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Qaddafi porno

Did Muammar Qadaffi keep a DVD collection with which to memorialize his sadistic harem romps? If the account of Le Monde reporter Annick Cojean is to be believed, then we have yet another to add -posthumously- to our Sovereigns of Porno series. Unfortunately, the proof of this allegation is lost to us forever...

Dr. Krekshi told me he'd found "eight or nine" DVD's in the apartment with videos of sexual attacks perpetrated by the Guide. But he amittedly he [sic] had destroyed them immediately... - Pg.207 of...

Gaddafi's Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and the Abuses of Power in Libya

Cojean's account of a serial rapist "Guide" deflowering one abducted teenager after another is impossible to independently confirm, as it is based in large part on the story of a girl going by the name "Soraya," with some limited corroboration by a few others, most of whom opt to remain pseudonymous. As such, a Mockingbird type of operation cannot be ruled out, with or without a witting Cojean.

Pravda: 'Gaddafi’s harem': Sex as a weapon of mass deception

Cojean's book doesn't leave much to the imagination. It is built around the "confessions" of a 22-year-old woman, who at age fifteen became "one of Gaddafi's whores". The girl, Soraya (pseudonym), is said to be from Sirte... was "abducted from her mother's salon and driven out of the city and into the desert, to Gaddafi's tent". There she was "measured, weighed, washed and shaved", "a blood sample was taken by a Ukrainian nurse" and she was "made up and clothed in a dress with a deep décolleté over a tanga".

Soraya then was "led back to Gaddafi, who was sitting naked on his bed". When the girl "reacted with shock and refused to get into the bed", "Gaddafi, although angry, let her go". "But he shouted at Mabruka [earlier in the book described as 'the most notorious of Gaddafi's female thugs']: "This whore isn't doing what I want, make her understand and bring her back"."

Mabruka then "went to explain to Soraya that resisting was useless, and that Gaddafi would 'open' her". "The next time she was brought to Gaddafi, he raped her brutally. Over the next few days he whipped the girl, raped her again and again, even urinated on her. After a week, Soraya was taken to Tripoli to Gaddafi's headquarters at Bab al-Azizia. There she was given a dark, damp room in the cellar. Soraya was to spend seven years here as one of many of the dictator's slaves - at the whim of this mostly cocaine-fueled sex addict and his vicious band of female guards."...

From a Now Lebanon review...

The “Guide” collected the blood from Soraya’s ruptured hymen on a small red towel which he used to preserve all such secretions. It appears that this towel played a role in black magic rituals (Hitler and ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier also went in for black magic)... 


Exclusive: we were acquainted with an attractive young American girl, Tecca Zendik, who Qadaffi diplomatically courted in 2002. Tecca had been approached by several mainstream news organizations during the NATO campaign in Libya for interviews relating to her encounters with Qaddafi; she declined however - likely a wise if self-interested choice on her part not to add any dissonance to the mockingbird chorus. We personally have never heard her tell of the sort of stories found in Cojean's book, though needless to say, for him to have raped an American national would not have helped his efforts to have Libya removed from the list of terror-sponsoring states and sanctions suspended. As a Muir Vidler photo reveals, however, he did cop a feel.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Headlines of note for April 2014... [updates throughout]

Ukraine civil war escalating...

ITAR-TASS: Russia urges Ukraine to halt military preparations to avert civil war

“We are particularly concerned that the operation involves some 150 American mercenaries from a private company Greystone Ltd., dressed in the uniform of the [Ukrainian] special task police unit Sokol,” the [Russian foreign] ministry said.

RT: Ukraine nationalists attempt storm on Kiev Supreme Court

RTParliament punch-up - Ukrainian nationalists slammed by opposition for inspiring crisis in southeast

Standoff between gvt, protesters intensifies, as Kiev military enter eastern Donetsk - reports

Kyiv Post: Armed, pro-Russian separatists lay siege to Donetsk Oblast; at least two dead

RT: Kiev to launch ‘full-scale’ military op as massive protests grip eastern Ukraine

Kyiv stands down, momentarily...

Kyiv Post: Turchynov supports national referendum, calls for UN peacekeepers as Tymoshenko favors armed resistance

 Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov 's 9 a.m. deadline for pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine to lay down their arms has passed without Ukrainian launching any military action. Turchynov had threatened to launch “a full-scale anti-terrorist operation” against separatists, but not only has that not happened, he called for a national referendum on greater regional autonomy...

That was a feint. The following day...

RT: Military seize airfield controlled by anti-govt activists in eastern Ukraine

Following the advice of DCI Brennan?...

AP: White House confirms CIA director was in Kiev

Well, so much for Brennan's "intelligence"...

Kyiv Post: A day of humiliation as Ukrainian military offensive stalls, six armored vehicles seized

And so an agreement is reached...

RT: Lavrov - Russia, US, EU, Ukraine agree on de-escalation roadmap

Ceasefire is short-lived...

Kyiv Post: Deadly shootout in Sloviansk kills three persons, breaks uneasy truce on Easter

Back to the roots of this fiasco: claims and counterclaims on Maidan false-flag snipers...

DW: Ukrainian authorities arrest riot police for protester shootings

UKRINFORM: FSB may be involved in killing of protesters in Kyiv - Nalyvaichenko

Voice of Russia: Maidan snipers were 'Saakashvili's people' - Georgian general

New Cold War escalating...

RTNASA cuts ties with Russia over Ukraine

Russia regrets NASA halting cooperation, experts warn of impact on intl space work

Russia wants answers on NATO troop movement in Eastern Europe

Atlantic Council: US Sends More Marines to Romania, Navy Vessel to Black Sea

Stop NATO: U.S. Sending 18 Warplanes To Poland, Another Warship To Black Sea

Washington Free BeaconFlying Blind - Russia Blocks U.S. from Treaty-Approved Spy Flights

Washington Post: U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says

RIA Novosti: Russia to Build Network of Modern Naval Bases in Arctic - Putin

Perhaps it was just a meteorite and this story belongs in the miscellania section, but we suspect it belongs here, under "New Cold War"...

RT: Spectacular fireball from space explodes over Russian city

On the economic front...

Global Research: Ukraine - The Corporate Annexation. “For Cargill, Chevron, Monsanto, It’s a Gold Mine of Profits”

RT: Russia will not import GMO products - PM Medvedev

It's On: Gazprom Prepares "Symbolic" Bond Issue In Chinese Yuan

April 10 - Putin to EU countries: show Ukraine the money...

ITAR-TASS: President Vladimir Putin's letter to leaders of European countries. Full text

What about the European partners? Instead of offering Ukraine real support, there is talk about a declaration of intent. There are only promises that are not backed by any real actions. The European Union is using Ukraine’s economy as a source of raw foodstuffs, metal and mineral resources, and at the same time, as a market for selling its highly-processed ready-made commodities (machine engineering and chemicals), thereby creating a deficit in Ukraine’s trade balance amounting to more than 10 billion US dollars...

 Ukraine now looking for gas supplies from its west...

Interfax Ukraine: Slovakia not admitting Ukrainian experts to gas facilities to study reverse terms - Prodan

"They do not even want to admit our technicians, together with Slovak ones, to the gas metering station in Kapusany so that we can study technical documents and conditions for the organization of reverse supplies ... We are very serious about working with the European Commission to launch reverse gas supplies through Slovakia," he said at a press conference in Kyiv...

As reported, the organization of reverse gas supplies through Slovakia would allow the supply to Ukraine from the EU in this direction of up to 20 billion cubic meters of gas.

At present two reverse directions are available for Ukraine - through Poland and Hungary – with a total capacity of about 7.2 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Or wherever he can get it...

Update - Interfax Ukraine (April 7): Slovakia ready to facilitate gas reverse to Ukraine, asking to observe all procedures – foreign Economy Ministry

Kiev Post: Ukrainians try to boycott all things Russian – services, music, goods, sex

It is indeed a nation full of contradictions...

Tarpley: Metaphysical Doubts Concerning the Existence of Modern Ukraine, a 1918 Creation of the German General Staff


Ukraine not the only European nation seeing far right gains...

Or independence movements...

The Scotsman: EC ‘schizophrenic’ on Scottish independence

Catalan News: Rajoy gives another “no” to Catalonia and offers a banned Constitutional reform

Or civil unrest...

RT: Violence as thousands march in Rome against austerity

‘Never on Sunday’: Greece riots over shop openings end with tear gas, clashes


Elsewhere around the world...

All Africa: Guinea - Mobilisation Against an Unprecedented Ebola Epidemic

News Pinnacle: Ebola, Corruption and the Misery of the Liberian People

New England Journal of Medicine: Emergence of Zaire Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea — Preliminary Report

 In March 2014, the World Health Organization was notified of an outbreak of a communicable disease characterized by fever, severe diarrhea, vomiting, and a high fatality rate in Guinea. Virologic investigation identified Zaire ebolavirus (EBOV) as the causative agent. Full-length genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis showed that EBOV from Guinea forms a separate clade in relationship to the known EBOV strains from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon. Epidemiologic investigation linked the laboratory-confirmed cases with the presumed first fatality of the outbreak in December 2013. This study demonstrates the emergence of a new EBOV strain in Guinea.

April 20 - SHTFplan: Ebola Suspected In Europe - “Broken Through All Containment Efforts”

Suspected but not confirmed...

Giornale d' Italia: Ebola, l'epidemia che fa tremare l'Italia

Reuters: Saudi Arabia announces jump in new cases of deadly MERS virus

Yemen Times: Saudi-Qatari tensions and implications for the Persian Gulf

The United States and Western countries train and arm terrorists fighting in Syria, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said...

"These terrorists are raised, armed, and nursed by the West, and trained by special services of NATO countries. They are carrying out the task of causing Syria to collapse and weakening Islamic countries," Kadyrov said.

DW: Masked gunman slays Dutch priest in Homs

Global Research: Another Chemical Attack in Syria by NATO-backed Mercenaries

Mother Jones: How the United States Continues to Make Matters Worse in Libya

Reuters: Libya burns cash, halts projects to battle budget crisis

Al Monitor (translation of El-Khabar): Former Algeria official - US, Qatar 'interfering' in presidential polls

TomDispatch: America's Non-Stop Ops in Africa

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen): While All Eyes Were on Ukraine, the West Hatched a Plan for Yemen

Boiling Frogs Post: The New Great Game Round-Up: April 20, 2014

AP: US secretly created 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest

NYTimes (Nicolás Maduro): Venezuela - A Call for Peace

CCTV: Search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues

PLA Daily: Chinese, U.S. defense chief vow to boost new type military ties

China Daily: US urged to restrain Japan

RT: Fukushima radiation killing our children, govt hides truth - former mayor

ENENews: Foreign reporters find radiation levels over 100 times legal limit off Fukushima — Captain: Radioactive releases “may last until end of the Earth” — “Deep sense of dread set in… Stop, don’t go any closer!” — “World deserves honest assessment of the disaster” — “A worst-case scenario come to life”

Economist: The Ticking Time-Bomb at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea


Police state news...

Police State USA: A list of known NSA spying techniques

And this is news?...

WaPo: NSA searched Americans’ communications without a warrant, intelligence director says

CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

FireDogLake: Court - Improper for Judiciary to Decide Whether Killing US Citizens with Drones Violates Due Process Rights

Washington Times: Prepare for drones that ‘perch’ on power lines to recharge, never have to land

Washington Post: Congratulations! Your tiny town has an MRAP and is ready for war

Blacklisted News: Boston Transit Police Conducts Warrantless Searches on All Bus, Subway Riders

Portland Mercury: Arrested at Age Nine - Cops Insist Handcuffing a Girl—and Taking Her to Jail—Is Perfectly Okay

The people strike back...

KSL: Wake up America,' says family involved in BLM cattle dispute

 The situation escalated Saturday after Cliven Bundy's son, Dave Bundy, 37, was arrested. Members of the Bundy family had gathered to film and take pictures of the removal of their cattle in an effort to document the event, according to Cliven Bundy's daughter, Bailey Bundy Logue...

 Logue said Dave Bundy was taking pictures and recording on his iPad when he was asked by federal employees what he was doing. Logue said that Dave Bundy told the BLM workers that he was "exercising (his) First Amendment rights."  

"He did not resist arrest, but they continued to beat him," Logue told KSL. "They put him on the ground and were standing on his head and had a dozen officers on top of him and dogs."  

The Bundy family was asked to leave the premises after Dave Bundy's arrest. Logue said that there were snipers and uniformed men on the scene during the cattle impoundment.

Situation escalating...

Pedo news...

Examiner: Court Affidavits Claim Pope Francis Trafficked Children, At Child Sacrifices

International Common Law Court of Justice: Adjudication in the The Case of the Pope - Global Child Trafficking and Murder

ICLCJ commencement and attempted arrest of Elizabeth Windsor aka Queen Elizabeth

RT‘Obsessed with sex’ - French priest charged with rape, torture during exorcisms

Daily Mail: The bombshell court document that claims Prince Andrew knew about billionaire friend's abuse of under-age girls

Exaro News: Customs seized video of child sex abuse and ex-cabinet minister



Spook news...

Daily Mail: Is THIS America's newest top-secret spy plane? Clearest picture yet of mystery aircraft spotted flying over Kansas just weeks after being seen in Texas

On the outsourcing of spook-dom...

Fiscal Times: $6 Billion Goes Missing at State Department

$6 Billion Goes Missing at State Department
Al Monitor: Mystery solved? US-registered plane in Iran owned by Ghana firm

McClatchy: U.S. intelligence chief bars unauthorized contacts with reporters on all intel-related matters

Washington Free Beacon: CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide

Intelligence Online: Bandar prepares comeback

By resigning?...

Daily Star: Saudi replaces veteran intel chief Prince Bandar

Bandar's role in Syrian conflict is oddly sidelined, as Erdogan is placed in the spotlight, in this most recent Seymour Hersh article...

London Review of BooksThe Red Line and the Rat Line

Sibel Edmonds says phone intercept of Turkey's intelligence chief sounds doctored...

Boiling Frogs Post: Examining the Turkish False Flag Leak - The Eye Opener

John Kerry is said to be putting the release of Jonathan Pollard on the table in Isreali-Palastinian talks. From one very familiar with the details of the Pollard case, Wayne Madsen: 

 Journalists Glenn Greenwald and Russ Baker have alleged that convicted and imprisoned U.S. spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard, federal prisoner ID number #09185-016, did not do any great harm to the national security of the United States. Greenwald, speaking on Israeli television, agreed with those who are calling for Pollard to be granted clemency...

Baker, writing for his WhoWhatWhy.com website implies that Pollard received unfair treatment and, therefore, should be released as other "Americans accused of spying in foreign countries have been sent home and reunited with their families." This is a specious argument. The United States continues to imprison such notorious spies as John Walker and Robert Hanssen. There is no well-spring of support from any U.S. lobby supported by Russia for these two agents for the Soviet KGB to be granted clemency and sent to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, or some other former republic of the Soviet Union. But, as with anything having to do with Israel, the rules are always different. Pollard, a committed Zionist who transferred enough documents to Israel that could fill a normal home garage -- some of which were transferred to the KGB by Israel for increased quotas of Soviet Jewish emigrés to Israel -- caused as much harm to America's security as either Walker or
Hanssen, both of whom are serving life sentences as is Pollard...

This editor, as someone who participated closely in the damage assessment report on Pollard's treason on behalf of the U.S. Navy and NSA, can confidently declare that those who soft-pedal Pollard's harm to the United States simply have no idea what they're going on about...

As the person in charge of computer and communications center security for the U.S. Naval Telecommunications Command (NAVTELCOM), I was asked to ensure that an inventory was conducted of all communications security (COMSEC) material at the Naval Communications Center at Suitland. Fortunately, the security manager at the communications facility had already identified Pollard as a security risk and he was never permitted access to cryptographic keying material or other COMSEC information. However, the security manager had reported Pollard to his superiors as a risk. Pollard never lost his security clearance because he claimed that his co-workers were "anti-Semitic." NISC's command staff decided it was not worth pulling Pollard's security access if he posed a danger of going public with "anti-Semitism" allegations. Political, government, and military careers in Washington have been ruined by those who have glibly used the "anti-Semitism" canard as a weapon of defamation.

The fact that Pollard's espionage for Israel involved others inside the Reagan administration was reported by Bob Woodward in a February 19, 1988 article in The Washington Post. Woodward reported that FBI and other investigators involved in the Pollard case were focusing in on someone Woodward, using his expected "Deep Throat" jargon, referred to as "Mr. X."

"Mr. X" was described by Woodward as a high-level Israeli mole inside the U.S. military-intelligence establishment who tasked Pollard with acquiring specific classified documents for transmittal to Israel. Pollard followed through in his tasking, providing SECRET, TOP SECRET, and SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION (SCI) documents, many of which were marked WNINTEL (Warning Notice -- Intelligence Sources or Methods Involved) to the Israelis. Some of the U.S. sources were carefully-developed CIA assets inside the defense, intelligence, interior, telecommunications, and science/research ministries of a number of Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, South Yemen, Yemen, and Algeria.

After the Mossad determined from Pollard's haul the identities of these U.S. assets they approached the assets with blackmail threats: either they cooperate with Mossad and stop spying for America or their CIA connections would be turned over to their own governments. Face with such a "Catch-22" dilemma, many were forced to spy for Israel. Some planted Israeli-developed bogus intelligence with their CIA handlers, thus ensuring that the United States was blindsided in its intelligence coverage of the Middle East. The failure of the U.S. to foresee the plot to bomb PanAm 103 in 1988 was believed by U.S. intelligence analysts to have been directly caused by Pollard's treason and the compromise of U.S. assets in Syria, Iran, Cyprus, and Lebanon.

U.S. intelligence sources have told WMR that "Mr. X" was not one person but a group of ten Israeli agents-of-influence. They became known to the FBI and Defense Department investigators as the "X Committee." They included Albert Wohlstetter, one of the original neo-conservative gurus who also served on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and who worked for RAND; Wohlstetter's RAND colleague Andrew Marshall, who carved out a lifetime job as the chief of the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment (ONA) and who continues to serve in that position in his nineties; Perle; Stephen Bryen, Perle's deputy at the Pentagon and co-founder, along with Perle, of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), a suspected Israeli intelligence cover; Henry Rowen, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs; Secretary of the Navy John Lehman; and other leading neo-conservatives, including Feith, Michael Ledeen, Paul
Wolfowitz, and Fred Iklé.

As with Feith, Bryen was caught passing classified information to the Mossad station in Washington. In Bryen's case, he was caught in 1978 passing U.S. secrets to the Mossad station chief in Washington, Zvi Rafiah...

The "Damage Assessment Memo" that was drafted by Weinberger and used to convince the judge in Pollard's trial to sentence Pollard to life imprisonment reportedly contains details of the intelligence passed by Pollard's handlers to the Soviet KGB and military GRU intelligence services. Pollard's supporters are demanding the memorandum to be declassified because they maintain it will show that Pollard was merely spying for a close U.S. ally and friend. Only if one were to believe that the USSR was a "close U.S. ally and friend" would such an argument carry any weight. However, dupes like Greenwald and Baker are convinced that Pollard's treason against the United States was in the best interests of Washington and Tel Aviv. Nothing could be further from the truth...

See Dan Regan's follow up comment at Steve Pieczenik Talks.

Repost of January 18, 1999 New Yorker article by Seymour Hersh...

Cryptome: The Traitor


After several months without one, here is our shooter of the month...

Infowars: Army Admits Fort Hood Shooter Was on Psychiatric Drugs

And the obligatory questions, questions sailing on a sea of disinfo...

NODISINFOApril Fool’s Ft. Hood Shooting is a Hoax

MoralMattersFort Hood 2014 Shooting - Government Campaign To Confiscate Guns One Group At A Time

BeforeitsnewsCraigslist Ad Confirmed! Blows Fort Hood False Flag Wide Open

Shooter of the month #2...

CBS St. Louis: Jewish Community Center Gunman ID’d As Former KKK Leader, Reportedly Yelled ‘Heil Hitler'



Michael Rupert, Rest In Peace...

Vice: Apocalypse, Man 

RT: Brain ‘15-second delay’ shields us from hallucinogenic experience – research

DARPA: DARPA Launches Biological Technologies Office

FireDogLake: Torture and the Destruction of the Human Being Shaker Aamer by the United States

Washington's Blog: Peddler of Iraq War Lies Now Pushes Lies On Urkaine to Drum Up Confrontation with Russia

Truth RevoltSharyl Attkisson - When I'd Begin Getting Under Surface of an Obama Scandal, CBS Would Pull Me Off

El Paso Times : Documents - 'Fast and Furious' guns found their way to El Paso and Columbus, NM

Veterans Today (Jim Fetzer): Sandy Hook Elementary School: closed in 2008, a stage in 2012

Memory Hole (James Tracy): The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Constructed Reality

In other updates on old stories...

NYPost: Inside the secret plots to kill the president

WWII continues to claim casualties...

Phuket Gazette: WWII bomb kills seven


LaRouchePACJones and Lynch Increase Pressure to Release 28 Pages

Broward Bulldog: A conservative judge rebukes FBI as he orders it to find and turn over 9/11 documents

Washington's Blog: The CIA in Kuwait - Parallels to a 9/11 Suspect

Keiser Report: Episode 583 

In the second half, Max interviews Jim Rickards about his new book, ‘The Death of Money’. In this first of two parts, they focus on the insider trading on 9/11 and the mutually-assured financial destruction as the nuclear weapon of our day.

Max Keiser also discusses his personal knowledge of CIA executive director A. B. "Buzzy" Krongard's involvement in trades while at Alex Brown and Sons (ABS). Rickards - trying to downplay those 'crazy conspiracy theories' - admits he didn't examine the ABS trades. Would he have been published if he had? Keiser discusses these trades in greater depth on the Alex Jones Show in CIA Aware of Insider Trading Prior to 9/11: Segment I and Segment II. For more on "Buzzy" see Christopher Bollyn's 9-11 and Alvin Krongard - Israel's Agent at the CIA.

9-11 and Alvin Krongard - Israel's Agent at the CIA - See more at: http://www.bollyn.com/13697/#sthash.xRmwcWwR.dpuf
A post-mortem of Ron Paul 2012...

Open Secrets: FEC Will Examine Allegations Against Ron Paul Campaign

While there is a basis for dismissing this as a targeted investigation, the targeting can also be said to have come from within. Though Paul seemed at the time to be the only viable candidate worth voting for - being solidly anti-war and having openly called for the elimination of the CIA - it was inevitable that the CIA or its "secret team" associates would jump into the mix. Recall that the signs of infiltration of Paul's campaign by one highly questionable political operative, namely Trygve Olson, was reported as far back as February 2012 in the Washington Post. Justin Ramaindo of Antiwar followed up showing Olson's association with CIA-linked operations like the International Republican Institute (incidentally the IRI is also involved in the recently reported operations in Cuba) in Can Ron Paul Be Tamed? The answer to the question sadly was yes, particularly through his Achilles heel: family ties. Olson came at the recommendation of Paul's son Rand, who had hired Olson for his 2010 senatorial campaign via Mitch McConnell; while Jesse Benton, implicated in the above story and universally loathed by Paul's true believers, had literally married into the family. In the end, however "pure" Ron Paul's intentions may have been, his trusting disposition and neglect to guard against such infiltration only speaks to his incapacity for the office he was seeking. What is needed is someone with acute Machiavellian circumspection placed in the service of the over-riding mission of overthrowing the coup and restoring the republic. Keep this in mind for 2016...

GWB has found his true calling...

USNews: Portraits Painted by George W. Bush

Monday, March 31, 2014

Headlines of note for March 2014...

Punchline of the month...

KTUU: Alaska Petition for Secession Reaches 10K Signatures

ANCHORAGE - A petition to the Obama administration for the secession of Alaska back to Russia has gathered more than 10,000 signatures in three days.

In the midst of international crisis such as we now find in the Ukraine and Crimea, one must keep in focus the questionable circumstances from which the crisis has been launched. To repeat then the Aangirfan post (being updated) which we included in February's headlines...


...as Russia (or Russia-aligned unit of Ukrainian SBU) scores another intercept of diplomatic communications...

RT: Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape

“There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” Urmas Paet said during the conversation.
“I think we do want to investigate. I mean, I didn’t pick that up, that’s interesting. Gosh,” Ashton answered.

Mercenaries took part in Maidan violence – Ex-Ukraine security chief

LaRouchePAC: Russia Points to the Ukraine Nazi Parubiy's Responsibility for the Snipers Who Killed Men on Both Sides on the Maidan

We should add that there is an alternate conspiracy theory, that the Ukrainian coup was staged not by Western operatives, but by the Russians. There may be something to be said for this scenario in the latter stages of the coup, when Yanukovich abruptly stood down and fled the country after a compromise agreement had been reached. It is interesting to note however the eagerness with which this conspiracy theory is embraced not only by the still Soviet-phobic right (e.g. Joel Skousen 's World Affairs Brief), but by such a mainstream site that would in the same breath scoff at any suggestion that Western intelligence would play such dirty tricks. A case in point: Ann Applebaum of the Washington Post so speculates in...

Slate: Thinking Provocatively

Factors of geopolitical materialism to be considered...

Al MonitorCrimea crisis may end $23 billion pipeline project


Why is Turkey buying more gas than it needs from Iran?


ZeroHedgeIt Begins - Gazprom Warns European Gas "Supply Disruptions" Possible


EnglishRussia: Largest Oil Refinery In Europe Is On Fire

Translating from the Russian site BK News Omsk (March 4)...

Seemorerocks: China has threatened to require payment of U.S. debt if Americans put pressure on Russia

China once again acted as a formidable ally of Russia and openly sided with Vladimir Putin's scandalous Ukrainian question. As it became known today, Chinese authorities are ready to use the right of "veto" any decision of UN Security Council directed against Russia. Moreover, China masterfully chilled "geopolitical ambitions" of the U.S. requirement to repay their debt obligations in gold. 

The threat is effective enough, given the fact that the gold reserves of Americans do not cover debt obligations. 

As reported by vesti.ru, China's leaders have already held talks with Turkey and convinced her not to let NATO ships through the Bosporus Strait...

We shall see about that...

RT (March 7): Navy destroyer USS Truxtun crosses Dardanelles en route to Black Sea

The Dardanelles is a narrow stretch of water in Turkey that separates Europe and Asia. The Truxton still has to pass through the Bosphorus Straights in Istanbul before it reaches the Black Sea...

NOSINT (March 10): Russia ‘Welcomes’ the US Destroyer Truxtun, by Moving Bastion Anti-Ship Missiles to Crimea

AFP (March 14): Russia says intercepted US drone over Crimea - arms group

Appropriate services have detected the exact location of the source in Ukraine’s territory...

RT (March 16): Putin - Crimeans expressed their will in full accordance with intl law, UN Charter

March 17: Putin signs order to recognize Crimea as a sovereign independent state

March 18: Treaty to accept Crimea, Sevastopol to Russian Federation signed

Claims and counterclaims of legality...

PressTV: Ron Paul defends Putin over Crimea referendum

DW: Bound by treaty - Russia, Ukraine and Crimea

The above cites the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) and quotes: the participating states agree to "refrain from any intervention, direct or indirect, in the internal or external affairs" of another participating state... 

This then would put EU nations in violation of the treaty...

EUReferendum: Ukraine: they catch up - eventually

...what is emerging is the degree to which the EU has been meddling in the internal politics of Ukraine, not least through the sinister-sounding "Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum". Rampantly pro-EU, the Ukraine "national platform" was established on 29 January 2011 at its founding conference in Kiev.

This organisation has provided an open site for a multiplicity of NGOs, specifically directed at "discussions, consultations, information activities in the implementation framework of the Eastern Partnership policy". Components of this Forum have been funded by the EU, and by other agencies, including funding from the Swedish government...

Such meddling in internal affairs could also unintentionally put the pro-EU activists in the sights of Obama's Executive Order - Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine

Global Research: R.I.P. Freedom of Speech? Obama Bans Critics of Ukraine Coup From Entering U.S.

The executive order suspends “entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of such persons” who fulfil the following criteria;

“[A]ny person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State:
(i) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have engaged in, directly or indirectly, any of the following:
(A) actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine.
Yanukovich was, after all, democratically elected, only to be removed from office by unconstitutional means. The western governments and their respective puppet media are somehow blind-sighted to these basic facts. They are moreover strangely dismissive over concerns about the party that has enjoyed substantial gains as a result of the coup...

Searchlight Magazine: The old and new European friends of Ukraine’s far-right Svoboda party

NYTimes downplays these elements as marginal and moderating...

Front and Center in Ukraine Race, a Leader of the Far Right

Recall how the chancellorship was expected to tame Hitler? After several years of an austere IMF regimen, we shall see how marginal and moderate the likes of Yarosh and Tyanibok are, along with others ascendent on the right...

RT: 'I'll hang you by the balls and have you f***ed' – Ukrainian presidential hopeful abducts pro-Russian MP

Ukraine's 'night of the long knives'?...

Murderous Ukrainian ultra-nationalist dead – after 2 decades of violent thuggery

Obama and the "Responsibility to Protect" banshees of his administration (Rice, Power, Nuland) really have a way of picking their "freedom fighters" - first it was "Al KKKaeda" of the Islamic Maghreb, and now the Julius Streichers of Western Ukraine...

France24 (Jan. 2012): Ukrainian newspaper depicts Africans and Arabs as monkeys groping woman

Is Obama a secret Scientologist as well?...

Dallas blogSoros Hires Scientologist to Conquer Ukraine

Now drink your IMF kool-aid...

Forbes: Ukraine Welcomes IMF Austerity Regime


Elsewhere around the world...

Have other possibly military and/or terrorist operations perhaps gone hot in another theater? - speculations run the gamut...

Question-mark headlines: MH 370 DEW'd?

Rense (Yoichi Shimatsu): Is MH370 The Latest Casualty Of The Pentagon's Pivot To Asia?

A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

Intellihub: Malaysian airliner may have been commandeered and taken to secret Coco Island base — New info reveals plane flew 4-hours after transponder was deactivated

The Truth Seeker: Are The Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?

Mediaite: Rupert Murdoch - Maybe Malaysian Airliner ‘Hidden’ in Pakistan, ‘Like Bin Laden’

Lost in a sea of disinfo...

WillylomanAnother Lie from “unnamed sources” Exposed - No Left Turn Plotted in ACARS Data Transmission – “This was not true”  

Great Game India: MH370 Mystery – Suspicious Cargo Destroyed in a Massive Explosion near 1945 Nuclear Bomb Test Site

It's not just the Ukrainians and their EU/US collaborators who have had their communications broadcast of late; the Turkish government has been getting it from all sides as well... 

Syrian Free Press: Turkish plots - “Start a False Flag War with Syria”, the intercepted conversation between key Turkish military and political leaders that Erdogan wanted banned ~ (Video+Text Eng. trans.)

World Bulletin: Turkish wiretappers had 'external support', says minister

Boiling Frogs PostTurkish Power Struggle Impedes NATO’s Campaign in Syria

Erdogan's AKP party wins local elections as opposition braces...

Hurriyet Daily: ‘This is only the beginning,’ CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu says, warns of ‘witch-hunt’

Jerusalem Post: Foreign Ministry goes on strike, all Israel's embassies and consulates abroad to close  

Al Monitor: Israeli killing of judge at border provokes backlash in Jordan

Wayne Madsen pithy comment on.... Ha'aretz: The Al Qaeda-Israeli alliance is bared for all the world to see: Syrian rebels offer to cede Golan Heights to Israel in return for Israeli military support. This Al Qaeda-Saudi-Israeli alliance brought about 9/11.

On the Saudi/Qaeda side of that alliance, the push to release the redacted portion of the congressional 9/11 report continues...

LaRouchePAC: 'Declassify the 28 Pages' Press Conference · Interview with Terry Strada

As Obama pays the Saudis a visit...

Intelligence OnlinePredator drones for Mohammed bin Nayef

BBC: PM Maliki says Saudi Arabia and Qatar 'destabilise' Iraq

Al Ahram: Libya steps further into chaos

Reuters: Libya key source for illicit arms, fueling conflicts - U.N. envoy

VOA: Tanker With Libyan 'Rebel' Oil Heads to Sea

The new Barbary pirates...

FOXNews: Navy SEALS board, take control of rogue Libya tanker

Reuters: Venezuela breaks ties with Panama over "conspiracy"


Three years after the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns, the disaster continues; in the air...

...and water...

Underground wall on the seaside of reactor3 was possibly broken / Groundwater level in sync with ebb and flow

...and earth...

Environmental Science and Technology: Isotopic compositions of 236U and Pu isotopes in “Black Substances” collected from roadsides in Fukushima Prefecture: fallout from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident

NYTimes: Squelching Efforts to Measure Fukushima Meltdown

Each and every day 100,000 gallons of water becomes too toxic to allow to get into the sea. So Tepco is – it kind of reminds me of the cartoon Fantasia, the sorcerer’s apprentice – they’re building a tank there every other day - a 250,000 gallon tank to capture this water and try to avoid it going into the Pacific. Unfortunately they’re not fully succeeding.

The U.S. is having its share of nuclear mishaps; at a nuclear waste dump in New Mexico...

ENENews: WIPP Expert: Nuclear waste is getting out above ground — Plutonium / Americium found in “every single worker” on site when leak began — New Mexico officials ‘totally unsatisfied’ with lack of info from Feds — “We don’t know how far away it’s gone” — Continuing threat for long time to come

...at the Hanford, Washington site...

CNN: “Horrible medical mystery… alarming rate of birth defects” in Washington — Babies missing parts of brain, skull — Mother outraged at gov’t — Nurse: “It’s very scary… absolutely something going on” — Cluster surrounds most polluted US nuclear site, yet never mentioned by media or officials

...and just upstream of Hanford...

KIMA-TV: 65-foot crack found in Wanapum Dam


Spook news...

Intelligence OnlineBrennan obtains Qimch's head
C-SpanJohn Brennan - National Security and Intelligence

Spring is here, the snow is melting...

The Hindu: Snowden praises Obama's NSA reform proposal

Cryptome: Skype and Crypto Promoted by Snowden a Ploy?

WaPoNSA surveillance program reaches ‘into the past’ to retrieve, replay phone calls

FAIR: The NSA Built a 'Time Machine'–but Washington Post Won't Say Where

Spiegel: 'A' for Angela Merkel - GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies

OffNowUtah Senate passes bill to ban warrantless data, 28-0

Who will turn off Palantir?...

National Business Review (New Zealand): Are Palantir Spooks?

MIT Technology ReviewSpinoffs from Spyland

On journalist spinoffs from spyland...

CannonfireWho is John Miller?

A CIA spook replaces the FBI spook at CBS...

Politico: Michael Morell joins CBS News

The continuing fall from grace of Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and other "adversarial journalists" coming under the patronage of Pierre Omidyar...

With the likes of Peter Thiel backing Pando, however, we anticipate that in three or four years time - should we be looking at a President Rand Paul, for instance - that the tables shall be completely turned on the above story: "Revealed - Visitor logs show full extent of Peter Thiel’s cozy White House ties"

But for now, Glenn Greenwald is everybody's favorite punching bag...

Counterpunch (Doug Valentine): Brother, Can You Spare a Billion? Glenn Greenwald and the Myth of Income Inequality

Even the CIA house organ gives him some scolding...

Washington PostGlenn Greenwald, PandoDaily tussle over Ukraine, editorial independence

As his minions defend him with the Internet equivalent of obscene graffiti in the middle-school lavatory...

Rancid Honeytrap: The Friends of Glenn

We tried to offer some friendly advice: our comment with Greenwald's response followed by our reply in suggesting that he ditch "Moneybags" Omidyar and take the reader-funded route in....

The//InterceptOn the Meaning of Journalistic Independence

Should the following give "0ivae" pause? From the city that gave us the pseudonymous Silence Dogood, Busy Body, Anthony Afterwit and Alice Addertongue no less...

CBSPhilly: Philadelphia Judge Issues Ruling That Could Give Anonymous Online Commenters Second Thoughts


Police state news...

Defense One: How the NSA Can Use Metadata to Predict Your Personality

Naked Security: Spyware app turns the privacy tables on Google Glass wearers

Blacklisted News: Big Brother Surveillance – It Is Not Just For Governments Anymore

CBS 60 Minutes: The Data Brokers - Selling your personal information



Naval Research Labs: Solar Power When It's Raining: NRL Builds Space Satellite Module

Pakistan Defence: US scientists realise Kalam's vision of capturing solar power from space

Presently, however, the US cannot realize any of its space-faring visions without a little help from its friends...

Universe Today: ISS, NASA and US National Security dependent on Russian and Ukrainian Rocketry Amidst Crimean Crisis

Crucial Radar Outage Scrubs US National Security and SpaceX Launches for Several Weeks from Cape Canaveral

Aviation Week: U.S., Russian Soyuz Crew Carries Out Belated Docking With International Space Station 

Washington Beacon: U.S. Electric Grid ‘Inherently Vulnerable’ to Sabotage

NYPost: Rash of finance-pro suicides baffles experts

Newsweek: The Face Behind Bitcoin

Reuters: Man called Bitcoin's father denies ties, leads LA car chase

BenSwann: Oklahoma legislators pass bill legalizing gold and silver tender - Nullify the fed?

CryptogonBarrett Brown Faces 100 Years in Prison for Posting Hyperlink to Site Containing Hacked Material in Chat Room -Update: Charges Related to Publishing URL Dropped

CryptomeMassive Twitter Botnet

Mad Cow ProductionsChristian cult leader worked Tampa “BLACK ICE” Operation

Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff admits that 30% of what is on VT is "patently false". We'll wager that the following is in that 30%...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Crimea Child Porn Turf War

Background: see our previous post on Azov Films. Also:

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, recently freed from prison by Ukrainian coup leaders and who remains the darling of neocons and bogus Democrats alike, may be known as a stalwart for the West in some countries but in her native Ukraine, she is known for harboring and giving sanction to a large child pornography industry.

WMR's continuing investigation of the reported "suicide" of  Ryan Loskarn, chief of staff for Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander, has uncovered major links to Ukraine, particularly during the rule of Tymoshenko, who was jailed for corruption by President Viktor Yanukovych.

During Tymoshenko's rule, successive international investigations of child pornography pointed to Simferopol, in Crimea, and the Artek International Children's Center in the same Ukrainian-ruled but Russian majority autonomous republic, as virtual photo and video factories for the global pedophile market. Tymoshenko's Economy Minister, Sergei Terekhin, was under investigation in 2009 for sexually abusing children at the Artek children's camp. Now that Russian troops have taken control of Crimea, there is no word on how the child pornography industry, formerly linked to Azov Films of Toronto and Stafford, Virginia has been affected. However, it is known that it was primarily Russian and Ukrainian children from poor families or orphanages who were preyed upon by the pedophile rings that operated withkout much pressure from Tymoshenko's government. Russia under Vladimir Putin has little tolerance for pedophiles.

Operations with the code names of ORE, SANCTUARY, THUNDERER, KOALA, DELEGO, JOINT HAMMER, NEST EGG, YEWTREE, and more recently, SPADE, have all discovered links between those who possess and distribute child pornography and filming facilities in Kiev, Kharkov, Simferopol, and Camp Artek. In fact, Operation SPADE shut down the operations of Azov Films, the Toronto and Stafford company that was named after the Sea of Azov, which surrounds the Crimean peninsula.

The discovery of the heavy involvement of Ukraine under Tymoshenko in the production of child pornography comes at the same time that Operation SPADE is continuing to implicate senior members of the governments of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Patrick Rock,Cameron's chief assistant for identifying ways to combat child pornography on the Internet through the use of software filters, was recently arrested for possession of child pornography.

The fallout and links between pedophiles around the world, partly exposed by SPADE, continue to grow:

The report is also mirrored at Rosanneworld and at OccurencesForeignDomestic: IMF Lunch Money


Apparently from a rough (google?) translation...


Zverozub - he's Rusanov Igor (born in 1957), Simferopol, candidate of geographical science, associate professor of tourism Tauride National University. VI Vernadsky. www.zverozub.com
Rusanov - one of the leaders of the legal wing pedofilskoy hangouts. Positioning itself as a "local historian and a great connoisseur of the Crimean sights. In addition Rusanov headed the so-called "scout" movement of the Crimea. In fact, all these seemingly decorous exercises no more than a smokescreen, a cover for the other, dark side of its activities.Rusanov was seen in pedofilskoy get-together since the late 1990's. One of the earliest mentions in pedoinete of Rusanov (Zverozube) found in 2000 in the reference section at pedofilskom portal with the pretentious name "The Great Virtual Ring"...

...Circulation sold film not only brought Rusanov fame and glory among the perverts, but also laid the groundwork for its not a small state. "Business" Rusanov - one of the key players of the international syndicate pedofilskogo under the general "roof» «Azov-Films». Rusanov - his Crimean branch, along with Lugansky, Western Ukrainian (Chernivtsi), Irkutsk (former «Baikal-Films»), Romanian and others. The main site «Azov-Films» and the headquarters of the syndicate is in Canada (Toronto).However, there are many in the Crimea family naturists in general, and there many parents who agree that their children were filmed naked for the needs to pedophiles?...

...This "business" carefully disguised as "tourism", "Girl Scouts", "naturism" and never advertise Rusanov. But all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent.The first alarm bell was sounded in 2001 after a visit to the Crimea famous German pedophile Otto Lomyullera which Rusanov invited me to visit (http://www.zverozub.com/index.php?r=24&a=362&l=1). Later Lomyulleru took a lot of effort and money to hush up the matter. Upon returning to Germany, border guards found his photos of naked children, made the request throughInterpol, if there was any violence. Got away with it and then - caught up. The very same Loomyuller known for drawing pictures with naked boys from local scout troop. From the source, trustworthy, we know that sex between children and Loomyullerom was, but then no complaints filed, and now will not - Rusanov pays for both children and their parents.

Rusanov helped evade responsibility are the most influential vip-pedophiles, whom he "treated" (though not disinterested) for its famous boys. Among these vip-freaks a lot of very famous names, the announcement which will inevitably cause a huge scandal in the Crimea and elsewhere...

EUROKULTURE: Artek, a Soviet Child’s Dream

Allegations about the Artek children's camp first came to light in 2009, in the lead up to the February 2010 election that saw Victor Yanukovich win the presidency. This Bishop Accountabilty entry mirrors a MIGnews story that is no longer available...

Sexual Scandal in Artek Going On. Shocking Details

The head of Main Directorate of Interior Ministry in Crimea Hennady Moskal claimed minors had been raped in Artek earlier. “There were two facts – children at the age of 9 and 10 were raped and cases were not disclosed”, he reported.

According to him, a priest was involved into the case. Earlier he was convicted for similar crimes in the Russian Federation. “The name of the priest emerged relating to those cases. He attended Artek together with ex-presidents and their wives. When law enforcement began to check him after they had learned about rape, he disappeared. When he was checked in the database of the Russian Federation, he turned out to be convicted for perversion of minors, pedophilia and other crimes”, Hennady Moskal told.

According to Hennady Moskal, “pedophiles are coming to Ukraine from all over the world to satisfy their sexual needs because we have opened the border for everybody”. “Not Thailand but Ukraine is considered to be a center of sex tourism to satisfy perverted sexual needs”, he states...

According to Oleksandr Medvedko, yesterday, on October 19 MPs Serhiy Teriokhyn and Viktor Ukolov were interrogated as witnesses at the Prosecutor’s General Office. On Tuesday law enforcement agents were planning to interrogate a MP Ruslan Bohdan from BYuT and but then interrogation was put off till October 21, MIGnews.com.ua correspondent Yulia Makoveeva cites Prosecutor general as saying.

RT: Kids raped in famous Ukrainian recreation camp?

 A woman claims her son and her daughter were sexually abused there, and has taken her case to Rada (parliament) deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko.

“She said they were not only sexually assaulted by the camp’s employees, but were also forced to be filmed in pornographic movies. According to witnesses, several politicians were involved in it, including Rada deputies,” said Vadim Kolesnichenko.

The woman said the children were first abused by their father at the camp and then taken to a venue *where they were raped by camp staff and high-ranking officials for a pornographic film.  

“I immediately raised an alarm and we checked that information,” Kolesnichenko said. “Unfortunately, it was confirmed.”...

 Police are investigating explosive claims that certain high-ranking politicians, including several Rada deputies, were involved in the abuse...

One man whose name has been made public is a deputy from Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s bloc, former economics minister Sergey Terekhin.

“I cannot say anything until the investigation is going. Sorry, but no comments,” was Rada Deputy Terekhin’s brief response...

[*our correction of html glitch in the story]

Although the investigation was eventually dropped the following year, the recent scandals resulting from Operation SPADE and the shutdown of Azov Films suggests that the accusations of October 2009 were valid. Any number of interventions could have precipitated the "lack of evidence" due to the noncooperation of the victims' adopted mother. As it was reported in the Kiev Post...

Rada disbands commission investigating Artek child molestation case
Mother interferes in Artek rape case

Other related Kiev Post stories - search: artek rape

Kiev Ukraine News Blog (KUNB): administered by one Nicholas, who "arrived in Kiev (Kyiv) on December 28, 1990 from Morristown, New Jersey, USA... After 20 years in the 'Workers' Paradise' we returned to the United States of America." It is worth noting that the story at KUNB (with the same dateline  as the above cited MIGnews and  RT stories - Oct. 20 2009) relating to the Artek child rape and porn allegations is considerably short on detail, as the charges are modified to mere "molestation," and it excludes the names of the alleged perpetrators, while these allegations are "balanced" with a gang-rape Yanukovich is alleged to have participated in his youth...

Child Molestation, Rape Claims Mark Ukraine Vote Campaign

Earlier in 2009, the camp had been struggling to survive... 

Yushchenko Instructs PM To Save Artek Children Center

Here is a smattering of KUNB headlines from 2005, in the aftermath of the "Orange Revolution" and leading up to Tymoshenko's sacking by Yushchenko in September of that year...

Ukrainian Police Say Child Victims of Sex Trade Soaring

More than 2,000 Ukrainian children and teenagers have become victims of the sex trade so far this year, a 60-percent increase compared with the same period last year, said Mikhaylo Tsymbaliuk, a top Interior Ministry official. "It is a big tragedy for the state,"...

Ukrainian Police Investigate Illegal Stem Cell Therapy Clinics

Ukraine Baby Theft Claims Probed

European Official Claims Newborn Babies Stolen in Ukraine

The following, datelined MERIDEN, Connecticut caught our attention in light of The CT Snuff Circuit...

Orphans From Ukraine Hope Visit Can Lead to a New Life

Milla Jovovich Opens Foundation for Disabled Children in Ukraine

According to the actress, the foundation will work with a variety of charity programs to support children during their vacations in the international resort camp of Artek, talented children, and "to help all Ukrainian children in general" as she said.

Another Axis Is Being Created

The gathering of four leaders in the Artek children’s resort can be called a summit. Ukraine, Poland, Georgia and Lithuania gathered together for a reason...

Was kid sex used to facilitate the deal-making?...

The Union of Oil and Democracy in Pioneer Camp

The Black Sea - Oil Over Troubled Water

Slain Ukrainian Model Led Double Life in U.S., Police Say

On a lighter note...

Ukraine Gets Steamed Up Over Planned Russian Porn Film

Russian MP Completes Sex Movie Depicting Ukrainian PM, Georgian President

Kiev’s ‘Princess’ Looks for Revenge

Tymoshenko tilts at Terekhin's penis... Searching for an Economic Space

My how times have changed...

Russian Fleet in Crimean Doldrums 

American Marines Take Part in Military Exercise in Ukraine

When the Americans came a calling...

Bush and Company Visit Ukraine

The formal reason of the visit is the activity of the innovation corporation headed by Neil Bush. His company is the expert of the new methods of the distant education.

The plans of the company include large investments in creation of the educational centers for hi-tech specialists in Ukraine...

Ed Fraser, the representative of Trinity Capital Company, accompanies Neil Bush in this trip. He reported that Neil Bush would go to Crimea where he would be expected to meet Crimean premier, Anatoly Matveenko...

Cheney: Yushchenko Ally of Freedom

Cheney Dons Orange Tie for Yushchenko

A curious incident when a former CIA NOC asset (did the FSB know this?) and future POTUS tries to catch a flight from the Russian city of Perm to Kiev...

Obama Part of Group Locked Up at Russian Airport

Obama, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Lugar, its chairman, left Wednesday for a trip to inspect sites where nuclear and biological weapons are slated to be destroyed in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan...

Robert Gibbs, Obama's spokesman traveling with him, said in an e-mail that "the border guards took our passports and demanded to inspect our aircraft, which we refused. We were moved to a room to wait."

"At one point they were demanding to inspect virtually everything, including the gifts their representatives at the missile facility had given us." The border guard said "they were acting on the authority of the FSB," the Russian intelligence agency...

"The Russian Federation only allows [international] departures from three airports in the country, not from Perm," Obama said.

Documentation that the senators had permission "had not trickled down" to Perm, Obama said. He said the matter was resolved with the intervention of the region's governor, the "Rod Blagojevich of Perm."