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Headlines of note for January 2015...

A clean break in Greece?...

ZeroHedgeBlowout Victory For Syriza In Greek Elections: Live Webcasts

Merkel's idea of poetic justice?...

DWGreek fighter jet crashes during NATO training session in Spain

And so, following a brief flirtation to not tow the NATO line...

NYTimesGreece Steps Back Into Line With European Union Policy on Russia Sanctions

Ukraine escalates...

ObserverUkraine on Her Knees

ClubOrlovPanic in Kiev?

The Vineyard of the SakerAnd Hell was following them…

Just an "honest" mistake this time? Maybe

Penny for your thoughtsForeigners in Ukraine- Swedes with Azov battalion and American Mercs. Indeed!

"Out of my face, please!" American boots on the ground? - but do we detect an Aussie twang in the accent?...

National SeparatistАмериканский наёмник в Мариуполе после обстрела 24/01/15

More dominoes to topple...

Voice of AméricaHungary - Next Stop on the Putsch Express

TomDispatchA Shadow War in 150 Countries

ThereAreNoSunglassesUS Army Trains World Army To Fight the War for “Pax America”

Sucking them in, one nation at a time; Japan...

NHKJapan vows to fight terrorism while on high alert

And earlier in the month; France, with this prelude...

JTA: Paris-area synagogue set ablaze the spectacle...

France 24In pictures - a day of terror in France

McClatchy: Videos show Paris gunmen were calm as they executed police officer, fled scene

LiveLeak: Moment of Attack on Charlie Hebdo Office in Paris

Our apologies if this man was actually killed; but, where is the blood?

Charlie Hebdo police officer shooting zoomed in; slow motion

There it is - Sky News: “You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there”

AP: French police ID gunmen who killed 12 in attack on newspaper

Sputnik: Charlie Hebdo Attack Investigator Commits Suicide: Reports

PanamzaAffaire Charlie - la famille du policier « suicidé » n’aura pas accès au rapport d’autopsie

Mystérieux « suicide » du policier chargé de la connexion Charlie Hebdo-Jeannette Bougrab


Marjorie HamiltonParis Terror Suspect Shown in 2005 Film

Mashable: What we know about the Charlie Hebdo terror attack victims

Charlie Hebdo employed equal opportunity satirists...

Hicham Hamza: L’Express « soutient » Charlie Hebdo mais censure un dessin anti-israélien hebdo images

...and fired them...

Occidental Dissent: Charlie Hebdo Fired Cartoonist For “Anti-Semitism”

American Renaissance: What French Free Speech? Who ordered the attack against Charlie Hebdo?

Who would be motivated to redirect Hollande's recent policy shift? A point noted by Webster Tarpley on Rense and on his World Crisis Radio...

ITAR-TASS: Hollande - economic sanctions against Russia must be stopped

Another bone to pick...

Haaretz: Israel summons French ambassador over Paris' support of Palestinian UN bid

Arriviste Netanyahu crashes party...

BFMTV: Marche républicaine - quand Benjamin Netanyahu doit attendre le bus

ZeroHedge: Hollande Furious After Netanyahu Participates In Paris March, Disobeying French President's Request

Turkish President's Stunning Outburst: The French Are Behind The Charlie Hebdo Massacre; Mossad Blamed

Who is Charlie? Charlie Hebdo or Charles Martel?

LeFigaroLe FN peine à justifier les mots de Jean-Marie Le Pen

«Ce n'est pas cela qui me choque», indique Florian Philippot, alors qu'il est interrogé sur les sorties de Jean-Marie Le Pen qui lance «Je ne suis pas Charlie» et «Je suis Charlie Martel» - en référence à la bataille de Poitiers de Charles Martel - alors que la France fait face à des attaques terroristes. [our emphasis]

RT: Former French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen injured in house fire

Olivier PechterL’islamophobe Christine Tasin reçoit le soutien financier du pro-israélien Daniel Pipes

While in Deutschland, things are beginning to resemble the torchlight parades of yesteryear...

DWRecord turnout at Dresden PEGIDA rally sees more than 25,000 march

The Vineyard of the SakerYats is Charlie and Ukrainian junta shelling the Donbass (again)

Steve LendmanDonbas Humanitarian Crisis

There, and elsewhere around the world, other mounting body counts go virtually unnoticed...

RT: 12 killed, 13 injured as shell hits bus near Donetsk, E. Ukraine - reports

Ukraine army targeted Gorlovka with 500kg air bombs – Donetsk militia leader

Over 30 people, including children, have been killed or injured in Donetsk as a result of the Ukrainian offensive on Sunday...

ReutersAfghans take over full security charge, mortars kill 20 civilians

McClatchy: U.S. airstrike in Syria may have killed 50 civilians

Guardian: Boko Haram's 'deadliest massacre': 2,000 feared dead in Nigeria

RT: Satellite images reveal ‘horrific’ scale of Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

Steve Pieczenik: While Paris is Burning with Terrorism Hysteria, Pakistan Has Forged a Dangerous Strategic Dagger to plunge into Heart of Kashmir and India! - citing...

NYTimesNew Courts Offer Pakistan’s Generals the Power They Used to Seize

ZeroHedge: Yemeni Government Admits It Has Lost Control Of Nation Amid "Attempted Coup"

Al Monitor: Yemen falls apart

Already fallen apart...

Regional powers fighting proxy war in Libya

Translation of Al KhaleejLibya conflict threatens entire Maghreb

Libya Against Super Power Media: Dr Moussa Ibrahim’s first public address since Nato’s War on Libya in 2011

Washington TimesSecret tapes undermine Hillary Clinton on Libyan war

Al-Manar: Lebanon - Twin Suicide Bombs Strike Tripoli’s Jabal Mohsen, Nusra Claims Assault

Naharnet: Nusra to Hizbullah, Jabal Mohsen: We'll Strike You in Your Heartlands

Middle East MonitorAl-Nusra Front claims responsibility for Hezbollah fighters' death

Times of Israel: ‘Six Iranians, including a general, killed in Israeli strike’

Beto A SABERVideo revelador - Españoles en el Líbano filman el probable ataque desde Israel


Independent: Isis poised at Lebanon border threatening an attack from Syria as hundreds of rebel fighters join terrorist group

Israel using Al Nusra and ISIS as proxy fighters in Lebanon? And in Syria?

Al Monitor: Are Israel, Jabhat al-Nusra coordinating on attacks in Syria?

Turkey is in this latent alliance as well...

Turkish military says MIT shipped weapons to al-Qaeda

They are almost getting it at Reuters...

Pentagon to deploy 400 troops to train Syrian rebels

But the insurgency in Syria is now dominated by hardline Sunni Islamists, including both Islamic State and the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, complicating U.S. measures to find a suitable ally on the ground.

Italian school girls succumb to NATO propaganda only to become concubines of ISIS...

Vineyard of the SakerInnocents Abroad


Pedo news...

Wayne Madsen Report: Epstein's helicopter shared FAA tail number with State Department counterinsurgency aircraft

Billionaire pederast Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of trafficking in at least and perhaps as many as 103 underage females, according to documents filed in the U.S. Federal Court in West Palm Beach, Florida, shared the tail number of his Bell Long Ranger 206L3 helicopter (tail number N474AW) with a U.S. State Department OV-10D Bronco. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registration database, Epstein's Bell helicopter and the Bronco owned by the U.S. State Department and contracted to the private military company Dyncorp for "counter-insurgency" and "counter-narcotics" operations in Larandia, Colombia used the same N474AW tail number...

The congruence of Epstein's Bell N474AW and Dyncorp's Bronco N474AW is noteworthy. In 2002, the year Epstein's aircraft fleet stands accused of flying underage teen girls, some between the ages of 12 and 15, coincides with Dyncorp's trafficking in underage females between the ages of 12 and 15 from Kosovo and Bosnia in the Balkans...

Among the "Jane Does" filing suit against the U.S. government for concluding a sweetheart Non-Prosecution Agreement (NPA) between Epstein, his co-conspirators, and the U.S. Justice Department are a number of females with Slavic-sounding first names like "Tatianna" and "Natalya" and Slavic last names like Metrovitch, Malyshov, and Mulinska. Such names are found in countries like Bosnia and Kosovo, where Dyncorp employees were also trafficking in teenage girls.

HongPong (mirroring WMR): How a billionaire gets away with it: FULL TEXT Jeffrey Epstein's federal sex abuse non-prosecution agreement; #OpDeathEaters gets traction

GawkerHere Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book

Mirror: Jeffrey Epstein - Prince Andrew's alleged efforts to protect paedophile pal could be revealed in court

PageSix: Epstein took ‘sex slave’ on trip before ‘pimping her out’

DailyMail: Abused as a child. Dabbling with drugs. And now Virginia Roberts's aunt reveals Jeffrey Epstein girl says... I am in fear for my life

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had 'regular' orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times

Why ARE the rich and powerful so in thrall to Ghislaine Maxwell?

Citing statistics about pollution and over-fishing, Ms Maxwell urged her audience to become supporters of the non-profit organisation... Terramar — which boasts her friends Sir Richard Branson and Lord Mandelson as supporters...

Prince Andrew's guards 'turned a blind eye': Yard officers watched as Duke partied with young girls, says Epstein's butler

TelegraphPrince Andrew ‘sex abuse victim’ Virginia Roberts ‘was introduced to the Queen’

Mirror: Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl at vile orgy' claims new witness

Most likely this is recruitment into British elite pedophile networks...

Liberty BlitzkriegThe War on Toddler Terrorists – Britain Wants to Force Nursery School Teachers to Identify “Extremist” Children

Wayne Madsen pithy comments...

Former Health and Human Services cyber-security chief sentenced to 25 years in prison for child porn. Kiddie porn ring centered in Omaha. And who did Tim DeFoggi work with at HHS? Well, none other than Nebraska's new GOP Senator Ben Sasse, a cover-up artist for the House underage sex scandal from the late 90s. Note: The Senate still has a page program. Watch out for Ben Sasse kids!

WMR: January 6-7, 2015 -- Update 2x. Epstein underage sex slave scandal threatens to bring down Hillary and Jeb

More Epstein links from 2006 unearthed by Silvija Germek in the WMR "basement":

DealBreaker: Meet Nadia Marcinkova, Star Girl of the Raunchiest Part of Epstein Scandal

Meet Sarah Kellen, Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Girl

Gawker: Jeffrey Epstein Gets Off With a Little Help From His Friends

New Times: Epstein's Angels

Epstein's angel Nadia Marcinkova takes to the skies...

Global Girl: Girl pilot flying a Gulfstream jet. Takeoff, alternator failure and landing.

She has some notoriety with Pilots of America: Global Girl

Also noted in Hausfrau's basement:

Let's go to [Epstein's] New Mexico compound in Stanley, NM which is on record as being one of his most significant pedo compounds. Dershowitz was allegedly a frequent visitor there and stands accused by former child sex slave Victoria Roberts who is suing him now of having raped her at Zorro Ranch, owned by Jeffrey Epstein in Stanley, NM. Bill Richardson and Bill Clinton are also on record of having been frequent visitors and having partied there.

This is Epstein's Zorro Ranch in Stanley, NM

Stanley, NM is a special place. It is in the middle of nowhere within commute to Albuquerque and the whole town is essentially a handful of ranches which are a private unincorporated county speck in the desert with nobody around.

Nobody except..... special friends of Epstein who sold him the land and lived there with him all those years or at least when he came visiting with his child orgies which he reportedly did heavily for many years.

The entire population of the 'town' of Stanley is listed on last census of 1975 as 70 people with no newer records found. That translates into the 2 families I found, a small contingent of real estate which is empty and chronically on sale on Zillow plus Epstein's compound and staff and security. End of town of Stanley, NM.

Who were the 2 families who invited Epstein to their birthplace compound in Stanley, sold him a piece of family land to build his pedo ranch and lived there with him on the compound while he and the sex slave girlies visited all the time?
Governor Bruce King of New Mexico, 3-term Democratic governor of New Mexico and his son
Attorney General Gary King of New Mexico until Jan 1, 2015. He plans to run for governor again.

An artist named Alan Ebnother is also listed as having lived there.

Other Germek research can be found at...



Another aviator: Kim Jong-un


Spook news...

Intelligence OnlineKing Salman will rely on Mohamed bin Salman and Mohamed bin Nayef

Strategic-Culture (Madsen): New Saudi King Was Major Supporter of Al Qaeda

In 2006, Saudi democratic opposition leaders in Britain fingered Salman, the then-governor of Riyadh province, as providing material assistance to Al Qaeda forces operating in Afghanistan before and after 9/11. The opposition revealed that Al Qaeda members routinely traveled through Riyadh on their way to Pakistan and then to Taliban-ruled regions of Afghanistan. These Saudi insiders also reported that Salman's governor’s office arranged for cash payments, hotels, and air fares for the Al Qaeda members.

RTFBI - 3 Russians charged with spying, 1 arrested in New York

Military Times: Criminal charges recommended against Petraeus

CBS: Holder - Petraeus case to be decided at "highest levels" of DOJ

Bild: Doppel-Spion klaut Liste mit geheimen Agenten-Namen

Telegraph: Thousands of German spies at risk after double-agent stole list of identities 

Buenos Aires HeraldBA Herald journalist leaves country after denouncing threats

Nisman case lures spies out of shadows

CFK announces plan to dissolve SI intelligence service

Hamilton Spectator: Canadian military deploys spooks against possible Arctic spies and sabotage

CryptomeOn the Ubiquity of Web-enabled Microphones

Guardian: Obama must finally end NSA phone record collection, says privacy board

It is outsourced...

TechCrunch: Leaked Palantir Doc Reveals Uses, Specific Functions And Key Clients

Intelligence OnlineFormer MI5 chief advises Darktrace

PRNewswireDarktrace CEO Joins Prime Minister David Cameron on Official Cyber Security Visit to Washington D.C. 

MediumHow the CIA made Google

Guardian: GCHQ captured emails of journalists from top international media

Sharyl Attkisson: Journalist Computer Intrusion Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Government

NYTimes: Writers Say They Feel Censored by Surveillance

NYT Reporter Questioned at Hearing in CIA Leak Case

James Risen, New York Times Reporter, Will Not Be Called to Testify in Leak Case

Spiegel: The Digital Arms Race - NSA Preps America for Future Battle

PBS Nova: Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare (Interview by James Bamford)

Reuters: Apparent Islamic State backers hack U.S. military Twitter feed

Moon of AlabamaNo. The Islamic State Did Not Hack CENTCOM - Updated - Cui Bono?



Boiling Frogs PostA Rothschild Plot against Putin?

Political Vel CraftPresident Putin Checkmates Rothschild’s West In A Financial Deadlock: Obama’s Absence Of Positive Economic Prospects.

Quotesnet: De Rothschild's drukken Charlie Hebdo: ’Wij twijfelden of we krant moeten uitgeven' - translation at Seemorerocks

Egalité et Réconciliation: L’épopée des Rothschild : conférence de Jacques Napier à Lille

Web of DebtEU Showdown - Greece Takes on the Vampire Squid (Tarpley): Syriza Likely to Emerge as First Anti-Austerity Government

ZeroHedge: "The ECB Has Lost Control" - Spiegel Asks If "Helicopter Money" Comes Next?

Steve Pieczenik: Neutral Switzerland Invaded the European Markets with Nefarious Economic Warfare on Thursday, 1/15/2015!

One week later, "helicopter money"...

Kitco: ECB To Buy Sovereign Debt, Expanding Monthly Purchase-Program To €60 Billion

LaRouchePAC: Wall Street Is Writing Its Own Indictment for Derivatives Crimes

USAToday: Missing AIG executive dead, family says

Deadline: FCC Chairman Strongly Hints He’ll Favor Internet Reclassification – CES

Neuron: Prediction as a Humanitarian and Pragmatic Contribution from Human Cognitive Neuroscience

Institute of Science in Society: CaMV 35S Promoter in GM Feed that Sickened Rats Transferred into Rat Blood, Liver, and Brain Cells

AP: Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys

ENENews: Unprecedented: ‘Cataclysmic’ die-off of birds on entire West Coast — Beaches covered with dead bodies — Professor: It’s tragic… never seen anything like this… We ignore it at our peril… Canary in the coalmine for us… Scrambling to figure out what’s going on with ecosystem

Hawaii coral “the worst scientists have ever seen” — Professor: “It’s like a ghost town… We would not typically see entire colonies bleached, ever” — Gov’t map of ‘maximum bleaching alert area’ in Pacific mirrors Fukushima plume model since 2011

WRCBtv: Radioactive tritium leak reported at TVA nuclear plant in northern Alabama

WJHL: Investigation underway into booms, ground shaking in East TN

Millenium Report: Geoengineering and the Deliberate Melting of the Arctic

The Black Vault: Project Blue Book Collection

MondoWeiss‘Great American villain’ Henry Kissinger faces citizen’s arrest inside a Senate hearing room

HongPongTragic Gray State fallout: "Sandy Hook Hoaxer" stalker troll squad turns against Minnesota Truthers & late filmmaker David Crowley's family & friends in bizarre twist

DailyMail: Guru who ordered 400 followers to be castrated 'so they could be closer to God' is investigated for grievous bodily harm in India

Prison PlanetBill Gates Wants People to Drink Sh*t Water

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