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Headlines of note for March 2012...

Headline of the month:

Were the U.S. truly a constitutional republic, abiding the rule of law, with a political opposition and an independent press (we do have these, but they are marginalized), this story would have by now firmly lodged the name of Obama in the docket and Joe Biden would be president. Impeachment proceedings would be moot, however, since, through a technical interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, Barack Obama is not now and has never been president; while everything he has signed is null and void.

But regardless, this story was simply passed over without notice in the corporate press, along with the left "alternative" and even much of the right-wing press, with the notable exception of World Net Daily. Otherwise, one can rely on what is becoming a news organization that the established media is having a more and more difficult time marginalizing...

InfoWars: Sheriff Arpaio - Obama’s Documents Are Amateur Phonies

Or one might go to what once was held as the paradigm of controlled media...

Pravda: Arizona sheriff finds Obama presidential qualifications forged

And so, given that the Constitution, which he swore to defend and protect, does bar him from holding the office he has usurped, it should come as no surprise that the pseudo-POTUS does things like this...

The Nation: Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

Or has he gone far beyond the mere imprisonment of journalists? Following the uncanny timing of the death of Andrew Breitbart (on the very day he was to release purportedly very damning videos of Obama in his college days), there have been a quite a few question-mark headlines...

RedState: Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered?

Until the L.A. County Coroner finishes his report - after having had a very busy February, examining what the bodies of Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston had to tell him - we can only speculate, and hope that he has the fortitude of the T.V. character Quincy not to shy away from a politically explosive finding, if such finding is warranted.


Many mixed signals are coming from U.S. as to whether or not there is a green light for an Israeli attack on Iran. On the one hand, Obama tells The Atlantic, 'I don't bluff', and on the other he says 'tone down the rhetoric' and 'give sanctions time'. By some accounts, for instance, Ulsterman's "Wall Street Insider", Obama has abandoned Israel. But perhaps a more reliable source would be Netanyahu himself, whose statements before the Knesset on March 14 were interpreted by Haaretz editor-in-chief Aluf Benn to mean that Obama gave Bibi the implicit green light, while continuing to play the farce of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in public...

Netanyahu is preparing Israeli public opinion for a war on Iran

Netanyahu presented three examples in which his predecessors broke the American directive and made crucial decisions regarding the future of Israel: the declaration of independence in 1948, starting the Six Day War in 1967 and the bombing of the nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981...

In these past incidents, Israel acted against the U.S. position formally, but made sure that the Americans will accept the results of the action and support it in retrospect. And indeed, the U.S. recognized Israel in 1948, allowed it to control the territories annexed in 1967, and made do with weak condemnations of the attack on the Iraq nuclear reactor in 1981.

That being the case, then Netanyahu is hinting that in his Washington visit, he received Obama's tacit approval for an Israeli attack against Iran – under the guise of opposition. Obama will speak out against it but act for it, just as the past U.S. administrations speak against the settlements in the territories but allow their expansion. And in this manner Netanyahu summarized the visit: "I presented before my hosts the examples that I just noted before you, and I believe that the first objective that I presented – to fortify the recognition of Israel's right to defend itself – I think that objective has been achieved."

(Our emphasis) And so, as the war drums swell towards against Iran, a few things bear keeping in mind...

Democracy Now (Seymour Hersh): Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused over Iran’s Nuke Program

In These Times (Noam Chomsky): What Are Iran's Intentions?


In what looks to be a watershed moment accelerating the US exit from Afghanistan, a lone gunman or...?

RT: Up to 20 US troops behind Kandahar bloodbath – Afghan probe

Voltairenet: The Massacre of the Afghan 17 and the Obama Cover-Up

A similar modus operandi, but here employed to accelerate a US entry into Syria...?

PrisonPlanet: Leaked Email - Pentagon Admits Plan To Direct Terror Attacks Inside Syria

It was only a couple of months ago that we commented on the commonality of aims in Syria shared by the U.S. and Al Qaeda. Now Hillary confirms it...

Global Research: Syria - Clinton Admits US On Same Side As Al Qaeda To Destabilise Assad Government

The French are in there as well...

Telegraph: Thirteen French officers 'captured by Syrian Army'

Chickens coming home to roost?

Cryptogon: French Interior Minister - Police in Armed Stand-Off with Toulouse Shooting Suspect

And now a moment to consider the fruits of last year's conquest...

BBC: Libya rally on Cyrenaica autonomy plan ends in violence

RT Arabic: Dead and wounded in clashes between armed factions in the Libyan capital

Google's translation:

Broke out on Sunday, March 18 / March in the Libyan capital Tripoli violent clashes between armed factions vying for control of the headquarters was a follower of the Gaddafi Development Foundation in the neighborhood of the plateau, where echoed firing shells and machine guns extensively in different parts of the Libyan capital as streets were empty of pedestrians. There were reports of several deaths and wounded in the fighting.

Mohammed said that to Harizi spokesman Libyan National Transitional Council that "what happened in the city of Benghazi (the night of Friday to Saturday) to go out in demonstrations accompanied by medium and light weapons is out of order and contrary to law."

While a security source confirmed killed in Benghazi young man who was among the protesters in Freedom Square with an injured stray bullet anonymous.

The unknown assailants had fired live bullets at demonstrators demanding the application of the federal Freedom Square in the city of Benghazi yesterday in an attempt to thwart the demonstration, killing one person and wounding several others.

Libyan authorities are still unable to collect new weapons from the hands of insurgents and militias that fought the regime of Colonel Gaddafi.


As the chaos spreads south, again with U.S. sponsorship...

RT: Mali coup led by US-trained captain

Boiling Frogs Post (William Engdahl): Joseph Kony and More AFRICOM Wars over Oil

AFRICOM was put into operation at the end of the Bush presidency, which brings into question the timing of Barack Obama, as Sibel Edmonds notes...

Barack Obama: the World Establishment’s Uncle Tom Card in the Re-Colonization of Africa


A tale of two nations, from the opposing corners of Europe, courtesy ZeroHedge:

The Iceland Financial Renaissance Miracle Continues

Greece Has Defaulted: Here Is Where We Stand

As the Greek default was anticipated and partial, an economic meltdown did not occur as feared. Yet, the seeds of a meltdown for the U.S. and all ye who worship its "almighty" dollar are being planted...

The Economic Collapse: 10 Reasons Why The Reign Of The Dollar As The World Reserve Currency Is About To Come To An End


In contra-distinction to the Bush years, in which neo-con strategists were ascendent particularly in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, while the CIA was thrown to the wolves, the Obama years might be characterized with the ascendence of (to coin a term) neo-prog stategists who are more inclined to employ tactics drawn from the CIA play-book of dirty tricks, though updated so as to play the new media much as the CIA used to play the old media - like a "mighty Wurlitzer". The old-gaurd military, then, with its cluunky weapons and lug-nut boots on the ground is viewed with disdain by the new White House hipsters. Hence, murmurings of disgruntledness are increasingly welling up out of Pentagon quarters. And, so, this might explain the motivation of Wayne Madsen's sources for the following:

Wayne Madsen Reports: White House battles U.S. intelligence factions via WikiLeaks and Anonymous

The Obama White House is running a covert operation that is using authorized leaks of information through groups such as WikiLeaks and Anonymous to battle against other parts of the U.S. intelligence community that are resisting Obama efforts to engage in massive warfare in cyber-space, according to well-placed Pentagon insiders.

Using the assets of the U.S. Cyber Command, headed by General Keith Alexander and continuing warrantless wiretapping authorities carried over from the Bush administration, a covert group of White House conspirators working under the direction of White House Office of Information Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) chief Cass Sunstein and National Security Council adviser Samantha Power, Sunstein's wife, cyber-hackers have gained access to various computer networks and released information damaging to White House enemies in the intelligence community...

It remains open to question however whether Sunstein and company employed Anonymous for this particular operation...

PCMag: Anonymous' 'Operation Blackout' Goes Dark; DNS Just Fine

In any case, it was a best a false start - a test run?


Here is an intriguing headline:

Intelligence Online: Pentagon opens doors to terrorists

A sub-contractor to the U.S. intelligence community (particularly in examining improvised explosive devices (IEDs), A-T Solutions is going to turn its expertise against the United States...

The rest is restricted to subscribers, but more details may be found here...

Washington Technology: A-T Solutions wins $90M contract to support DOD 'Red Team'


Police state news...

The White House: Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness

Cryptogon: Bamford Claims NSA Has Made “An Enormous Breakthrough” in Cryptanalysis

Wired: The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

ExtremeTech: New speech-jamming gun hints at dystopian Big Brother future

Natural News: 65-year-old California 'milk man' subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail


Regrettably, the answer to the disjunction we posed in our October 2011 summary regarding Andrea Rossi's E-Cat system - energy paradigm shift or tremendous hoax - appears to be leaning in the direction of tremendous hoax...

PESN: Rossi Tells Florida Bureau He Has No U.S. Factory, No Nuclear Reactions

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