Tuesday, September 25, 2012

World War III to be sparked by Islamic Porn?

Steve Pieczenik: World War III starts 25 September 2012

So far, no WWIII. But if it happens, who shall we blame?

Montrel-nous un film intelligent et on declenche la 3rd Guerre Mondiale!

Thus states the caption from the Sept. 19 issue of Charlie Hebdo, in which the prophet Mohammed is caricatured as a porn actor, prompting bodies to continue piling up, as they have been in and around protests of outrage against the video trailer for soft-core porn film, The Innocence of Muslims.

From whence did this come?

There are the shady backers of the film, of Zionist/neo-con provenance, leading to the speculation that this video has been deployed as an assist to the Romney campaign...

Foreign Policy JournalWhat’s Behind the “Innocence of Muslims”?

And then there are the B-movie and soft-core porn actors and director who took part in its production...

GawkerThe Director of ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Is a Schlocky Softcore Porn Director Named Alan Roberts


Bullies for RomneySeditionist Film Leading to Attacks on US Consulates Features US Porn Actress

Joe.My.GodGay Porn Actor Tim Dax Talks To Us About His Role In Innocence Of Muslims

The video itself is virtually soft-core where, in the long version - Muhammad Movie Trailer - at time-stamp 4:00, a scene depicts Mohammed receiving his inspiration for the founding of Islam from the vagina of a mysterious woman simply referred to as "Mi Lady". The shorter version - The Real Life of Muhammad - lacks this scene - apparently this was posted in anticipation that the longer, more pornographic version would be removed by Youtube; but both versions remains posted. As the actors themselves have noted, all reference to Mohammed, Muslims and Islam are done by voice-over. In the case of the actor playing Mohammed (originally "George") the voice-over seems to have a British accent.


This cultural PSYOPS against the Muslim world is not just to be perpetrated by the smutty dregs of Western society, but by the "cream" of its crop: British Royalty. We've had a spate of denuding of British royals, Princess Kate most notably...

CelebJihadPrincess Kate Middleton Topless Pics

Yet in this display of exhibitionism - in antithesis to the hijab - what does Kate do? Just as these photos are flying around the world, Kate enters a mosque - submitting... or insulting Islam?

Debbie SchlusselKate Middleton - Islamo-Pandering Hijab Barefoot Photos Far More Offensive Than Topless Ones

Prince Harry has had his shameless moments as well...


For which his punishment was to be sent to Afghanistan. On September 15 - 15 years and 15 days after the death of Prince Harry's mother Diana -15 Taliban fighters storm Camp Bastion (Harry is rumored to be a bastard) where he is stationed. They destroy six Harrier jets, but miss Harry...

InfoWars: CIA-Sponsored Taliban Attack Camp Bastion With Orders to Kidnap or Kill Prince Harry

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