Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dirty Politics

'Tis the season...

Exhibit A:

The (clarified) Platform of Barack Hussein Obama

An assortment of creative counter-campaign video editing...

Rare Video: Barack Obama, The Early Years

Barack Hussein Obama: Islamic Fundamentalist, Jihadist

Obama speaks like Adolf Hitler !

Is Idi Amin Obama's True Father?

John McCain Cursing

John McCain Cursing again

And while Larry Flynt Productions will be releasing Nailin Paylin in time for the election, this short but sweet, suitable for you-tube flick will have to suffice in the meantime...

Sarah Palin Sex Tape UNCENSORED


For more dirt on Obama: Lame Cherry

For the dirt on McCain: U.S. Vet. Dispatch


Update, Nov. 4 (AM)

Now, in the final hours before polls open, as one of the most memorable "silly seasons" of dirty politics comes to a close, it comes time to acknowledge the lowest of the low. There was, as to be expected, a smattering of racial lampooning, given the circumstances. But, though not overtly racist, this one takes the cake. The award for dirtiest political story of campaign season 2008 goes to Jerome Corsi, author of The Obama Nation, for his Oct. 30 WorldNetDaily exclusive, Marxist 'mentor' sold drugs with Obama .

Corsi repeats many of the misleading allegations of pedophilia that The National Enquirer and Accuracy in Media had pandered. But he takes things a step further. WXXX was aware of the possible identification of "Lloyd" and "Dot" (tourists from Seatlte) with Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, who moved to Hawaii from Seattle when Ann graduated for high school in 1960. But, the basis for identifying the two didn't seem quite strong enough to us. Moreover, the woman was on her death bed. There's nothing like having your ancient sexual exploits broadcast to the world as you get ready to die. Madelyn passed away earlier today (R.I.P.)

But the icing on the cake that earns Corsi our award for the dirtiest is the opening paragraph...

The late Marxist activist Frank Marshall Davis, frequently accompanied by young Barack Obama and his grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham, sold marijuana and cocaine from a "Chicago style" hot dog cart Davis operated near his home on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki in the early 1970s, WND has established.

A credible source, a well-known resident of Honolulu who spoke at length with WND on condition he not be named, disclosed that Davis was the source of drugs consumed by Obama...

Vote Obama, and there will be a Frank Marshall Davis hot dog stand on every street corner in the USA!

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