Monday, May 11, 2015

Sex Sells Wxxx News

Today Wxxx News celebrates its seventh anniversary, May 11, 2008 being the date of our inaugural post, Sex Sells No Planes. Over these years, like "bsregistration" we have found that sex terms do act as a lure for bringing important information to the attention of the unsuspecting masses. Here is a collection of just a few of the more memorable search terms [updated] that drew readers to our blog...

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At this time, we will be desisting regular activity on this blogspot, in protest of the policies of Google, including its new suppressive search protocols, its unreliable statistics (see our comment of April 18), and its ongoing practice of deleting YouTube accounts and videos for no legitimate reason. The above mentioned "bsregistration" account was deleted (a purging we find abhorrent, even as we considered the content of its videos to be "BS"), but more recently an account was deleted that we had been linking frequently in our monthly "headlines of note" posts, namely that of Anti-Maidan, which was performing the invaluable service of bringing to the English speaking world harrowing videos of the atrocities occurring on the front lines of the Donbass conflict. One image in particular has been indelibly burned into our memory, from the vanished video titled 18+ GRAPHIC | Horlivka Afthermath of Ukr. Army Grad Shelling | English Subtitles, that of the bloated corpse of a naked woman, apparently having been raped and left for dead in her own driveway. The video has been erased from the Internet (unless it has been mirrored elsewhere that we are unaware of). Imagine if the iconic image of the Vietnam War, Nick Út's "Napalm Girl" had been purged from every newspaper and magazine in which it appeared. Recent searches of terms that should have brought Wxxx News results (and which previously have done so) give us nothing, apparently as a result of the introduction of the Hummingbird search protocol. For other abuses, see Reddit for Google censorship. This kind of suppression of information and purging of the historical record is absolutely despicable, and we do hope the time will soon come when the executives at Google and YouTube will be held to account and pay a dear price for their crimes against knowledge and history.

For the sake of continuity, we will occasionally update stories we have covered here, such as the Frank Marshall Davis/Obama controversies, developments in the Jeffery Epstein scandal and the like. Our periodical news aggregation will now be conducted at the WordPress blog, Auribus Arrectis.

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