Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chemtrails Apparently Having Intended Effect

Science News: Water Vapor Slowed Recent Global Warming Trend

In late 2000 and early 2001, concentrations of water vapor in a narrow slice of the lower stratosphere dropped by 0.5 parts per million, or about 10 percent, and have remained relatively stable since then. Because the decline was noted by several types of instruments, including some on satellites and others lofted on balloons, the sharp decrease is presumed to be real, says Karen Rosenlof, a meteorologist at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colo.

And because water vapor is a powerful greenhouse gas, the decline has slowed the increase of global temperatures, Rosenlof, Susan Solomon, also of NOAA in Boulder, and their colleagues report online January 28 and in an upcoming Science.

“This is such a sudden decrease, we can’t explain what’s behind it,” Rosenlof says.

In an oft-cited post amongst chem-trail "conspiracy theorists"...

John Gorman: Jet-Fuel Additive

It would seem therefore to be perfectly possible to put the additive into one tank only and to use that tank when the plane was defined in the flight plan to be in the stratosphere. Aircraft cruising altitudes vary between about 30 and 40,000 ft (9 to 12km). The lower boundary of the stratosphere varies from about 20,000 ft. (6 km) near the pole to close to 55,000 ft. (17km) at times on the equator.

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