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Headlines of note for March 2015...

Focus.deVon Barcelona nach Barcelonette?

Le PointCrash de l'A320 de Germanwings : ce que l'on sait

Professional Pilots Rumour NetworkAirbus A320 crashed in Southern France


Airbus is struggling with a string of inexplicable crashes that will likely be found to have computers as a contributing factor. Airbus is not at fault. Airline companies have demanded manufacturers produce planes that rely less and less on pilots and more on computers.

Computers will fly into mountains with smiles on their monitors while obsolete pilots try to figure out what the hell is happening...

Web.deFlugzeugabsturz Germanwings: "Fly by Wire"-Steuerung könnte A320 zum Verhängnis geworden sein

Tages AnzeigerDie seltsam schnelle Festlegung auf eine Wahrheit

DHnetCrash A320 - Les trois éléments qui ne collent pas avec la version officielle


FortRuss"Man on the Bridge"--The Comprehensive Guide to the Nemtsov Murder Investigation

Was Nemtsov killed because his cover as a Kremlin asset was blown?

Citing March 3 Izvestia... Suspects named in Nemtsov's murder

Wayne Madsen Report: Nemtsov investigation pointing to an engineered "martyrdom"

Amid word that a Russian law enforcement Investigative Committee is focusing its investigation of the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on Chechen terrorist leader Adam Osmayev, the leader of the Dzhokhar Dudayev Battalion, there is increasing evidence that the murder was carried out to engineer a "martyr" in the cause of overthrowing the Vladimir Putin government. The involvement of Osmayev and his group in the assassination of Nemtsov also implicates the government of Ukraine. Osmayev and his guerrillas have fought alongside Ukrainian regular and irregular troops, including members of the Aidar, Dnepr, and Azov Battalions, in eastern Ukraine against Russian-speaking separatist forces.  

The Dudayev Battalion received its funding from Ukrainian-Israeli tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky, who has also financed Ukraine's other mercenary battalions, including those who count a number of neo-Nazis among their ranks. It was Kolomoisky, according to Russian law enforcement, who invited Chechens exiled in Denmark, a NATO member, to fight in Ukraine.

ISIL's Chechen leadership pushing pan-Turania

The links between ISIL's Chechen Legion and Kolomoisky's Dzhokhar Dudayev Battalion are clear. The leader of the Dudayev Battalion, Adam Osmayev, was arrested by Ukrainian special forces in Odessa in February 2012 for trying to assassinate Vladimir Putin. Osmayev traveled to Ukraine from the United Arab Emirates and through Turkey on a bogus passport supplied by the CIA. Osmayev, who graduated from an elite English boarding school in the Cotswolds, was part of the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus army led by Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov, who is wanted by Russia for a series of deadly terrorist attacks in the country. Osmayev, who was jailed by the Ukrainian government for the attempted assassination of Putin, was released by the fascist-Zionist putschist regime in a deal said to be worked out between the Ukrainian SBU security service and the CIA. The quid pro quo was that Osmayev would rally Chechen exiles from Britain, Denmark, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar to fight against the Russian in eastern Ukraine and Assad in Syria.

The CIA's stations in Copenhagen, London, and Istanbul have been active in maintaining close liaison with the Chechen exile communities and their recruiting arms for battle in Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq...

Osmayev has stated that he wants to be the president of a future independent Chechnya. Herein lies the main reason why Osmayev and his Chechen Legion are receiving support from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The Turks see the Chechen Legion as the vanguard for a future pan-Turanian empire encompassing not only Turkey but also Chechnya, Azerbaijan, the rest of the Caucasus, and stretching all the way to Chinese Turkestan. The Saudis and Qataris see the Chechens as a destabilization army that can help lead jihadist forces to overthrow the secular governments of the former Soviet republics of central Asia and open these countries up to Islamic regimes. In either case, Brennan has ordered the CIA to cooperate with the Chechen Legion and the Dudayev Battalion, whether they are found on the battlefields of the Donbass in eastern Ukraine or leading jihadist recruits in Syria and Iraq...

A couple of biographical notes to add; one, Osmayev's British background...

Telegraph: Adam Osmayev - Cotswolds public schoolboy turned Ukraine militia commander

And secondly, the odd timing of his wedding on the day (certificate dated March 3, 2015) he is named as a suspect in Nemtsov's assassination...

LIVEUAMAP: Chechen volunteer fighters Amine Okueva and Adam Osmayev became husband and wife in #Dnipropetrovsk

Amina Okueva is a press officer of the Dudayev Batallion. Is there something she knows, concerning her new husband, about which she now cannot be compelled to testify?

The couple were already reported as spousal suspects however in the Izvestia story (time-stamped 3 марта 2015, 00:01), our tidied Babylon translation...

According to the source in the law enforcement bodies, the organizers of Nemtsov's murder were the current commander of the detachment, Adam Osmayev, who is avoiding repeat criminal cases on the preparations for the attempted assassination of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, as well as his wife Amina Оkueva...

Sorting out this conjugal confusion, Osmaev and Okueva were reported as common-law husband and wife as early as 3 September 2012 in Caucasion Knot. Our question remains, then, are there tactical reasons for making the marriage official when they did?

March 7, four are arrested in the Republic of Ingushetia in connection to the murder - whether they received orders from Osmayev or associates has not been indicated...

FSB Director Bortnikov announces arrests in Nemtsov case

March 8, three more are arrested and one killed self with hand grenade before arrest...

The Saker: Important developments in the Nemtsov murder case (UPDATED)

The self-confessed assassin Zaur Dadayev might suggest a Putin or Ramzan Kadyrov inspired plot, though the circumstances of his dismissal from the "Sever" battalion of the Chechen Interior Ministry raise other questions...

Sputnik: Dismissal of Nemtsov’s Killing Suspect From Interior Ministry to Be Probed

Perhaps relevant (the arrests were made in Ingushetia), in the weeks leading up to the assassination, there were political rumblings in Ingushetia...

Jamestown Foundation: Fate of Ingush Opposition Leader Sparks Struggle Between Kadyrov and Yevkurov

Caucasian Knot: In Ingushetia, gunmen attack house of Magomed Khazbiev

Do not dismiss the Ukrainian connection just yet. On the Pravosudija blog of 28 February, one Aslan Alkhanov was named as the main suspect in the Nemtsov murder upon his return from a meeting with Right Sector leaders in Kiev. Later the same day he is found dead - shot in the face. The author Tatyana Volkova claims to have thereby tipped off investigators to the current arrests...

FortRuss, Kristina Rus translation of Pravosudija: From Chechens to the Right Sector to CANVAS to Vanguard: Nemtsov's case - theories against facts

Pravosudija 9 March: Insider update in Nemtsov's case - the foreign trace has been found

Full circle, we are back to the original suspect, Adam Osmayev - translation of Komsomolskaya Pravda 13 March...

Nemtsov's killer was hired by the commander of Dzhokhar Dudaev Battalion in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev

He denies involvement...

UNIAN: Chechen commander of Ukrainian battalion dissociates himself from Nemtsov murder

Christoph Germann, a Caucasus scholar, pins the murder on an internal war of FSB against Putin's favorite, Kadyroff...

Boiling Frogs Post: The New Great Game Round-Up: March 18, 2015, March 24, 2015

The "Caucasian knot" is a tangled one...

FortRuss: Nemtsov in a "Caucasian Knot"': chechens, drugs, ISIS, Batman and Kolomoisky

...reaching from Nemtsov assassination to the Boston Marathon bombing; the latter as reported by Daniel Hopsicker ...

Mad Cow Productions (April 29, 2013): ‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home

...and Wayne Madsen...

Strategic Culture (29 April 2013): Washington’s «Civil Society» and CIA Financing of Chechen and Other Caucasus Regional Terrorists

13 May 2013: The other Tsarnaevs in waiting

There are new revelations that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was cooperating with a Salafist organization in Dagestan called the «Union of the Just» at the same time he was participating in Caucasus separatist seminars in the Republic of Georgia conducted the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation of Washington, DC...

Jamestown is jam-packed with anti-Russian neo-conservatives and its acts in coordination with numerous Soros-backed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in the Caucasus and beyond...

Another Jamestown-connected website is Kavkazsky Uzel (Caucasian Knot), which regularly transmits anti-Russian Salafist and neo-con propaganda aimed at fomenting dissension within the Russian Federation.

In March 2010, Jamestown and the Mikheil Saakashvili government of Georgia sponsored a conference in Tbilisi titled «Hidden Nations, Enduring Crimes: The Circassians and the Peoples of the North Caucasus Between Past and Future». Financing for the seminar came from the Caucasus Fund.

The latter was reported in the 22 March 2010 Caucasian Knot. Tamerlan's attendance to Jamestown affiliated seminars was originally reported in 24 April 2013 Izvestia. Voltairenet notes that the Caucasus Fund issued a denial, claiming mistaken identity (but the link to the protest letter is now dead).

Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert PoliticsBoston Bombing of 2013 - Another case of Brzezinski-linked blowback from managing Central Asian terrorism?

Meanwhile, the neo-cold warrior sabre-rattling continues...

AviationistFour U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft have arrived at Polish Powidz AB.

Russian Tu-22 bomber scares NATO air defenses flying at supersonic speed over the Baltic Sea for the first time

Sputnik: Over 20 Russian Baltic Fleet Ships Involved in Naval Drills

RT: Over 100 US armored vehicles roll into Latvia, NATO flexes muscles in Europe

Cyrano's Journal TodayUS-NATO Preparing for War Against Russia: Holding Largest Arctic War Games in Decade; Training and Arming Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

Stop NATOTop Army Commander In Europe Wants U.S. Tanks In Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania

U.S. Decision To Arm Ukraine “99% Ready”: Saakashvili

Poroshenko Thanks Biden For Additional U.S. Military Aid

U.S., Polish Forces Coordinate War Moves

Video: U.S. Marines Train Georgian Troops For New War

Agenda.ge: NATO envoy - ‘Essential’ for US to train, advise and equip Georgia’s national security forces

Ukrinform: Ukraine to take part in NATO crisis management exercise

ZeroHedge: Russia Warns NATO - Any Threat In Ukraine Will See Military Response

Global Research: China Warns U.S. to Stop Its Ukrainian Proxy War Against Russia

Oriental ReviewThe Coming Color Revolution Chaos And ‘Media Crimea’ In Kyrgyzstan

Boiling Frogs PostWho is Trying to Destabilize the Balkans?

Consortium NewsPlaying Chicken with Nuclear War

ThereAreNoSunglasses: 2009 German Analysis Documenting US Plan To Unleash Civil War In Ukraine

FortRuss: Back to war? Ukrainian parliament rejects the Minsk agreement

RTUS House urges Obama to send arms to Ukraine

With a tentative, relative peace in the East, will the oligarchs take up arms and battle each other?...

“Putin broke his teeth on Dnepropetrovsk, Poroshenko will break them too."--Kolomoysky raises stakes

Poroshenko offers Yarosh a Ministry of Defense job

The SakerKolomoisky finishing Ukraine up

Is Uncle Sam “tossing” Kolomoiskii?


From a NATO-induced failing state to a NATO-induced failed state...

GaurdianIslamists are leading Libya to annihilation – and the west is letting them

It should be noted that Joseph Walker-Cousins is a representative of Kellogg, Brown & Root interests in Libya. In essence then his op-ed is a business seeking promotion for the next intervention in Libya. These interventions are self-propagating indeed. A case in point: Abdelhakim Belhadj, NATO's former ally in the Libyan campaign of four years ago, now joins Islamic State...

New Eastern Outlook: Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS in Libya

Joining another enemy/ally/enemy...

Al MonitorThe many names of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

In other misadventures:

U.S. supplying Al Qaeda in Yemen...

Washington Post: Pentagon loses track of $500 million in weapons, equipment given to Yemen



DWAirstrikes hit refugee camp in northern Yemen

Israel supporting al Nusra in Syria...

Jerusalem Post (citing Wall Street Journal): Report - Israel treating al-Qaida fighters wounded in Syria civil war

PressTVPhotos prove cooperation between Israel and al-Nusra

Sic Semper TyrannisThe South Syria Front

Al Monitor (translation of As-Safir): Idlib in the eye of the storm

The charade continues, still flogging this dead horse...

US still considering no-fly zone for Syria

Amid growing evidence that as in Syria, so in Iraq, the war against ISIS/ISIL, known in Arabic as daaish, is perpetuated indefinitely with support to both sides...

Global ResearchThe Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence

Sputnik: US, Israeli Military Advisors Accused of Aiding ISIL Arrested in Iraq

Globe and Mail: Turkey claims person detained over U.K. girls Syrian trip linked to Canada

FARS News Agency: Iraqi MP - Israel, Western Powers Continue Supplying ISIL with Weapons
Iraq's Popular Forces Release Photo of Downed US Chopper Carrying Arms for ISIL

Automated translation of Al-Bayyna al-Jadid by Babylon...

Eyewitnesses : US helicopter received weapons and ammunition for "daaish" after besieging  in Yethrib !!

Eyewitnesses said they participated in a battle on the one hand cleansing Yathrib, Salah al-Din governorate of aldwaaish champions, that after the Iraqi army forces popular mobilization in dishes suffocating siege on organizing daaish in Yathrib, on the one hand, the helicopter dropped US weapons and ammunitions lldwaaish with a view to assist in removing the intensifying the siege imposed on them .. Political sources confirmed that the Americans in this work confirms the fact mutual interdependence and cooperation between them and aldwaaish reveals the falsity of their statements on fighting daaish.. See when we hear a comment from an Iraqi official source or that it does not mean anything? .

Excerpts from an extensively sourced article in Al-Mothaqaf...

Is there evidence for the coalition aircraft weapons ldaaish?

In the beginning, there was a lot of news indicated the plane to daaish enclosure in Salah al-Din, said sources attributed "security" unknown (1) in another place, refer to "witnesses" (2)

Of course, such as the news does not mean anything in itself. However, serious questions about the role of the US in the war many daaish was, as did the Deputy High Nassif (3) Sadr or deputy chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense, Hakim Al-Zameli . parliamentary, who doubted that the United States "Protect aldwaaish" to secure their steadfastness in Al Anbar protection of AMCHAM to Mosul, and America is not concerned with daaish war but of protecting Israel. He also confirmed his colleague Majed al-Gharrawi that "everyone knows US tricks" . (4)

There were strong indications that it is not sufficient proof of what happened recently in the Albo Ghanem of Israeli army seized weapons to daaish (5) this in addition to the repetition of the refrain from providing military supplies air support lqtaiat besieged army or even the besieged cities (6)...

...but all that has happened from ambiguous and "mistakes" US and eyewitnesses said was sufficient to raise serious concern, especially with American attitudes supporting ldaaish explicitly in Syria before the year and more than now, but not sufficient evidence. Then came the incident that "broke the camel" while monitoring information Federal Police, the U.S. aircraft weapons and equipment ldaaish in country by Giant Balloon was caught on video. (16)

Citing Kan-news...

Watch Video ... U.S. planes provide daaish weapons and ammunition in the country

Whether intentional or as "blow back," from Operation Iraqi Freedom to the Arab Spring, America's policy makers reap the fruits of history...

RT'War crime' - ISIS bulldozes ancient Assyrian city in Iraq

Al Jazeera: Tourists killed in Tunisia museum assault

Al MonitorIslamic State erases centuries of history

Translation of As-SafirSyria’s ancient sites under attack

And what survives goes to...

Fig Trees and VinyardsHave Pillaged Iraqi Artifacts Ended Up in a Museum in Israel?


Looking on the bright side, for all we have criticized of Obama, it has to be admitted that he must be doing something right to have earned the wrath of Netanyahu, AIPAC, and the Israel-firsters who regrettably form the vast majority of U.S. Congress. The following, if true - though it must be said is regarded by many as disinformation (consider the source) - was certainly the right thing to do...

Israel National News: Report - Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike

And so Netanyahu comes to town with goons in tow to menace the White House...

FOXDC: 2 attempted breaches stopped at the White House

The intimidation apparently works...

WSWS: Obama administration bows to Israel on eve of speech by Netanyahu

Al Monitor: Iran paper sees conspiracy in Netanyahu speech

Sometimes, "conspiracy theories" are true...

TelegraphIsrael 'spied on US-Iran nuclear talks and leaked details to Congress'

Voltairenet (Webster Tarpley): Forty-Seven Republican Traitors Drive US Towards Catastrophic Middle East War

Another thing Obama should be commended for - as much as we should disapprove of meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, in the case of Israel, what goes around comes around...

FOXNews: Source - Senate panel probing ‎possible Obama administration ties to anti-Netanyahu effort

But to no avail...

Jerusalem PostLikud's win - The 'second Israel' has spoken

A silver lining?...

Electronic Intifada: The messages from Israel’s election


In other international news...

Al MonitorUnraveling the AKP's 'Mastermind' conspiracy theory

RT: Blockupy - ECB protesters clash with Frankfurt police, tear gas deployed

DW: Greece to demand WWII reparations from Germany

Reuters: Greek PM to meet Russia's Putin in Moscow on April 8: govt official

Moon of Alabama: Towards The End Of The U.S. Dominated International Money System

ZeroHedgeWashington Blinks - Will Seek Partnership With China-Led Development Bank

McClatchyRussia’s return to Nicaragua worrying many in Central America

Bernama: US Actions Aim At Possible Military Intervention In Venezuela - Minister

Venezuela Analysis: Annotations on the Thwarted Coup in Venezuela

Foreign Policy In Focus: The U.S. Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics into Crisis

Channel NewsAsiaJapan and US look to extend naval missions after law change

Inquirer.net: In photos - China’s construction of military bases in Spratlys

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation: Sierra Leone Veep Quarantines Self After Bodyguard Dies of Ebola


Spook news...

The Smoking Gun: Hillary Clinton's Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny

Steve PieczenikHillary Clinton’s Private Emails at the State Department: Unfathomable and Criminal.

AP: Clinton says no reason to save personal emails

We can think of a reason. Where Hillary's email scandal veers into Bill's pedophile scandal: did Jeffery Epstein have one or more address of Bill Clinton's email account(s) kept on the same server as Hillary's?...

MRCTV: Sex Scandal Court Doc - Bill Clinton Has Multiple Email Addresses, 21 Phone Numbers

She wipes the server...

Politico: Trey Gowdy - Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean

But this isn't going away...

Observer: The Jeffrey Epstein Affair Imperils Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Prospects

The ones that didn't get away...

CryptomeFour Guccifer's Hillary-Sid Blumenthal Emails

WorldNetDaily: Hacked emails - Saudi money financed Benghazi attack

Washington Free Beacon: Is the Mysterious ‘Eric Hoteham’ Actually Longtime Clinton Aide Eric Hothem?

Wayne Madsen ReportWas Clinton's personal email system courtesy of Soros's techies?

Clinton's private email system at her New York residence was registered by an aide named Eric Hothem. However, Internet registration records list his name as Eric Hoteham. The original clintonemail.com domain name was registered by another aide named Justin Cooper. Cooper now works for Teneo Holdings, a firm that advises corporate clients that was co-founded by former Bill Clinton personal assistant Doug Band. Mr. Clinton's and Band's names appeared on the passenger manifests of several flights made with convicted underage sex offender Jeffrey Epstein on his private Boeing jetliner...

WMR has learned that the private email system used by Mrs. Clinton is similar to those installed with funding by Soros's Open Society Institute in countries targeted for internal subversion. These private systems, such as the one being installed for Cuba's Jewish community by State Department/U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) contractor Alan Gross, jailed by Cuba for espionage, were developed by Soros's technical personnel as part of his "Internet Training and Access Program (ITAP)." ITAP was designed to permit activists in certain countries to bypass government restrictions on Internet access and communicate between themselves domestically and internationally with foreign colleagues.  The ITAP project was underwritten by funding from USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and other State Department programs.

It is believed by some observers of State Department operations that Mrs. Clinton's private system may have been used by her top echelon, including then-spokesperson Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, Steinberg, and Lew to foment "themed" revolutions, some of which led to civil wars, in the Arab world. The focus of congressional investigators examining clintonemail.com, WMR is told, should be on the other possible users of the system, which, in addition to Steinberg, Nuland, Feltman, and Lew, may also include Bill Clinton, Doug Band, Soros, and NED president Carl Gershman.

APCIA Director Announces Sweeping Reorganization of Spy Agency

CryptomeCIA Blueprint for the Future

NYTimesPetraeus Reaches Plea Deal Over Giving Classified Data to Lover

Cocaine fueled drag race onto NSA campus leaves one dead, two injured...

WUSAMen dressed as women rammed NSA gate in stolen vehicle

Earlier in the month...

NSA, ICC shooting suspect in custody at hospital

InterceptUS Threatened Germany Over Snowden, Vice Chancellor Says

TASS: Edward Snowden ready to return to US if guaranteed to receive fair trial — lawyer

Counterpunch: The Intercept, Mass Surveillance and the State

Pando: Internet privacy, funded by spooks: A brief history of the BBG

Ars technica: New smoking gun further ties NSA to omnipotent “Equation Group” hackers

Strange snafu hijacks UK nuke maker’s traffic, routes it through Ukraine

Intelligence OnlineNSA develops text message analyser Mercury to predict crises

The Economic Collapse: The Internet Of Things - A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Be Monitored On The Internet


Pedo news...

Daily StormerGermany - Top Nazi-Fighter Convicted of Child Porno - context, see our Azov Films in arsenal for ag-war with EU?

Daily StarSpecial Branch let vile paedo Cyril Smith off the hook SEVEN times

TelegraphPolice search home of Lord Bramall as part of paedophile sex abuse inquiry

Theresa May: Child abuse in the UK runs far deeper than you know


DailyMail: 'They filmed us digging our own graves': Young girls reveal terrifying details of what went on in 'horror house' of Australian man arrested on child sex abuse charges... after child's body is found under his home 

ABC (Australia): Child sex abuse royal commission: Jewish 'code of silence' at Yeshivah centres under spotlight at inquiry

The Daily Sheeple: Report - Children Taken Away from Parents by CPS Wind Up in Sex Trafficking Trade

FAIR: Colombian Report on US Military’s Child Rapes Not Newsworthy to US News Outlets

Costa Rica StarDominican “Sex Party” Sting Results in Arrest and Rescue

WaPo: Privacy advocates try to keep ‘creepy,’ ‘eavesdropping’ Hello Barbie from hitting shelves


Police state news...

Independent SentinelWH Plans to Develop a “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans”

Examiner (David Codrea): Cities using work permit aliens to enforce gun edicts and laws against citizens


Sovereign ManJustice Department rolls out an early form of capital controls in America

KDVR (Denver): Mysterious spy cameras collecting data at post offices

WKOWTeen dead after officer-involved shooting in Madison

KTLALos Angeles Police Shoot, Kill Homeless Man in Confrontation Caught on Video

PrisonPlanet: Man Running From Cops Yells “They’re Going To Kill Me”; Cops Kill Him With Tasers And Batons

Sometimes, the people fight back...

LiveLeak: Video shows policeman being beaten with sticks by angry mob

Free Thought Project: Graphic Video Captures Two Ferguson Police Officers Being Shot During Protest

It occurred to us as well, noted by "Ryche" at Inagist: The Ferguson shooting story seems a lot like the sniper at the Ukraine maidan. Provocateur trying to spark violence and blame the public.



RTMysterious flash lightens night sky in south Russia

SpaceNews: 20-year-old Military Weather Satellite Apparently Exploded in Orbit

Launched in 1995, DMSP-F13 provided thousands of hours of weather imagery to Air Force and Navy forecasters before transitioning to a backup role in 2006...

A possible "backup role" would be the monitoring of ionospheric heaters...

SpaceToday: The Satellite Wars

DMSP satellites also measure charged particles and electromagnetic fields in the ionosphere, which have an impact on the effectiveness of ballistic-missile early warning radar systems and long-range communications. That same data is used to predict global auroral activity, which affects electronics on Earth and in space. Problems in the space environment can affect military satellites.

Intelligence OnlinePentagon's high-tech Arctic monitoring plans

Stop NATO: Intercepting ICBMs - Pentagon Moves Toward Final Stage Of Star Wars

Reuters: Mini army drones developed

ENENews“Radioactive cover-up” at Fukushima — Experts believe “other sources of contamination” are flowing into ocean — Emergency hearing with plant officials — “TEPCO decided long ago there was no need to monitor” the water with high-level radioactive materials

Dead sea creatures “covering the sand with a sea of red” on California beach; Witnesses: “Bazillions of crab-like things washed ashore… I’ve never seen these before, it’s incredible” — ‘Glow in the dark’ organisms recently stranded nearby; Official: “No one here has ever seen it!”

Sustainable PulseJane Goodall and Steven Druker Expose US Government Fraud over GMOs

Cryptogon: “Lab Mishap” Infects Macaques with “Potential Bioterror Bacteria”

New Orleans Advocate: Another monkey at Tulane center put to death after testing positive for bacterium

CS Globe9/11 evidence to go public in Danish and UK courts

Internet information battlefield heating up...

ZeroHedgePropagandists Use Automated Software to Spread Disinformation

Not just disinformation...

ThereAreNoSunglasses9748 Security Issues, “Trj/CI.A” + 2 Other Viruses = dead computer

Global ResearchThe State Against The Republic. France’s Backlash against Alleged “Conspiracy Theorists”

OpEd NewsCan the Ukrainian Government Target American Journalists in America?

Infowars: Google Moving To Shut Down Alternative Media By Ranking Sites On “Facts” Rather Than Popularity

DW: In Hamburg's St. Pauli, it's peeback time

Prison Planet: UK Regulation to Label Women With Vagina Piercings Victims of ‘Genital Mutilation’

Al Monitor: The female 'rock stars' of terror

Al ArabiyaQatari fatwa - Destroy Egypt’s pyramids, Sphinx!

News Time AfricaEgypt government confirms ‘porn movie’ shot at Pyramids

In some of the snapshots, a female tourist – believed to be Russian – poses topless with the historic monuments appearing behind her.

Egyptian StreetsPorn Filmed At Egypt’s Pyramids Sparks Outrage

A pornographic film shot at the Pyramids of Giza has sparked outrage in Egypt and an investigation by the government.  “A set of sexually explicit scenes was illegally filmed inside the Giza Necropolis by a foreign tourist while visiting the site,” confirmed Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damati.  

The Antiquities Minister added that the film, shot by Russians and uploaded with English subtitles nine months ago to three pornographic websites, has sparked a government investigation into the matter...

IndependentPorn at the Pyramids - investigation after tourists make adult film at ancient wonder

Aurita, believed to be Russian, complains about having to visit the historic landmarks before carrying out a sex act on her male co-star, nearby the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World.

NY Daily NewsTourists film porn video at Pyramids of Giza, enraging Egyptian officials

"It really sucks, even our resorts are better."...

The names of the Sphinx sex stars haven't been released, but officials believe the woman is a Russian tourist.

The woman appears to be a 23-year-old porn star named Aurita, who posts videos on a website called Porn Traveling. But she is called Sasha in the video and on Porn Traveling's page for the video.

The site's pyramid video page features photos from the clip and a story about its filming.

The Russians won't hear of it. The icon defiler in question is Ukrainian...

Moscow TimesEgypt Investigates Russian-Language Porn Film Shot at Pyramids

The female star, identified on several industry websites as a 25-year-old Ukrainian who performs under the name Aurita, is shown exploring the ancient site on a sunny day with a Russian-speaking cameraman...

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