Monday, February 16, 2015

Epstein's Lolitas Kill Hillary's Hope for 2016

Allow us - Wxxx News - to be the first (gloatingly) to declare the death of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential prospects.

Amidst a period of silence coincident with latest headlines of the Jeffery Epstein pedophile scandal, the buzz is growing that Bill Clinton's proclivity for jail-bait (which is really nothing new) could sour Hillary's chances...

FOX News: Will Bill Clinton's Epstein connection hurt Hillary in 2016?

HANNITY: I have, believe it or not, my little spies inside of Hillary's camp... People very close to the campaign... They tell me the level of paranoia is Def Con Five... about this story, about his [Bill Clinton's] relationship... with Jeffrey Epstein.

NYPost: Bill’s libido threatens to derail Hillary — again

Just a few weeks ago, reports broke that Bill Clinton had flown at least 11 times on “The Lolita Express” — a private plane owned by the mysterious financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Virginia Roberts, who claims to have been one of Epstein’s many teenage sex slaves, Clinton also visited Epstein’s private Caribbean retreat, known as “Orgy Island.”
“I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?’” Roberts said in 2011. The former president, she added, was accompanied by four young girls during his stay — two of whom were among Epstein’s regular sex partners. “And [Jeffrey] laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he owes me a favor.’ He never told me what favors they were.”

This is no mere threat to Hillary's presidential hopes, however... It is a death blow, by proxy, dealt with the soft, feverish hands of Epstein's lil' girls upon Bill Clinton's wayward member - a lusty death blow that perhaps was captured on one of Epstein's reported hidden cameras.

He came. We see. She's dead.

We should not, however, simply take satisfaction in this exit of one of America's most despicable politicians and leave it at that. The question now must be posed: qui bono? Who had both the motive and the opportunity to take advantage of those lil' hands and increase his own prospects of Oval Office occupancy? Who was the governor of Florida at the time charges were filed against Epstein in Palm Beach?

Why, Jeb Bush, of course. This may explain the timing of the Epstein case. Why, having festered for nearly a decade - see this Gawker story of July 27, 2006 for instance - is it now grabbing headlines like never before? From the beginning, Jeb would have been apprised of the damaging potential of this case to friends and enemies (and even to himself) alike. Only now, however, does he see fit to milk the scandal for what it is worth and eliminate the one he estimates to be his most formidable opponent in 2016.

A Jeb Bush presidency is as much to be loathed as a Hillary Clinton presidency. It is therefore incumbent upon journalists and open source analysts to discover how the scandal can ruin Jeb as well.

Check in tomorrow for part II...

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