Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Headlines of note for December 2014...

A tide has turned...

Radio Enciclopedia: Comparecencia de Raúl sobre relaciones Cuba- EEUU

Radio Vaticana: Obama - Pope Francis instrumental in Cuba deal

CBC: Barack Obama thanks Canada for hosting Cuba-U.S. meetings

Reuters: In U.S.-Cuba prisoner swap, mystery surrounds the unnamed 53 Washington’s secret negotiations with Havana and Tehran

A belated milestone in U.S.- Cuba relations immediately follows the sordid Guantanamo Bay revelations of the Senate's torture report and the re-entry of the Bush dynasty into presidential politics...

Miami HeraldJeb Bush says he’ll 'actively explore' 2016 presidential run

There's plenty of dirt to be slung at this candidate. Tip of the iceberg...

Think Progress: Jeb Bush’s Four Mysterious Companies Share The Same Address And Have Never Done Any Known Business

Wayne Madsen Report pithy comments...

Bush patriarch is in Houston hospital. Hell's welcoming committee is on standby notice.

Karl Rove defends rectal feeding. Karl used to get rectally-fed at afternoon "Tea Dances" in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC. Guys known as "hairy bears" would rectally feed Karl until he squealed like a pig. This information came from a senior editor of The Washington Times who was not permitted to run with the story.

Michael Hayden defends rectal rehydration. That's because Hayden likely attended Dick Cheney's rectal rehydration parties at which female prostitutes squirted on glass top tables. Maybe Hayden got his expertise on this fetish when he was getting it on with "Captain AmErika" in Sarajevo in the 90s.

Counterpunch: The Complicity of Psychologists in CIA Torture 

On The Contrary: More details on “psychologist” thugs who devised CIA torture

NBC NewsBin Laden Expert Accused of Shaping CIA Deception on 'Torture' Program

New YorkerThe Unidentified Queen of Torture

AKA Isla, She-Wolf of the CIA

Her name, Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, has been out there for some time: since September 2011...

Boiling Frogs PostConfirmed Identity of the CIA Official behind 9/11, Rendition and Torture Cases is Revealed

Of course the Brits have been integral to these infamies, while managing to evade the media circus, for the most part...

GuardianUS hid UK links in CIA torture report at request of British spy agencies

In other spook news...

Intelligence OnlineMI5 acknowledges errors to MPs

IntelNews: Hezbollah leader’s senior bodyguard was Mossad agent

Republic ReportBlackwater Lobbyist Will Manage the House Intelligence Committee

Daily Mail: 'CIA paid me to use airstrip as rendition zone... and to look the other way': Former airport director reveals secret Polish staging post for U.S. torture programme

Al Jazeera: How a false witness helped the CIA make a case for torture

Blacklisted News: US Propaganda Arm Radio Free Europe Raided And Shut Down in Azerbaijan

WikiLeaksThe Spyfiles

SputnikWikiLeaks Releases Classified CIA Agents Tips on Infiltrating EU, Schengen

Digital Journal: Wikileaks - CIA's Brennan on 'witch hunt' when Hastings was killed

33rdSquare: Car "Hacking" Growing in Popularity - How to Know if Your Car Can Be Hacked

SpiegelPrying Eyes - Inside the NSA's War on Internet Security

The Age: US spyware 'on USB stick of Merkel aide'

Around the world...

Reuters: At least 26 killed in Yemen suicide bombing: security official

BBC: As it happened - Pakistan school attack

Dawn: Afghan Taliban condemn Peshawar school attack

Cryptogon: Australia - Hostage Situation in Sydney

Land DestroyerWho Created Cartoon Character "Man Haron Monis" Behind "Sydney Siege" Circus?

Al Monitor (translation of Radikal): Is Islamic State finding refuge in Turkey?

...while receiving reconnaissance courtesy of Israel?

Israeli fly-over coincides with attack on Lebanese army

...along with more lethal air support...

21st Century WireAIDING ISIS - Israel Bombs Syria For Fifth Time in 18 Months, Gives Arms, Medical Aid to Militants

IANS: Iran terrorist group declares support for IS

Jerusalem Post: Is Obama secretly working to replace Netanyahu?

Intelligence OnlineWashington’s Sunni allies disgruntled

Al Monitor (translation of Al Hayat): Is an Algerian uprising near?

Columbia Reports: ‘Colombian paramilitaries’ attack army post in Venezuela

On the new cold warpath...

ThereAreNoSunglassesObama’s Russian War Resolution Passes By 411 to 23

Rumours in Bryansk about invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine

RT‘If US sends weapons to Ukraine, Russia should send troops’ - lawmaker

Washington's BlogNATO Prepositions Weapons in Poland for Attack on Russia

Sophie and Co.: Mikhail Gorbachev to RT: America wanted to rule the world but lost its way

It's up to Deutchland, the nation that brought us WWII, to save us from WWIII...

RT (Pepe Escobar): How Russia and Germany may save Europe from war

Die Welt: "Niemand kann Kiew den Weg in die Nato verbauen"

niqnaq translates: ukraine has the peculiar idea that it has “the right to join nato”

BRUSSELS – In Ukraine are growing doubts as to the policy of the German Federal government. Kiev is particularly frustrated about statements made by foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) at the beginning of this week which rejected the idea of NATO membership for Ukraine. The Ambassador of Ukraine to the European Union in Brussels, Konstantin Yeliseev, told Die Welt:  

"I can’t understand why the German foreign Minister Steinmeier wants to exclude NATO membership for Ukraine. This remark Mr Steinmeier made a few days ago is surprising and disappointing. Each partner country, including Germany, should respect the choice of a sovereign state such as Ukraine..."

Sovereign state? In the past year we would liken the Ukraine more to a playground of clandestine agencies' "fun and games". German foreign minister Steinmeier seems to be coming to the realization that this is no game...

Global Post: Germany wants NATO, Russia to restart dialogue

"We now have very few ways of talking about events which come up suddenly, for example military exercises, (aircraft) over-flights or the presence of Russian warships around the world," German Foreign Minister Franz Walter Steinmeier said.  

"We no longer have the possibility to determine what lies behind such moves and whether they are cause for concern or not," he said on the sidelines of a NATO foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels.  

Steinmeier warned that current contacts with Russia were even less than during the Cold War and this should be changed so as to avoid events getting "completely out of control."

We hope not this kind of "out of control"...

ENENews: Emergency repair reported at largest nuclear power plant in Europe — Prime Minister: I know that a nuclear accident has occurred (VIDEO)

The nuclear plant is just west of the E. Ukraine conflict zone: LIVEUAMAP

Later in the month, for a second time...

RT: Emergency shutdown at Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant

Radiation measurement reported to be 14 times permissible level...

Русская весна: Новый Чернобыль в Запорожье: в ДНР сообщают об утечке радиации на крупнейшей АЭС Украины - translation at The Vineyard of the Saker

The war escalates on the economic front, with Russia reeling...

ZeroHedgeRussia Shocks With Emergency Rate Hike, Boosts Interest Rate From 10.5% To 17%

The Sellside Reacts: "17% Rate Hike Not Enough" According To Citi, JPM; Goldman Positive: "Removes CBR Uncertainty"

RussEurope: What happened to the Ruble?

Strategic-Culture (Wayne Madsen): How the CIA Launched the «Financial Pearl Harbor» Attacks on Russia and Venezuela

Collateral damage?... Saudi Facing Largest Deficit In Its History

RT: Slumping Russian ruble threatens German economy – top exec

Earlier in the month, Putin took a set-back on South Stream pipeline, but not without a back-up plan...

Sputnik: Russia Scraps South Stream Gas Project - Gazprom

Gazprom Plans to Build New Black Sea Gas Pipeline to Turkey  

Gazprom will set up a legal entity for construction of a new pipeline with annual capacity of 63 billion cubic meters to deliver Russian natural gas to Turkey and customers in Southern Europe, Alexey Miller added.

Al Arabiya: Erdogan eyes tighter Turkey, Russia alliance


Police state news...

Global Grind: Police Brutality - Denver Police Attempt To Erase Video Of Cop Brutally Beating Unarmed Suspect, Injuring Pregnant Woman

Counter Current News: Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

NY Daily News: NYPD officer in Eric Garner 'chokehold' death not indicted by Staten Island grand jury

NYPost: NYPD chokehold decision sparks protests

A few more copy-cats of this incident and Civil War II will be upon us...

Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops as ‘revenge’ for Garner

Doing everything they can to instigate it...

Bustle: Fox's WBFF Airs "Kill A Cop!" Protest Footage That Never Happened Outside Of An Editing Room — VIDEO

Privacy SOS: So-called 'counterterror' fusion center in Massachusetts monitored Black Lives Matter protesters

Reuters: Cops scan social media to help assess your ‘threat rating’

Infowars: Former Police Chief Admits Involvement in Federal Anti-Patriot Operation

Liberty Unyielding: Feds threaten Oath Keepers, allegedly at gunpoint, for protecting Ferguson businesses

ZeroHedge: Obama Planning To Increase Funding For The Militarization Of America's Police Force

AlternetFrom Occupation to “Occupy” - The Israelification of American Domestic Security

NYPD Uses Military-Grade Sonic Weapon on Eric Garner Protesters

Medium: America Has a New Commando Unit - National Guard Special Operations Detachment could boost secretive command


TruthoutConvicted With No Evidence by an All-White Jury, Black Community Leader Faces Life in Prison

PressTV: Civil rights activist's verdict, travesty of justice

Prison PlanetThe TSA Will Be Unwrapping Your Gifts This Christmas



Wall Street on ParadeSlain MassMutual Executive Held Wall Street “Trade Secrets”

The Economic CollapseNew Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses

Washington PostJamie Dimon himself called to urge support for the derivatives rule in the spending bill

NHK: Shadow over NYC

Veterans Today: America’s Real Ties to ISIS

Telegraph: Brixton slavery case - suspected cult leader Aravindan Balakrishnan is charged



Delaware Online: Ex-Tower Hill leader guilty of dealing in child porn

Court records - Former Tower Hill headmaster Christopher D. Wheeler sexually abused adopted son

Guardian: Femen activist who stole St Peter’s Square Jesus could face Vatican trial

The U.S. will not relinquish policies of cultural harassment...

Radio Habana Cuba: La USAID considera que la múscia es una herramienta para desequilibrar a Cuba

AntiwarEmails Reveal US State Department Influenced Sony’s “The Interview” so as to Encourage Assassination and Regime Change in North Korea

Some might retaliate...

Vulture: Everything That’s Been Revealed in the Sony Leak Scandal [Updated]

Re/code: Sony to Officially Name North Korea as Source of Hack Attack

More likely, some will be maliciously blamed for retaliation...

Fabius MaximusThe FBI told their story about North Korea attacking Sony. Before we retaliate, read what they didn’t tell you.

...whereas other factors may point to the true provenance of the attack...

CryptomeSony Options Greenwald's Snowden

NYTimes: North Korea Loses Its Link to the Internet

BeforeitsnewsInternet News Sites Blocked 12-2-2014 – Getting Ready to GO LIVE?

Nanowerk3D printed nanostructures made entirely of graphene

Farm Wars: Closing the Gate on GMO and the Criminal Transatlantic Trade Agreement

The Complete Patient: MIT Scientist Presents Dire Portrait of Damage from Monsanto's Roundup

Sharyl Attkisson: CDC - More Than 1,400 People in U.S. Being Actively Monitored for Ebola

ABC News: Mystery Surrounds NASA's Secret Mission in Africa

Underground construction project or sonic boom?...

Idaho State Journal: No causes found for mysterious Bingham County explosions

Daily Mail: Is this proof mysterious bangs heard on both sides of Atlantic WERE caused by a top-secret US jet? Footage of hypersonic engine in action reveals it sounds almost identical to unexplained noises

Telegraph: The Night Sky in December - A new cold war waged not on Earth, but in space

Sputnik: Russian Company Proposes to Build Lunar Base

ENENewsExperts: 100% death rate for baby killer whales along West Coast — ‘Alarm bells ring’ as no newborns have survived in past 3 years — “This is absolutely the worst thing possible”, pregnant orca dies with decomposing stillborn full-term fetus inside — “We’re going to lose them… they’ll be extinct for sure”

Malaysia Insider (Dec. 26): AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes sells shares in Tune Insurance

ZeroHedge (Dec. 28): Search For Disappeared Air Asia Flight Suspended: Summary Of The Facts So Far

Updates on old news...

Russia Insider: MH17 - The Facts and the Cover-Up Vladislav Voloshin - "The Plane Was In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time"

IndependentMediaSolidarity: We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

Infowars Nightly NewsThe Ultimate Sandy Hook Debate As The 2nd Anniversary Looms

All voices: BP oil spill - The disaster that keeps killing

Herald ScotlandRevealed 30 years on - secret role of Henry Kissinger in Bhopal tragedy

CounterpunchConversation with a CIA Interrogator

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