Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The charlatan never quits

Joel Gilbert is not letting up. Although the allegation that Frank Marshal Davis is the father of Barack Obama is something we ruled out based on the textual analysis of Davis's autobiographical Sex Rebel: Black as far back as October 2008; and although a thorough refutation of the claims made in Gilbert's 2012 feature length film Dreams From My Real Father can be found in a five part series with updates in the October, 2012 archive of Loren Collins's Barackryphal blog; Gilbert has now been corresponding with Barack Obama's half brother Malik Obama in Kenya, sending him a copy of the DVD, and apparently convincing him that Davis may very well be Barack Jr.'s father. In an interview conducted over Skype, Malik tells Gilbert he is willing to participate in a DNA test in order to determine whether or not he and his half brother are actually blood relations.

Needless to say, the wing-nuts are going wild...

Alex Jones ChannelObama's True Name Revealed - Frank Marshall Davis Jr.

Gateway Pundit: Malik Obama - I’d Take DNA Test to See If Barack Obama Is Really My Brother

FOXNewsBombshell Interview - Obama’s Brother Says Barack Is ‘Cold And Ruthless…Dishonest And A Schemer’


Malik, now talking bad on his brother, is the new champion of the right, in spite of his alleged Muslim Brotherhood ties...



On a related note, a September 1995 public access video has recently surfaced where Barack Obama reads the passage of Dreams From My Father in which he visits Frank Marshall Davis in 1976 seeking his wisdom on race relations in America...

D.C. Clothesline1995 VIDEO Resurfaces: Obama Admits that FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS “Schooled” Him on ‘White Racism’

Putting the right wing hyperbole aside, we do recommend the video in its entirety, particularly in the context of recent unrest in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose it would be a stretch to suggest Gilbert is a pawn of Clinton-Blumenthal camp, but who knows? It is significant that Sidney Blumanthal was specifically barred from any official position in the Hillary State dept. purportedly due to his circulating the AIM reports on the Davis/Obama relationship... What Does Blumenthal Know About Obama?