Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The vultures are circling

Obama knows what he is doing. His strategy to save the United States consists in this... Take a bad but "salvageable" economic situation and deliberately make it worse. The scare-quotes indicate that while the system as it stands could have been salvaged for yet another round of bubble economics, such salvation would be temporary, and the next bubble-pop could be severe enough to induce the end of the United States of America. So, then, now is the time to induce a severe depression, while the federal government still has the resources with which to hold the nation together through the times of civil unrest that are coming. Such extreme conditions then will become the spark of real and lasting change.

The above might be said to be the extreme confabulation of a die-hard Obama supporter, exhausting herself in his defence. But it comes with some supporting evidence...

Ulsterman: Economist on Obama - The Most Destructive Force Against The American Economy Today

"It is so bad as to seem intentional."


Obama has always projected ambiguity concerning his identity - is he an insider or an outsider? a Wall St. lackey or a deep cover communist insurgent? Christian or Muslim? Natural born U.S. citizen or a patrilineal British subject? Indeed, he seems to thrive on keeping everyone guessing, and this goes not for not just the "birthers" and the like, but also for the puppet-masters who made him their vehicle. Can his handlers always be certain that he is on their team?

Now he is, after all, a child of the "Secret Team" - as Wayne Madsen has exposed, Obama's father came to the University of Hawaii as part of a covert CIA sponsored foreign exchange program. The rational of this program we can read of in portions of a May 15, 1959 Presidential committee report detailing the expansion of military assistance programs (MAPs) overseas to include civil service recruits. As L. Fletcher Prouty describes it in The Secret Team:

Early in this thirty-three page report the committee made a key point. It stated that the new training programs... included a first entry into the undergraduate study field. Meanwhile, the geographic emphasis of the International Educational Exchange Service shifted away from Europe to the underdeveloped countries... The Agency and the military had established their positions in and around the recipient countries, and now they were going to exploit these positions at will. - Pg. 435

And so came Barack Hussein Obama Sr. to the U.S. where he met Stanley Ann Dunham in a Russian language class, the two subsequently conceiving future POTUS 44 B.H.O. Jr. on the occasion of the election of John F. Kennedy as POTUS 35. B.H.O. Sr. however became an absent father, leaving the child searching for father-figures to replace him (as recounted in his Dreams From My Father); one of whom, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist - just the sort of insurgent that the IEES was intended to counter (or just the sort of "insurgent" the CIA could employ).

It often does seem that Obama is solidly in the CIA/Wall St. insider camp (Alex Jones's The Obama Deception being the piece de resistance for this thesis), even as Glenn Beck can make a somewhat convincing case for his covert allegiance to the Chicago commie crowd. Perhaps Barack Obama is simply schizophrenic on this score. Or perhaps (we can hope) he has epiphanied, rejecting his "birth-right" and is carefully plotting the downfall of the Secret Team, while not doing so in such a flagrant way that will get him physically assassinated (as with JFK).

In any case, it is becoming increasingly evident that the vultures are now circling around Obama, as they craft controlled aversive environments with which to carry out a psychological assassination...

Obama Mad?

And we're not just talking about LaRouchePAC anymore. On the one hand we have have a "White House Insider" - evidently a Clinton loyalist - who has been feeding us little tidbits about Obama's mental state...

Ulsterman: White House Insider - "They were in shock at the president's behavior"

Not long ago, the president took a meeting. He’s late, which apparently is becoming more and more common with him. The meeting was almost cancelled. In strolls the president, joking with an aide. He plops down on a sofa, leans over and claps another guy on the back asking how he’s been. Apologizes for being late, says he was “held up”. He laughs some more. The meeting begins. After just ten minutes, during which time the president appears to almost totally withdraw into himself, an aide walks in and whispers something to the president, who then nods and quickly stands up, shakes a few hands and tells another aide to update him later on the rest of the meeting. As the president is walking out he is laughing at something yet again. He asked no questions of those at the meeting – not one. He left after just ten minutes, coming in laughing and leaving laughing. His behavior during that brief time he was there was described as “borderline manic”...

[This] was told to me... by someone who was... there. First hand. They were also left to apologize to the ones left in the room after the president left. Some of these were military. They were not happy. No…that is not accurate. They were pissed. They didn’t say much at the time, but word got back. They were in shock at the president’s behavior.

And indeed it would appear the Military brass/Secret Team are working to sabotage his policies, as becomes evident with the kind of selective leaking found in Obama's Wars, the latest blockbuster of Bob Woodward, the Secret Team's perennial operative "journalist"...

Washington Post (Jack Goldsmith): Our nation's secrets, stuck in a broken system

President Obama sat for an interview with Woodward for the book. He comes across in the book as circumspect, and he expressly refuses, when asked, to discuss classified information. The White House has said recently that the president did not authorize his aides to disclose classified information to Woodward. Still, because the White House clearly gave the green light to cooperate with Woodward, we should not expect a leak investigation anytime soon.

We can even wonder about the loyalty of Obama's Justice Department, whose actions have set-up a race war stoking scandal, as we read again from Ulsterman...

Justice Department Scandal Set to Rock Obama Administration?

During the 2008 presidential election, two members of the New Black Panthers were filmed outside a polling place dressed in Panther garb, with one gentleman brandishing a billy club. A complaint was filed, and an initial investigation showed the Black Panthers as having violated federal voting rights laws. Witnesses testified to the men threatening physical harm and calling a Black Republican poll watcher as being a “traitor” and warning him to not step outside or “there would be hell to pay.” Both men claimed they were “security” for the polling place.

That is when things became a bit more convoluted, and potentially damaging to the Obama administration.

In what appeared to be a simple open and shut case that had already received a default judgement against the New Black Panthers members, who themselves did not contest the charges, the Obama Justice Department dropped the case, citing “lack of evidence.” Then Department of Justice member J Christian Adams was so disgusted by the dismissal he resigned his position from the department, claiming he was told that the department only wished to pursue cases against minorities, not by minorities...


Brace yourselves... Civil unrest is coming, and the Secret Team knows that civil unrest can be most easily exploited by playing the race-card... So don't fall for the race-card ruse, America.

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