Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 'Extra Wives for Kenya Government Officials' Program

At time-stamp 17:33 in the video, A Time for Choosing - Ronald Reagan's 1964 campaign speech for Barry Goldwater - there is a curious reference to a foreign assistance program that provides "extra wives for Kenya government officials..." What on Earth could Reagan be referring to?

As covered in our post, The Clandestine Nativity of Barack H. Obama Jr., which synthesizes the Obama/CIA research of now hit-listed Wayne Madsen with a May 15th, 1959 presidential memo describing the program that brought Obama's father to the University of Hawaii, there is the suggestion that the coupling between Obama Sr. and 17 year old Stanley Ann Dunham was arranged by her father, Stanley Armour Dunham, who was Obama Sr.'s CIA handler. After all, the memo stated:

Extra­curricular activities should be as carefully planned as the formal course of instruction, and the keynote should be something more than traditional American hospitality.

It is common knowledge that Obama Sr. had already married and fathered two children, though this had been dismissed as a "tribal" wedding. In any case, Obama Sr. considered himself a "serial polygamist", and so the mysterious program to which Reagan refers would be much to Obama Sr.'s liking. Though he was not yet an official in the Kenyan government, he was in fact being groomed for this very purpose.

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