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The Clandestine Nativity of Barack H. Obama Jr.

Nevermind Barack H. Obama Jr.'s long-form State of Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth, which all of the "birthers" have been demanding to be released. A document that may tell us more about his nativity - in that it describes the program that made his very existence possible - is one that was disclosed long ago by L. Fletcher Prouty in his 1973 book, The Secret Team. In Appendix III, Prouty published a May 15, 1959 special presidential commission report on the conducting of clandestine recruitment programs overseas.

The proposed FY-60 Military Assistance Training Program and the Technical Assistance Program reflect substantial increases over previous years. The latter includes a first entry into the undergraduate study field. Meanwhile, the geographic emphasis of the International Educational Exchange Service shifts away from Europe. -Pg. 539

Barack H. Obama Sr. was "TAP'd" as the first African to attend the Manoa campus of the University of Hawaii for the academic year 1959/60 (corresponding to FY-60). Wayne Madsen details the circumstances of his recruitment by CIA asset Tom M'Boya in the first part of his series, The Story of Obama: All in the Company (a free version of parts I through V available at Madsen does not mention the text previously disclosed by Prouty, yet it offers much to corroborate his account. Take, for instance, this passage under the heading, "U.S. Training Environment"...

We have already alluded to the requirement for raising our sights with respect to the objectives of leadership training in the United States. Extra­curricular activities should be as carefully planned as the formal course of instruction, and the keynote should be something more than traditional American hospitality. -Pg. 559

Madsen claims that, contra the official story that Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham had first met in a Russian language class, the presence of Ann's father Stanley with Obama Sr.'s reception party indicates that the father had perhaps played an integral role in in his training... If so, the above passage suggests that Dunham had arranged for "extracurricular activities" far beyond "traditional American hospitality."

Another section of note in the report has the title, "Special Problems of Africa"...

Africa is the one area of the world where we have the leisure for forward planning, where we can lay the groundwork for the sort of comprehensive attack outlined by the Presidential Task Group, where we can begin to identify and groom the future national leaders. -Pg. 549

Of course this passage merely refers to the immediate goals of the program, which indeed Obama Sr. would fulfill as an economic minister in the Kenyan government; yet its authors could not have imagined how prescient they were of contingencies in the distant future...

Unless of course if we were to take a more highly speculative conspiratorial account of the overall program, which might encompass the MK-ULTRA mind control program. As Madsen notes, particularly in Part V of his series, the University of Hawaii was one of five academic centers of this research program in the 50's and 60's. There are two episodes of The Outer Limits that may provide some insight into these issues. This was a television program that aired from the last months of the Kennedy Administration into the first year of the Johnson Administration, and whose writers had an uncanny knack for dramatizing some of the clandestine programs active around that time (e.g. "Expanding Human" on LSD research). We cite "The Special One" and "The Hundred Days of the Dragon".

Another journalist who has been delving into the murky waters of Obama's history is Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily. The articles linked below demonstrate that the newspaper record, the university records, and even the Social Security number assignment only add to the mystery...

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Update: January 2011

Newly elected Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has failed in his attempt to fulfill a campaign promise to produce the B. H. Obama Jr. COLB (Certificate of Live Birth). None could be found; there is however some sort of unspecified record of his birth.

WND: Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate
Suggests controversy could hurt president's re-election chances

Meanwhile, Ulsterman's insider suggests there is much afoot on this case...

White House Insider: Proceed At Your Own Peril

An aside: the curious choice of illustration for this piece (a juxtaposition of Frank Marshall Davis & B.H.O.Jr.) suggests the persistent rumour that Davis is Obama's true father... though this is a rumour we thought we had quashed with our review of Sex Rebel: Black in October of '08.

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