the war of Novorosiya, we recommend Eurasian Union, which is providing detailed situational maps of the Donbass region: - the latest: 29-8-14

Shall a western front be opening soon?...

Podkarpathian Rus and Novorossiya sign Agreements

NATO forces, and then some, are preparing...

Stars and StripesAnatomy of an attack - A step by step fictional siege in Saber Junction

...troops from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine make up the non-NATO forces involved.

Stop NATO: Report - NATO Uses Azeri, Moldovan, Romanian Air Bases For War In Ukraine

As of August 15, we were awash in claims/counterclaims as to what was occurring at the Ukraine/Russian border. With facts obscured by infowar smoke, we presumed fire...

Ukrinform: Column of Russian military equipment breaks through to Luhansk - NSDC

RT: Aid convoy to Ukraine faces disruption, may be attacked - Russia

AFP: Tensions soar as Ukraine says destroys Russian armour

RIANovosti: UN Unable to Verify Kiev’s Allegations About Hitting Russian Military Column in Ukraine

Updates at Interfax for Aug. 15

In the end, it appears this was a Gulf of Tonkin attempt...

DailyMail: Kiev in U-turn over claim that 'Russian tanks, artillery and 1,200 fighters' had been deployed in Eastern Ukraine as evidence fails to materialise

Aug. 25 brings similar reports  - but with the faulty eyewitness account coming from the Guardian, we shall place the eyesight of NATO affiliated journalists in the "yet to be verified" category...

AP: Weapons convoys seen rolling in eastern Ukraine

Another cause for our alarm of Aug. 15: the YouTube channel Anti-Maidan - our favorite source for news from Donetsk - had been silent for two days (Aug. 14-15), after posting this video...

18+ GRAPHIC | Right Sector Bus didn't make it to Donetsk. | English Subtitles

Aug. 16: after three day hiatus, Anti-Maidan returned, having a little fun with the infowar...

Ukraine Crisis |XXX| Interview w/ Ukr soldiers| Real Losses of Ukr. Army | Eng Sub

Earlier in the month...

Ukraine Crisis | Donetsk horror: who can put an end to it? | English Subtitles

Vineyard of the SakerUkraine SITREP by Gleb Bazov

Eurasian UnionTonight 438 Ukrainian Army Personel crossed into Russia - seeking asylum

Moon of Alabama: One Nazi Resigns - Russia Sanctions Start To Blow Back

Continuing MH 17 investigation...

RINF: MH-17 ‘Investigation’: Secret August 8th Agreement Seeps Out

Pravda: Boeing-777 was downed by Ukrainian MiG-29, Romanian expert says

Mondialisation: Le vol MH-17 abattu par un avion de chasse ukrainien ?

Qui bono...

Farm Wars: Biotech Takeover of Ukraine Imminent

Boiling Frogs Post: “The EU and IMF Rape of Ukraine Agriculture”

Mea culpa courtesy of the Council of Foreign Relations...

Foreign Affairs: Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

August 25...

RT: Ukraine President dissolves parliament, paves way for early election

Aug. 26...

Kyiv Post: Putin, Poroshenko start bilateral meeting in Minsk

Aug. 29...

RIA NovostiUkraine Ready to Return Detained Russian Paratroopers – Putin

Putin said that the Russian military personnel detained in Ukraine “had just gotten lost.”
“In fact, this is the case, I’m talking seriously. I believe that they had just gotten lost because there are no boundary markers there,” the president noted.

Why should he deny it? Now he strains credibility. This is better - state the intention:

Moscow TimesPutin Calls for Talks on East Ukraine 'Statehood'

On a lighter note, tabloid journalism at its finest...

Daily MailUkraine's 'Human Barbie' shows support for Putin by posing on Crimean beach as mass graves containing scores of her countrymen are discovered in rebel-held areas 


Gaza conflict extends to Egypt...

Intelligence OnlineMorsi's role in Hamas tunnels

Al Monitor: Did an Israeli drone strike militants in Egypt?

Cryptome: Gaza 6-Eyes Kill and Maim Weapons

Electric Intifada: Israel deliberately attacking medical workers in Gaza, Amnesty says

World BulletinIsraeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza

Intercept: Cash, Weapons and Surveillance: the U.S. is a Key Party to Every Israeli Attack

There goes your American tax dollars...

PressTV: Iran shoots down Israeli spy drone near Natanz nuclear facility

Continuing chaos throughout Middle East/N. Africa...

ReutersIraq's Maliki finally steps aside, paving way for new government

Al JazeeraSyrian fighters pull out of Lebanon's Arsal

NYTimesArab Nations Strike in Libya, Surprising U.S.

Libyans Overrun Compound Abandoned by U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

Al Monitor (trans. Al Hayat): After fall of Benghazi, Libya fears Islamic State

Global ResearchYinon’s Revenge? A Panorama of Chaos in the Arab World

new.euro-med.dkFormer Al Qaeda Commander on the ISIS Strategy - IS(IS) and Al Qaeda the Same – CIA Agents

Voltairenet: John McCain, Conductor of the "Arab Spring" and the Caliph

"Management of Savagery" in action...

Kuwait Times: Islamic State crucifies 2, beheads 23 – Militants tighten control in tribal region

Sharia UnveiledISIS Crucifies 8 Christians in Syria for Apostasy From Islam

LiveLeak (*Graphic*): ISIS terrorists film mass execution of hundreds of Syrian soldiers

RT: ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some alive incl women and children - Iraq

Never mind the mass beheading and crucifying of Shiites, Alawites and Christians. When the Yazidis become the target is when Obama must act...

Club Orlov: Obama risks American lives to save the devil worshipers


Elsewhere around the world...

Asia TimesISIS tentacles reach toward China

Free Beacon: U.S. Sends Second Carrier to Asia Amid Tensions with China

Telesur: SCO Holds Giant War Drills in China

Spiegel: A Two-Faced Friendship - Turkey Is 'Partner and Target' for the NSA

NYTimes: Ebola Epidemic Most Likely Much Larger Than Reported, W.H.O. Says

Strategic-Culture: Obama’s Africa Leaders’ Summit - A Corporate and Military Love Fest

ZeroHedge: Brazilian Presidential Candidate Dies In Jet Crash

LaRouchePAC: Argentina Activates 'Financial Terrorism' Law Against Hedge-Fund Economic Warfare

FT: Companies fear radical turn in Argentina



Philosophy of Metrics: Koch Bros. vs the BIS

Lame Cherry: RIP Rest in Piss

Flopping Aces: George Dubbya Bush Waterboarded!

ScienceNumerous methane leaks found on Atlantic sea floor

ENENews: Scientists: Fukushima radiation is causing “serious biological effects” — Disaster’s widespread impact now being revealed — “Major irreversible shifts” in ecosystems discussed — “High rates of abnormality and mortality”… severe damage to humans next? (PHOTOS)

BreakingDefenseWorldView-3 - Super Satellite’s Most Crucial Tech Stays On The Ground

AFP: Hypersonic weapon detonated after lift-off: US military

Intercept: The Surveillance Engine - How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

Spiegel: Wiretapped - Israel Eavesdropped on John Kerry in Mideast Talks

Spionageaffäre: BND hörte US-Außenministerin Clinton ab

GuardianBritain 'attempts to censor' US report on torture sites

ThereAreNoSunglasses: Saudi Prince Al Walid bin Tallal’s Motorcade Held-Up By Masked Robbers In Paris

AllGovWhy is Obama Still Hiding the 28-Page Report on Saudi Royal Family Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks?

T-Room: President Obama’s Citizenship Bona Fides — The Controversy Continues

WND: 'Kenyan' Obama 'need to get back to his roots'

But he is getting back to his roots, according to...

Rick A. HyattI am Stazi MFS Dir. Markus Wolf's bio-son. So is Barrack Obama, and that makes him ineligible to be President.

This may complicate the eligibility question for future presidents...

E2 FilmsThe Zapruder Film Mystery