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Sex Rebel: Black

As anticipated, the childhood relationship of Barack Obama to the author of Sex Rebel: Black (memoirs of a gash gourmet) is now becoming a prospective hazard for Obama's presidential aspirations. This week's issue of The National Enquirer reports:

For seven years, the presidential candidate had a "father-son" relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, who has confessed to having sex with children, sadomasochism, bondage and practicing a wide array of deviant sexual activities.

WorldNetDaily has been running a series of articles on Davis' communist activities. So, Accuracy in Media speculates: "Was a Communist Obama's Sex Teacher?"

Indeed, Davis leaned towards communism (but not fanatically so), and he did recount a colorful sexual history in his pseudonymous novel, and he was something of a father figure to the adolescent and teenage Barry. So it is not an undue inference to draw: Barack Obama probably learned about the birds & bees from Frank Marshall Davis. And "frankly," he could scarcely have had a better teacher.

While the tabloids and AIM have apparently skimmed the novel, WXXX has obtained a copy as well, giving the book a more careful and sympathetic reading. Moreover, we have checked Davis' autobiography (by his own name) Livin' the Blues for corroboration of the chronological details. Together, these books provide an invaluable portrait of the cultural, political and swinging sexual scene of Jazz Age South Side Chicago in the 1930s and '40s (and to a lesser extent of Hawaii in the '50s and L.A. in the early '60s).

To briefly summarize our take on Davis, we can size him up as a fine guy. Certainly the ladies liked him, for he was an expert at "frenching" (cunnilingus), hence his self-description as a "gourmet of gash." Sensationalist journalists, and those who generally thrive on getting their knickers in a tizzy, will find plenty of perviness to get worked up about. But, we have found little to nothing with which to expunge Davis' character.

The allegation of child molesting is out of line. This is in reference to one episode (in Chapter 7) with "Anne," a sexually mature girl of thirteen who herself proposes the match-up to Davis' wife, pleading "Next to God, I love your husband best. Please let me." Together they handle the affair with the utmost of gentleness and respect. In fact he never penetrates her with his member, out of consideration for her fragility, but assists with an assortment of candles, cucumbers and sausages, as well as giving her the frenching treatment, which she vigorously enjoys.

As for his interest in sadomasochism and simulated rape, these are not Davis' "bag" in particular, but that of certain of his swinging partners whose desires he obliges to indulge. One scene, in the penultimate chapter, stands out as worthy of cinematic treatment. Davis meets a couple through an L.A. swingers club bulletin. "Flame" is a sultry femme fatale who one might picture on a Jackie Gleason album cover. She and her husband "Andy" concoct a scenario whence Davis plays an intruder who chains the husband to the floor and proceeds to rape the wife. Meanwhile, a trio of swinger friends are in another room watching the scene over closed circuit television. They join in the action which blossoms into a full-blown S & M orgy.

In another episode, "Gloria" is a University of Chicago student with a white guilt complex. Davis writes: "Somehow she felt herself responsible, because of her white skin, for the evils of color hate and wanted to atone to Negro males individually." (Pg. 116). Davis obliges to administer the "punishment," giving her a spanking, but not with enough vigor, so she goads... "What's the matter - scared to hit a white woman?... You - you cowardly nigger you!" He reacts with suitable force, then realizes "she had taunted me so I would swat her with the vigor she craved. I became angry because I had fallen for her ruse, and rattled her rump from vexation." Later, he arranges at her request a simulated gang-rape with a group of his friends.

The "race card" will undoubtedly be played with scenes like this, what with the first African-American major party candidate (running against a white woman) whose childhood mentor engaged in such deviant acts upon white women! But, in defense of Frank Marshall Davis, we must contend that he was no hater of whites, in spite of having witnessed some of the worst of the Jim Crow South when he wrote for the Atlanta World in the early '30s. Davis lavishes his tongue upon numerous "paddies," "fays" and "pink toes" throughout Sex Rebel, but it is not out of some desire for racial retribution, but more as a way of bucking White Power. He muses:

I do like white women - along with black women, too. And a hell of a lot of white women appeal to me, not only because there are more of them, but because I'm a rebel. I wouldn't be a rebel if I didn't get real satisfaction out of breaking ridiculous rules - and what's more ridiculous than restricting the color of your bedmate?" (Pg. 93).

Indeed, among the more touching of relationships he recounts is that with a white couple, "Diane" and "Ernest," whose curiosity prompts to pick up Davis waiting for the bus one rainy evening. The three develop into an intimate menage a trois "marriage" until the couple are tragically killed in an auto accident. Eventually, Davis marries and relocates to Hawaii with "Charlene," his second wife - a white woman and, among his many loves, the love of his life.

In so far as Obama recognizes Davis as his conduit to the black experience with which he was relatively unfamiliar (being raised by his white mother and grandparents), and moreover as Davis was a father figure at his tender age of puberty, there is sure to be rampant speculation as to how Davis might have influenced young Barry. But the whole of Sex Rebel: Black (along with Davis' other autobiographical writings) must be taken into account when we read such conjectures as "Accuracy in Media" indulges in:

Obama, of course, can’t be held responsible for the fact that his grandfather, Stanley Dunham, turned him over to an admitted child molester at the tender age of 10 for guidance. But it is a fact that Davis was his mentor. Not even Obama supporters dispute this anymore. Basic journalism would dictate, therefore, asking why Obama only referred to Davis in one of his books as “Frank” and what influence he had over Obama during eight formative years of his life in Hawaii. Was Davis Obama’s sex teacher? Did he influence Obama to take liberal views on such matters as homosexuality and abortion? This possibility makes the Davis-Obama relationship one of national political importance.

What exactly happened in Davis’s home? We know from the record that Davis and Dunham drank alcohol and smoked pot together. Obama admits drinking with Davis as well and going on to smoke marijuana and use cocaine. What else happened between them besides listening to Davis’s poetry?

The implication of course is that Davis molested Obama. In an election season beset with breakneck inference, this one is quite a stretch. For Davis professes little attraction for men, let alone boys, though on occasion he did engage, passively and actively, in male fellatio. Yet, he found himself unable to achieve an erection unless a woman was present.

Davis does hold some uncommon views on sexual relationships, however. He advocates nudity in the home:

It is not only healthful, but accustoms young children to the appearance of the opposite sex, thus eliminating the basis for neurotic attitudes... There is no sound reason why children should not learn basic physical differences between the sexes even before they start their ABC's. (Pg. 39)

When having to face the choice of marrying one of two women who he loves, he expresses his advocacy of polygamy:

I wished polygamy were possible; I would have enjoyed having both women as wives, but for different reasons. At the same time I would have had no objection to polyandry... But this was not permissible in our culture. Our society allows you only one wive at a time; if you want others you must first divorce the one you have, a kind of installment-plan polygamy. (Pg. 227)

(Or, what Tony Alamo calls "serial polygamy")

On the Sexual Revolution:

Today I have respect only for those emancipated women who are sexual realists. I salute the honest "easy marks" and "wantons" who have sex relations because they really want to, and have only contempt for those females hungry for a stiff prick but lacking the moral strength to break their ridiculous Puritanical bonds or who want to barter their flesh for a marriage license. (Pg. 365)

This, coming from one who rightfully should regarded as a pioneer of the Sexual Revolution.

Should we anticipate Obama to utilize the Oval Office then as a bully pulpit advocating multiple marriage licenses, Kindergarten sex education, and leniency in certain cases of statutory rape? Doubtful; for this typically happens whenever a certain fringe constituency finds a personal sympathizer in high places... Once he begins to go stratospheric, he becomes status quo.

An observation aptly made by Muammar Qaddafi in regards to those in the Muslim world who have been hoping against hope for a sympathetic ear in the White House:

Clearance sale politics


Update: Oct. 27

The plot thickens...


See also...

Barack Obama is not Barack Obama

Sex Rebel would not appear to lend any support to these allegations, however. Davis himself states: "despite numerous black partners, I have impregnated white women only - and just two of them." (Pg. 260). The first would be "Hilda" who, unbeknown to him, aborted the pregnancy. And, his second wife, Helen, had three children by Davis.

In the chapters dealing with his years in Hawaii (1950-1962) there is no account of an affair that would fit the description of a 17 year old Anne Dunham. Incidentally, the affair with 13 year old "Anne" took place in Chicago in the late '30s; in conclusion of which he states: "...nor have I ever bedded another nymphet." (Pg. 78).


A posthumous video biography, with Davis himself reading: Frank Marshall Davis: Writer


Kaleokualoha said...

Thanks! It is refreshing to find an objective review that does not have an ax to grind.

Frank Marshall Davis wrote a pornographic novel under the pseudonym Bob Greene, one chapter of which is devoted to the protagonist and his wife having sex with a thirteen year old girl, according to a British website ( on 24 August. According to the British website, "Mr Davis (writing as Greene) explains that although he has “changed names and identities…all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences."

In a same day report citing the British website, "Accuracy In Media" (AIM) reported that Edgar Tidwell, an "expert in the life and writing of Davis" confirms that Frank Marshall Davis wrote "Sex Rebel: Black" as a semi-autobiographical novel. Despite Tidwell's expert opinion that the novel was SEMI-autobiographical, AIM's Cliff Kincaid escalated accusations against Davis by first claiming he was a sex pervert ( in their 24 August report. (Kincaid falsely attributed the "pervert" claim to the British website.) On 14 October, AIM again escalated the charges by claiming Davis was an "admitted child molester" (,

There are at least four distinct disclaimers that indemnify Frank Marshall Davis from literal attribution of this novel:

a. According to, "identity" means "condition or character as to who a person or what a thing is: a case of mistaken identity." Changing name AND identities means changing names AND other "condition or character as to who a person or what a thing is," which may include biographical data such as age.

b. "Taken from actual experiences" does not mean they are accurate representations of actual experiences. It only means they are based on actual experiences.

c. Edgar Tidwell, the expert on the life and writing of Frank Marshall Davis, says the book is "semiautobiographical," which (according to means "1. pertaining to or being a fictionalized account of an author's own life. 2. pertaining to or being a work of fiction strongly influenced by events in an author's life."

d. Further, scandalous memoirs such as "Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet)" have been a literary genre for centuries. According to Wikipedia, such fictional novels are allegedly factual, but are largely invented. The title, alone, qualifies it as a "scandalous memoir."

In an honest evaluation, any of these disclaimers should protect the author from literal interpretation. The combination of all four should provide absolute protection from any culpability. Unfortunately, Davis's accusers are dishonest. Like Mike Nifong, the disgraced ex-D.A. in the Duke lacrosse case, their campaign to demonize their target ignores exculpatory evidence in their reckless rush to judgment. In order to smear Barack Obama through guilt-by-association with Frank Marshall Davis, they are virtually lynching Davis by grossly misrepresenting his character and influence.

In "Sex Rebel," Davis's Bob Greene (not unlike Nabokov's Humbert Humbert) hesitates at a pubescent girl's sexual invitation, but foolishly relents. Like "Lolita," Davis's faux foreword is written by a Ph.D impersonator who details the psychological significance of the memoir. Like Nabokov, Davis wanted to write under a pseudonym to shield his reputation, but felt compelled to reveal his authorship. As a result, however, Davis has been posthumously accused of pedophilia, while "Lolita" is "considered by many to be one of the finest novels written in the 20th century." In 1998, it was named the fourth greatest English language novels of the 20th century by the Modern Library," despite also being initially dismissed as pornography, according to Wikipedia.

This deliberate misrepresentation is only the latest in a long series of falsehoods by AIM professional prevaricators. Their "specific misrepresentation" is documented at I invite any person of integrity to refute my evidence against any of these AIM lies. If AIM had authentic evidence of Davis's radical influence, they would not need to fabricate such evidence.

KRZog said...

May I proffer another "breakneck inference"? Just for the hell of it.

Now, Frank Marshall Davis (as "Bob Greene") expresses his opinion that polygamy and polyandry should be legal.

Tonight, in an interview with NBC's Brian Williams, and in response to a question about litmus tests for Supreme Court appointments, Obama said he would look at overall judicial philosophy as opposed to specific issues. As an example of a judicial philosophy that he would not support, he noted that a strict constitutionalist adheres to the letter of the constitution, rather than to the spirit of the constitution. As an example of a law that adheres to the constitutional letter but not to its spirit, he presented the hypothetical case of a state that passes a law preventing "you (Brian) from marrying the woman you love."

That is an odd example, no? What kind of law might a state pass preventing citizens from marrying the ones they love? Why, laws against polygamy and polyandry, of course, if someone loves more than one. In fact, such a law was made the pre-condition of Utah becoming a state.

Obama, then, is (by "breakneck inference") suggesting that the repeal of laws against multiple marriage would be constitutionally sound, according to his judicial philosophy.

If the theories of Davis being his true father were true, then the absence of laws against polygamy in Hawaii would have removed the difficulties for Obama surrounding his name, birth certificate, and place of birth.

In a bizarre confluence of opinion with fundamentalist Mormons and Tony Alamo, does Obama latently advocate polygamy?

He'll never admit to it, at least not till next Tuesday.

WXXX said...

Speaking of Tony Alamo, a phrase he has been known to employ turns up in a quotation from Barack Sr. in a Newsweek article, On His Own

"'I consider myself a serial polygamist,' Obama Sr. once told a friend. 'That is, one wife at a time.'"

On the parentage issue (a riddle wrapped within an enigma) one has to wonder who the subject of this poem is...


WXXX said...

Thanks Billy Blank for turning us on to this...