Friday, September 26, 2008

Listen to Dr. No

On July 9th, Congressman Ron Paul warned the House of Representatives that a major economic calamity was immanent. Two months later, and we now see it unfolding, a financial crisis that will likely go down in history as the collapse of the post-Bretton Woods monetary system. Dr. Paul, nicknamed "Dr. No" by his congressional colleagues for his proclivity to vote No against anything not specifically mandated by the Constitution, has long been a critic of the "fiat money" of the Federal Reserve.

Here are a few of his exchanges with fed chairman Ben Bernanke:

February 19 2007

November 9 2007

February 27 2008

April 2 2008

July 16 2008

and most recently...

September 25 2008


Update, Sept 29

Ron Paul wasn't the only "Dr. No" in congress today, as he was joined by 227 others in voting down the Wall St. bailout bill. Here are a few...

Denis Kucinich

Marcy Kaptur

Brad Sherman

Ted Poe

Michael Burgess

And finally, Ron Paul


Update, Oct. 3

As it turns out, the nixing was only temporary. The bill, dubbed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (H.R. 1424) - described by some as the consummation of corporate socialism - was passed by the Senate late Wednesday, and by the House on Friday.

For his part, John McCain lamented the initial failure, but given his aspirations, today he has something to look forward to...

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