Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First, the problem...

ArXiv: The network of global corporate control

Then the reaction... Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street movement is providing arenas for the expression of general angst against the oligarchs that can no longer denied or obfuscated by politicians and media. Having reached this point, however, it should come as no surprise that many of the 1% are "sympathizing" with the angst of the 99% - everyone from George Soros to Ben and Jerry to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to Viceroy Obama. They want the 99% to know that they are every bit as frustrated about the situation, even though their tax returns might indicate incomes of the upper one percentile, such as Soros and B. & J., or if they merely serve as lackeys to the former, as with Bernanke and Obama.

Now that the US is having its own "Arab Spring," the power grab is on. The crisis has got its reaction, and so everyone with an agenda is jumping into the game in an attempt to redirect the focus onto their solution. Whether its Michael Moore (another one percenter) calling for the end of capitalism or Alex Jones pushing to end the Fed, each faction will try to milk this for all its worth.

As the pitch is made by the original #Occupiers, as read by Keith Olbermann, it seems reasonable enough to the average 99 percenter...

CurrentTV: First Collective Statement of Occupy Wall Street

...which is not too much of a departure from the grievances expressed by, say, the original American revolutionaries. Yet, one thing we have noted among many on the contemporary left; they are disturbingly dismissive of basic constitutional principals - to a document regarded by them as out-dated, and as little more than a fetish to the "tea-baggers" (albeit a valid observation). There are exceptions: for instance Glenn Greenwald might be described as a constitutionally grounded progressive; but when one considers the general lack of interest from the left in the unilateral executive assassination of American citizens Awlaki and Khan (when even anti-Muslim stalwarts on the right such as Michael Savage and Glenn Beck decried it), it becomes apparent that there is a very disconcerting phenomenon occurring on the left side of the American body politic.

Further evidence of this phenomenon...

Rense: Has 'Occupy Wall Street' Already Been Controlled?

PrisonPlanet: 'Occupy' Agitators Sabotage First Amendment

It is as if the Obama-zombies of three years ago, having been abandoned by their Dada Doc, are now roaming the nation leaderless, though they remain zonked out in a zombie state.

But are they entirely leaderless?

Makow (Richard Evans): Occupy Wall Street Is COINTELPRO

Global Research (David Walsh): From Tunisia to "Occupy Wall Street": Who is the AFL/CIO's Stuart Applebaum?

Our advice: be very wary of those that purport to provide a channel for the general anger. When they try to drown out thought process with con/sense/us chanting and when they talk about eliminating property because the super-rich have too much, remember that they would take away your property, even though you think you have not too much, and they will stifle your liberty by conning your senses, and, indeed, if it would serve the "greater good," they could take your life.

So beware the "solution"...

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