Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slaves of the Coliseum

It used to be - in imperial Rome - that citizens would come to the Coliseum to see slaves being fed to the beasts. But in the near future, go to the coliseum and it will be you who are fed as subject to the "Beast" - a F.A.S.T.ing (Future Attribute Screening Technology) beast that "noninvasively" feasts upon you - virtually devouring your every biometric indicator, to determine not simply if you intend to commit acts of terror, but also if you simply intend on being more than a passive spectator.

"FAST" Coming to an Airport Near You -But not just an airport, as the question in the video interrogation scene - "are you attempting to smuggle a recording device into the expo today?" (time-stamp 4:07) - indicates that this goes beyond preventing terrorism; it is about controlling the information arena.

See also: Alex Reviews DHS's FAST


In other police state news, Senators McCain and Lieberman have introduced legislation that would mandate... as Infowars puts it: Dissenters to be Detained as "Enemy Belligerents"

The Civil War approaches.

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