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Jeb's marker on Trump

Word has it that Donald Trump's enemies in the Washington.and N.Y. nexus of political and media elites are preparing hit pieces to discredit Trump as a mobbed up candidate. Until these stories hit the press, we can only guess at which angle they may take. We will in the meantime venture informed speculation as to what sort of scandal may in fact be at hand; perhaps it is the same which, in implicating Bill Clinton, poses serious difficulties for Hillary. We refer to Jeffery Epstein's pedophilia scandal - see our February 16th and 17th posts for background.

The Epstein scandal has largely gone silent since February. In the meantime, the 2016 presidential campaign - particularly on the Republican side - has been thrown into complete disarray with the entry of Donald J. Trump into the race. Trump has become wildly popular with an American electorate rightfully disaffected with the status quo, and indeed if he maintains his momentum, Trump stands a good chance of sweeping the primaries and of winning the general election in November.

One of the appealing aspects of the Trump candidacy is that he is already fabulously rich, is then able to single-handedly fund his campaign, and hence, so the thinking goes, cannot be compromised by special interests with big pocket books. Politicians however - including "politically incorrect" politicians - can be compromised by things other than money. For Obama, we identified in Compromised by Birth the issues with his citizenship status by which the deep state was able to place a marker* upon him, and thus insure that he did not fulfill certain campaign promises that - at least as the electorate may have hoped - would have curbed the intelligence community's privileges. In Trump's case, the marker may be his involvement in the Epstein pedophilia scandal.

Who else would be in a position to hold such a marker on Trump but John Ellis Bush, a/k/a Jeb!, of the "Bush Crime Family" (a phrase which, curiously enough, is slated to be in the title of a forthcoming book by Trump confidant Roger Stone, co-authored by Saint John Hunt, son of the late E. Howard -). Being the Governor of the State of Florida at the time that the Epstein criminal case entered the docket of Florida's courts, Jeb would be in a position to know of details that have not yet been made public - details that could implicate Trump - not only from the prosecutorial side of the case, but also from that of the defense - in as much as the Bush connected attorney Jay Lefkowitz (having served in the administrations of both G.H.W. and G.W.Bush) is on Epstein's defense team. Thus privileged with an arsenal of incriminating knowledge about Trump, Jeb! - whose own campaign is floundering in spite of the exclamation point - could perhaps call in his marker at the right time in order to, for instance, gain his own selection as nominee for Vice President. It would then be a relatively easy affair to assassinate Trump with a likely "lone gunman" patsy who happens to be Mexican or Arab, thus landing Jeb! into the Oval Office.

There is of course much that we don't know, but here are a few things that we do know about Trump's proximity to the Epstein scandal, much of this garnered from the investigative reporting of Ed Opperman, and summarized in this interview by Pearse Redmond in an August 25 podcast:

- Fifteen year old Virginia Roberts worked as a towel girl in the women's locker room of the Trump owned Mar-a-Lago members only resort in Palm Beach.

- Here is what "The Donald" has to say about the Mar-a-Lago...

Since purchasing this landmark in 1985, I spend many weekends and holidays at this home away from home. When I made it a club in 1995 (126 rooms made it a very big house), I kept private quarters and designed the club to provide the best amenities possible for our members.

- One of its members was Ghislaine Maxwell, who discovered Virginia Roberts at the Mar-a-Lago and brought her to Epstein's horny attention.

- Sky Roberts, Virginia's father, had also worked at the Mar-a-Lago as a maintenance engineer, before retiring with a horse ranch. This cushy retirement may look questionable, but it would be fair to say that Trump is generally known for treating his employees well.

- Trump's contact details are circled in Epstein's leaked "little black book" (Gawker), indicating that he may be a material witness to Epstein's criminal activity.

- Here is what Trump has to say about Jeffery Epstein in a 2002 New York Magazine profile (a few years before the scandal broke)...

"I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,'' Trump booms from a speakerphone. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life."

- Trump is said to have dined at Epstein's home in this 2003 Vanity Fair piece: The Talented Mr. Epstein. This is supported in the testimony of Epstein's former "houseman" Juan Alessi (Buzzfeed).

Keep a close eye for markers being played or called in as the 2016 presidential campaign continues.

* Marker - mob-speak for a favor granted, such as the withholding of incriminating information, against a person by a boss who at any time may call upon the marker and gain in return some favor from the person marked. In the case of incriminating information against politicians, a marker is a gift that can keep on giving.


Update - April 29, 2016

CNN Bush: I'm 'hopeful' Trump won't be the GOP nominee

Did Trump call his bluff?

Radar Online: - Trump Sued By Teen ‘Sex Slave’ For Alleged ‘Rape’ — Donald Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Suit

The woman — identified as Katie Johnson — filed documents in a California court on April 26, accusing Trump and billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein of “sexual abuse under threat of harm” and “conspiracy to deprive civil rights,” has exclusively learned.

She filed the lawsuit herself — without legal representation — and is suing for $100 million...

READ The Outrageous Allegations

Johnson’s complaint, obtained by Radar, alleges the duo forced “her to engage in various perverted and depraved sex acts by threatening physical harm to [her] and also her family,” “making her their sex slave” from June to September 1994.

“She was subject to extreme sexual and physical abuse” from the age of 13, it’s claimed in the papers.

Johnson alleged “she was enticed by promises of money and a modeling career to attend a series of underage sex parties held at the New York City residence” of Epstein “and attended by” Trump.

“On the first occasion,” Johnson said she “was forced to manually stimulate Defendant Trump with the use of her hand … until he reached sexual orgasm.”

“On the second occasion,” the documents state, she “was forced to orally copulate Defendant Trump by placing her mouth upon Defendant Trump’s erect penis until he reached sexual orgasm.”

“On the third occasion,” she claimed she “was forced to engage in an unnatural lesbian sex act,” with a 12-year-old “sex slave.”

“Both minors were forced to orally copulate Defendant Trump by placing their mouths simultaneously on his erect penis until he achieved sexual orgasm,” she claimed...

...In her court papers, Johnson alleged that she was “tied to a bed by Defendant Trump, who then proceeded to forcibly rape” her during a “savage sexual act.”

However, there is a sourcing issue with this case, which Radar dutifully acknowledges:

Radar has learned the address she listed on the court documents is a home that is foreclosed in Twentynine Palms, Calif.

A neighbor, Danny Mira, told Radar that no one has lived at the home since its owner, David Stacey, died in October last year.

Mira said he and other neighbors have kept a close watch on the home because it was overrun by drug addicts who squatted there while Stacey was hospitalized in the final days of his life.

The neighbors, with the help of police, managed to clean up the home several months before Stacey’s death, Radar has learned.

Sharon Rose, a local realtor, told Radar the property went into default shortly after Stacey’s death and was officially taken over by the bank on April 11 — 15 days before the woman filed her suit.

What’s more, the phone number the woman listed on the court documents is not connected, and she also told the court she had less than $300 to her name in savings.

Is this Jeb! incompetently playing his marker or Roger Stone front-loading the coming scandal with debunkable straw girls?

Update 2 - November 7, 2016

Jezebel - Here's How That Wild Lawsuit Accusing Trump of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl Hit The Headlines

And here is how it left the headlines, on the eve of the election...

Daily Mail - Trump's 13-year-old 'rape victim' dramatically DROPS her case. Woman withdraws legal claim she was assaulted at Jeffrey Epstein sex party

The timing is noteworthy: preceded by threats to expose an NYC elite pedophile network allegedly revealed on Anthony Wiener's laptop, which prompted FBI director Comey to reopen his investigation of Hillary's email server; and followed by his abrupt closure of the investigation within two days of the election. For more context of these events, see the pre-election edition of Auribus Arrectis.


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Donald and 15 year old daughter Ivanka at the Mar-a-lago

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From the Wayne Madsen Report: This photo of Trump with his 15-year old daughter was taken while sitting on a statute of two copulating parrots at Trump's Mar Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Trump's hand appears to be starting a journey that some waiters witnessed it complete during numerous table interludes at the Trump Grill in New York.