Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ilsa: She-Wolf of the CIA

"For reasons of national security," we can't know her name - so let's call her Ilsa the She-Wolf - she works at the CIA and is looking to get a promotion as chief of clandestine services at the agency. She was in the chain of command of the indefinite detention and "enhanced interrogation" programs in the immediate aftermath of 9/11; and in 2005, as chief of staff to then head of clandestine services Jose Rodriguez, she signed off on the destruction of 92 interrogation videotapes recorded in Thailand - a purging of files akin to the purging that took place in 1973 of  MKULTRA files by the head of the program Sidney Gottlieb under orders of then DCI Richard Helms, files which possibly included audio tapes and films recorded by George Hunter White at CIA safe houses at 81 Bedford St. in Greenwich Village, NYC and 225 Chestnut St. in Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, as part of Operation Midnight Climax. (However, Gottlieb's administrative assistant who burned the files makes no mention of destroying tapes or films in her recollection as reported in A Terrible Mistake, by Hank Albarelli, Pg. 452. The audio and films of these "experiments" may still be out there somewhere).

Oddly enough, the actions taken against the detainees in the Thailand videos very likely demonstrated techniques or the use of substances and devices that were developed in the MKULTRA program and programs that followed it. Since MKULTRA continued certain types of experiments conducted by nazi scientists that were imported to the CIA through Project Paperclip, there is a contiguous line of "inquiry" that extends from the fictionalized Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS to our real but pseudonymous Isla: She-Wolf of the CIA.

"Ilsa" is presently the acting chief of the division pending the decision of newly installed DCI John Brennan who has decided to form a committee to make the decision to promote "Ilsa" for him.

Washington Post: CIA director faces a quandary over clandestine service appointment

There is much speculation as to the identity of the woman, but so long as it remains inconclusive, we shall continue to call her "Ilsa"...

CryptomeAlfreda Frances Bikowsky Head of CIA Darkside?


Update - May 7th

Ilsa didn't get the job...

WaPoCIA selects new head of clandestine service, passing over female officer

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