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Headlines of March 2011

These stories sloshing around the news cycle of March 2/3 rather succinctly illustrate vintage American hypocrisy...

Nine Afghan boys were killed while collecting firewood on Tuesday in what has been described as one of the worst cases of mistaken identity by the International Security Assistance Force. NATO issued a statement Wednesday apologizing for the killings in Darah-Ye Pech district in Afghanistan's Kunar province. The victims were aged nine to 15 and included two sets of brothers. A tenth boy was injured but survived the aerial attack by helicopter gunners... "We were almost done collecting the wood when suddenly we saw [two] helicopters come," the boy who survived told the Times. After hovering over the boys, the helicopter gunners shot his friends one by one, he said.

McCain: The people of Libya are being massacred as we speak. One of the world's most brutal dictators has promised to set everything on fire. And so I want to focus just for a second, if I could, on a no-fly zone. What that means is, we want to prevent Qaddafi from using his helicopters and airplanes from killing Libyans.

U.S. says no evidence of Libya air attacks on protesters A reporter asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen on Tuesday if they had independent confirmation or had evidence that there had been air attacks on Libyans. The answer was no. "We've seen the press reports, but have no confirmation of that," Gates said at press conference. "That's correct. We've seen no confirmation whatsoever," Mullen said.

Land Destroyer: US Libyan Policy - Zero Legitimacy

Now as the war-mongers have again prevailed, and as the "civilian-saving" operation has begun, the question automatically raises itself (to inquiring minds) as to whether depleted uranium munitions are being used in the campaign.

We have this denial:


But, beginning at page 182 of this study, we find Hellfire & Brimstone missiles to be suspected of containing depleted uranium...

EOS: Depleted Uranium weapons in 2001-2002

And in...

Daily Mail: Proof we are winning: MoD release footage of airstrikes wiping out Gaddafi's guns as coalition planes 'fly free over Libya'

...we read: Air Vice-Marshal Phil Osborn said: 'While Typhoon, supported by Sentry E-3D, secured the airspace, a pair of Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s were on patrol near Adjabiya, equipped with Litening targeting pods, and carrying, amongst other weapons, Brimstone precision guided missiles. 'They also had intelligence on likely target locations from previous RAPTOR [Reconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado] images, and using this they were able to identify a group of Libyan T-72 tanks, with their weapons trained on Adjabiya. Their highly accurate attack with Brimstone missiles hit three of the tanks, completely destroying them. 'The Tornados were by this time running low on fuel, so they handed the target over to another coalition patrol, which then attacked with laser guided bombs and hit another three tanks. Having refuelled from an Royal Air Force VC10 tanker aircraft, the GR4s then returned to assess the results of the combined attacks. 'They then identified another tank, still threatening innocent civilians, and successfully attacked it with Brimstone missiles.'"

Thus saving civilians today, while maiming generations to come...

TheWE: New World Order Statistic

Disinfo alert...

Washington Post (Spy talk): Gaddafi poison-gas videos fakes or frauds

Evaluating Qadaffi...

Brits caught red handed...

The French hand at play...

WSWS: Reports suggest French intelligence encouraged anti-Gaddafi protests

Libero: Retroscena/ Clamoroso - "Sarko' ha manovrato la rivolta libica"

Wired: Listen - Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths

Pravda: U.S. Imperialists - "All Options on the table"

Andrea Carancini: Dietro i rivoltosi libici spunta Osama bin Mossad

News: 'Al-Qaeda snatched missiles' in Libya


NHK: Experts - Quake in wider areas was unexpected

A government panel of experts says the earthquake of magnitude 8.8 may have occurred in a wider ranging focal area than was expected.

The panel says geologists had not imagined several source areas would be synchronized.

The Earthquake Research Committee chaired by Tokyo University professor emeritus Katsuyuki Abe held an extraordinary meeting on Friday night.

At a news conference, Abe said an observation conducted at an observatory using a GPS earthquake tracker shows that the ground there has moved about 4 meters to the west.

The panel has concluded that all 4 expected focal regions were synchronized. The 4 regions make up a stretch of a few hundred kilometers, from waters off Miyagi prefecture to waters off Ibaraki prefecture.

Abe said that further evaluation of the quake would be needed after more data has been collected. He said only then would it be possible to determine whether an initial quake with a magnitude of 7.3 on Wednesday provided a warning of a bigger quake to come.

Baby Art: Japan now

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