Thursday, April 30, 2015

Headlines of note for April 2015...

Baltimore is burning...

Baltimore City Police Live Audio Feed

Baltimore SunNational Guard activated in response to Baltimore violence; state of emergency declared

ZeroHedgeBaltimore "Purge": National Guard Arrives As City Burns, Rioters Warn "Nice Night For A Revolution" - Live Webcast

Baltimore "Purge" Continues: National Guard, Police Lockdown City, Deploy Smoke To Enforce Curfew - Live Feed

Inquisitr: Baltimore Purge - Flyers Imitating ‘The Purge’ Reportedly Called For Violence, Contributed To Riots

Prison PlanetBaltimore Mayor Key Player in Obama’s Federal Takeover of Local Police

LiveLeakBaltimore rioter try's to explain whole situation - abruptly cut off by local news

City PaperBaltimore Has No Chill - A compilation of residents calling people on their bullshit

Twi̴̛̛g ̵̢̛Har̙̠͓per


Luke Rudkowski

Martial Law Declared at baltimore uprising: YouTube (note jamming signal about a minute in)

#BaltimoreUprising media is being shot by police with tear gas paintballs I've been hit twice taking cover now

Baltimore Police Go After and Shoot Journalists: YouTube

In the heartland, preparing for a summer of paranoia...

Common Sense ShowJade Helm and the Forced Relocation of Tens of Millions of Americans

SHTFplanWalmart ‘Plumbing’ Issue Related To DHS Underground Tunnel Network: “This Is A Very Real Situation”

 As seen on YouTube...

FreedomFighter2127BREAKING!! Jade Helm 15 Is Martial Law in The USA, Russia To Arm Insurgents In The USA!

strongtower0914Proof - Jade Helm 15 is for Surgical Martial Law Strikes within U.S. Soil for Training

Professor Doom 1Jade Helm 15 and the Texas FEMA Domes

In the background of all the PSYOP hype may be a real bone of contention for civil war...

OffGrid SurvivalNevada Pushing Legislation to take back State land from the Federal Government

High Country NewsFederal public land transfers get a Congressional boost

A potential flash-point...


Freedom OutpostOath Keepers Step in Between Mining Operation and BLM in New Brewing Standoff

The harbingers of martial law and civil war are indeed ominous...

Rutherford InstituteBattlefield America - The War on the American People

CNNMissouri National Guard's term for Ferguson protesters: 'Enemy forces'



End of the American DreamSigns That 'The Elites' Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big

But look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane?! No, it's a mild-mannered mailman swooping in to spark a peaceful revolution...

Tampa Bay TimesFAA investigating Florida mailman's landing of gyrocopter on U.S. Capitol lawn

The Democracy ClubYour Pilot

Across the pond, a more menacing, though similarly harmless prank...

ExpressTerror alert sparked after 'missile and rocket launcher' spotted within range of the Queen

Let us be thankful Mr. Hughes did not land on the spikes of Barack the Impaler...

CBS News"Anti-climb" spikes to be added to White House fence

There were others to pile onto the body count...

PieczenikObama’s Failed Drone Program Consistently Kills More Americans and Pakistani/Yemeni Innocent Victims!

Times of IsraelAl-Qaeda spokesman with Jewish roots killed in US drone strike


ISIL continues to do Israel's bidding...

Israel National NewsISIS Beheading Palestinians in Damascus

Some of the comments are quite telling...

God is pitting his enemies against one another and I think it is brilliant.

This is a win, win situation! when arabs kill arabs they are too busy to kill us. When one group of arabs starts killing the fakestinians we know it is payback. It is akin to cancer killing cancer, what could be possibly bad with that?

Those Philistines who are purportedly being beheaded in Syria won't have a chance of becoming homicide bombers and won't have a chance to travel to Israel to occupy it. Palestinians vs ISIS= fight each other and may you both win completely.

An opinion expressed in other quarters...

Sputnik: Sony CEO on Middle East - Let Them All Kill Each Other (Except Israel)

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen): Israel’s Future Vision of the Middle East

And for its past...

Conlict AntiquitiesIslamic State B-movie of attack on Nimrud


If Yemen is the true ancestral home of the Israelites, as Ezzat holds, then might this explain an unprecedented joint military action?...

FARS News AgencyIsraeli Fighter Jets Join Saudi Arabia in War on Yemen

"This is for the first time that the Zionists are conducting a joint operation in coalition with Arabs," Secretary General of Yemen's Al-Haq Political Party Hassan Zayd wrote on his facebook page.

Intelligence OnlineRiyadh prepares land offensive in Yemen

Washington's BlogUN Announces Over 500, Mostly Civilians, Killed since Saudis began Yemen Aggression; US Announces Will Begin Refueling US-Made Saudi Bombers

SputnikUS Navy Joined the Strikes Against Houthi Positions on Monday

FortRussRussian consulate bombed and looted in Yemen

Following a rebuff from the Pakistani Parliament...

DawnParliament calls for neutrality in Yemen conflict

As "certain news networks" eagerly pined for escalating U.S. entanglement into the regional conflict...

CNNU.S.: Warships near Yemen create 'options' for dealing with Iranian vessels

Wayne Madsen ReportU.S. pulled Saudis back from Yemen morass

U.S. intelligence sources have informed WMR that intense U.S. pressure forced Saudi Arabia to "declare victory" in its "Operation Decisive Storm" and cease its and its coalition partners' military operations in Yemen. The Saudis announced the commencement of "Operation Renewal of Hope," which is said to seek a political solution to Yemen's multi-sided de facto civil war. Senior members of the Obama administration saw events in Yemen spiraling out of control, especially when certain news networks began hyping up an impending "U.S-Iranian naval confrontation" in the Arabian Sea.

The Saudi announcement of the end of "Decisive Storm" operations came as Washington insisted that its USS Theodore Roosevelt task force in the Arabian Sea was not targeting an Iranian naval-merchant flotilla in the area that was accused of trying to run a United Nations arms blockade of Yemen. The White House stated the U.S. task force was intended to keep the maritime lanes in the strategic Gulf of Aden and northern Arabian Sea open...

Regardless, "Operation Renewal of Hope" is quickly tossed into the dust-bin of history...

ReutersFighting escalates across Yemen, air strikes on capital Sanaa

Arutz ShevaIran Threatens Saudis After Aid Planes Blocked

ReutersSaudi king resets succession to cope with turbulent times

By making Interior Minister Mohammed bin Nayef, 55, crown prince and Defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman, 30, deputy crown prince, King Salman has effectively decided the line of succession for decades to come in the world's top oil exporter...

Flashback to this Wayne Madsen story from January...

When a Saudi prince and a reputed relative of King Salman’s chief adviser Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, also named Nayef, was caught by France trafficking in cocaine in 1999, the Saudi Interior Ministry informed Paris in 2000 that if France brought criminal charges against the minor prince Nayef, a lucrative $7 billion radar defense contract, Project SBGDP («Garde Frontiere»), with the French firm Thales would be canceled...

The cocaine trafficked by Nayef was, according to a Confidential U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) document, being used to fund Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The cash that was paid to terrorist recruits passing through Riyadh was obtained by the Interior Ministry from the drug proceeds coffers held in secret bank accounts. The CIA was aware of and encouraged the off-the-books payments to the Al Qaeda recruits, just as it is doing today with the Al Qaeda recruits being emptied from Saudi prisons and paid by Saudi government interlocutors.

In 1999, the DEA broke open a major conspiracy involving Prince Nayef’s Colombian cocaine smuggling from Venezuela to support some «future intention» involving Koranic prophecy.... 

«UN» [the DEA informant] wondered why Nayef, supposedly a devout Muslim, would be involved with drugs. Nayef’s response in light of what is now known about Saudi funding of terrorism, is worth a close perusal. During the Riyadh meeting, Nayef responded to «UN’s» question by stating that «he is a strict advocate of the Muslim Corran [sic].» «UN» stated, «Nayef does not drink, smoke, or violate any of the Corran’s [sic] teachings.» «UN» asked Nayef why he [Nayef] wanted to sell cocaine and Nayef stated that the world is already doomed and that he had been authorized by God to sell drugs. Nayef stated that «UN» would later learn of Nayef’s true intentions for trafficking narcotics although Nayef would not comment further...

Hanging in the balance...

PressTVIran, P5+1 joint statement calling for removal of all anti-Iran sanctions

Voltairenet (Thierry Meyssan): What you don’t know about the United States – Iran agreements

Is this peace only to be an intermission?

Garrison Center: Yes, Mr. Waldman, the Iran Nuclear Negotiations ARE Munich in 1938

NYTimes (John Bolton op-ed): To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran

Meanwhile... Snatched from the dustbin of history, an old nuclear confrontation heats up...

The SakerYes, Russia is *still* ready for war – even nuclear war

FortRussWar with Russia Now Much Likelier: Ukraine’s Leading Nazi Gets American Weapons & Support

CryptomeDragoon Ride

ZeroHedgeNATO Conducts First Test Of "Russia Rapid Response Force"

Why An American And A Russian General Are Suddenly Very Worried About Nuclear War

Washington's BlogIs This the Start of WW III? - Kiev Breaks Minsk Agreement; Reinvades Donbass

Will we be celebrating Hitler's birthday with atomic fireworks?

Stars and StripesUS forces to hold exercises in Ukraine

Ukraine's Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said in a Facebook post on Sunday that the units to be trained include the Azov Battalion, a volunteer force that has attracted criticism for its far-right sentiments including brandishing an emblem widely used in Nazi Germany.

Avakov said the training will begin April 20...

Russia Insider: Learning From the Best - US Airborne Brigade Sent to Ukraine Has History of War Atrocities

Stop NATO (April 17): First U.S. Paratroopers Arrive In Ukraine

And a raping they shall go...

From The Saker's Ukraine SITREP April 18th, by Duff...

Четверо американских военных в Киеве изнасиловали двух несовершеннолетних девочек

Four US soldiers in Kiev raped two underage girls

One of the girls had just turned thirteen, the other one was younger. Two of the criminals,  are employees of private military companies, the other two  belong to the personal staff of Lieutenant General Hodges in Wiesbaden

Jerusalem PostUkrainian parliament recognizes militia that collaborated with Nazis

LaRouchePACVitrenko Describes Physical Threats, Exposes Sophistry of the Ukrainian Parliament’s “Neo-Nazi” Laws

FortRussUkrainian website calls for mass deportations and internment of dissenters in Ukraine

Ukraine ‘Disappears' Regime Opponents

...when it's not murdering them in broad daylight...

Novorussia TodayMurder of Ukrainian ex-MP, leader of Anti-Maidan movement Oleg Kalashnikov in Kiev

SlavyangradMurder of Oles Buzina— a campaign of intimidation by NATO?

TarpleyEyewitness Report from the Donetsk People’s Republic

A reminder of how this ball got rolling...

FortRussKorwin-Mikke: Maidan snipers were trained in Poland.

Long before that...

How Victoria Nuland got beaten up at a Soviet summer camp in Odessa in the 80's

On the diplomatic front...

OffGaurdian“We’re not cattle” - Kiev protesters throw manure at US embassy

RTCzech president says his ‘doors are closed’ to US envoy over Moscow WWII visit comments

He caves...

Voice of AmericaCzech President to Skip Victory Day Parade in Moscow

Sputnik: Biden Calls Serbian PM to Washington to Counter Cooperation with Russia

Boycott Canada...

Toronto Orchestra Bans Ukrainian-Born Soloist From Performing


Elsewhere around the world...

Top of the world topples...

Zee NewsMassive earthquake rattles Nepal, rocks India: As it happened


Times of MaltaMigrants boat may have been carrying 900, some locked in hold, when it capsized - survivor

CSMonitorHow the fall of Qaddafi gave rise to Europe's migrant crisis

Greek ReporterTsipras-Putin Sign New Trade Deal and Renew Greece-Russia Relations

Sputnik: Greece Might Allow Russia to Use Its Military Bases – Greek Defense Analyst

FortRuss (translation of Moscow is in no hurry to play the Greece card

Strategic-CultureWest and Soros Rely on «Extreme Balkanization» to Prevent Turkish Stream Pipeline

Boiling Frogs PostThe New Great Game Round-Up: April 7, 2015 - April 14 - April 21

Khaama PressISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other

Wall Street JournalChina to Build Pipeline From Iran to Pakistan

Indian Ocean Newsletter: Djibouti/Ethiopia 2015-2017: China puts up funds for huge infrastructure projects

Taipei TimesChina rejects Taiwan’s AIIB application

ReutersImages show North Korea nuclear reactor may be operating again: experts

Korea TimesAbe addresses Congress without apology as protests continue

Prenza LatinaUS Official Orders to Cuban Mercenaries Revealed

Voltairenet (Madsen): Obama’s «Diplomacy» Masks His Bullying at Jamaica and Panama Summits


Pedo news...

FOX NewsBiden takes toddler's pacifier, sucks on it

But seriously...

GossipExtraPalm Beach Perv Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Can’t Join Lawsuit; Allegations vs Brit Prince Andrew And Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Tossed!

DailyMail: Andrew accuser to be sued in the U.S.: Two other men make claim for defamation with one lawyer saying he wants her jailed 

The OutsiderThe Parties, the Procurer and the Purification of the Prince

The AustralianMilitary adviser Adam Cobb arrested in US on child pornography


TAP NewswireWhistleblower kids – CCPS 16: Porn allegations analysed

MirrorPaedophile ring travelled the UK raping and drugging babies and pre-school children, court hears



TheLocal.deNSA had German spies target Euro allies

ZeroHedgeThe Committee To Destroy The World

ECB President Mario Draghi Attacked By Protester Screaming "End ECB Dick-tatorship"

21st Century Wire5 Key Questions That Were Not Asked During Trial of ‘Boston Bomber’ Dzhokhar

The Real DealThe Boston Bombing - Even the Marathon footage was Faked - YouTube video cued to segment of Maret Tsarnaev discussing visit of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's defense investigator "Charlene" to her sister, saying they (Judy Clarke's defense team) know he's innocent but are under pressure from above ("to Obama") to go with guilty plea.

Washington's BlogTwenty Years Later - Facts About the OKC Bombing That Go Unreported

Updates on a couple of last month's items...

Penny for your thoughtsAdam Osmayev- yet another curious Chechen...

DailyMailWas Germanwings plane crashed by a HACKER instead of co-pilot? Aviation expert says the jet could easily be accessed remotely

Al MonitorMeshaal blocked major attack on Israel

EISCAT times five...


Spaceflight NowFourth X-37B flight a month away from launching

Alert 5Upcoming X-37B flight will test experimental propulsion system

Secrecy NewsRussia Images the LACROSSE Spysat

InSerbiaRussian Aerospace Defense Troops Spot Foreign Spying Satellites

Two drones, two missions...

NHKArrested man persisted in using radioactive sand

Asahi ShimbunRobot stalls inside Fukushima reactor on Day 1 of probe

TEPCOSite Test to Investigate inside Unit 1 Reactor Primary Containment Vessel

AFPTokyo children's park closed over radiation

ENENewsExperts: Pacific food web crashing — “What’s going on? Where are the fish? Where did they go?” — “To be honest, it’s insane” — “You could equate it to a war zone” — “Food shortage all up & down West Coast” — Fishermen believe pollution harming food chain, doubt NOAA’s ‘warm water’ theory

Statesman JournalFukushima radiation has reached North American shores

Washington's BlogThe Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic

CounterpunchTrans-Pacific Partnership Says if a Corporation Claims it’s True, it Must be True

A taste of how Kafkaesque this is already becoming...

Jon Rappoport: Revealed - a secret Monsanto document in the Maui GMO case

Is Monsanto doing secret biowarfare research on Maui?

IndependentScientists successfully genetically modify human embryos, allowing for editing of babies’ genes

Al Monitor: Is Hillary Clinton taking 'blood phosphate' money from Morocco?

NYTimesCash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

ZeroHedgeSecretary Of State For Hire - Hillary Clinton Made Millions From Foreign Donors In Exchange For "Favors"

LaRouchePACIf It Is Brown, Flush It!


Penny said...

Boycott Canada?

Ah.... I can't because I live here.
And support my local farmers and small business as much as possible
But, this country has turned into something ugly
And disappointing. We are a nation of plenty- The people here should be wealthy. And we aren't
It's impoverished. It's third world
I am not kidding
It's heartbreaking

WXXX said...

That was just hyperbole... As Muammar Qaddafi told my friend Tecca Zendik when he brought her to tears in railing against the U.S. 'It is not the American people I hate, it is your government that is the enemy of all peace loving peoples' (paraphrasing)

Likewise for Canada.

WXXX said...

Curious... If you're reading from Canada, why do my google-stats show no hits from Canada? Moreover, why do I have more hits from Thailand than any other nation? And why do I never have hits from Israel, when "Tzipi does porno for Zion" is one of my most popular posts?