Friday, October 21, 2011

Qadaffi Snuff

The name of this web log is WxxxNews. As such, one might expect that this would be the place to go for video footage of the execution of Muammar al-Qadaffi. Sorry. Tough luck. We won't go there. Read the by-line for this site: "Web log editions shall be soft-core at best..." The video that has been issuing out of every news outlet with celebratory aplomb, from the Beeb to Fox, is of the sort that individuals found in personal possession of such would be facing criminal charges in most jurisdictions. It is a snuff film, the eagerness with which it is aired by media giants only serves to illustrate most sadly the demise of those Western values - the Rule of Law, due process, injunctions against cruel and humiliating punishment - that such organizations purport to represent. That WxxxNews is one speaking out for common decency attests how deep into the Hobbesian abyss our "civilization" has fallen. Not since the filmed, public execution by hanging of Benito Mussolini in 1945, has such a display of bestial, necrophiliac savagery been displayed. Actually, the images of Qadaffi go beyond those of Mussolini, for now we have the man stripped naked before the fatal shots are fired, and then his bloody corpse laid out for a photo-journalistic necro-feast. We will not partake in this sacrament of evil.

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ck said...

Thank you for your humane sensibilities. We could use more of the same in what is too often a crass world. My regards, CK