Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some more things happened in October (just to link a few)...


A British paper informs us that Obama colluded with British Petroleum in its assault on the Gulf Coast...

Guardian: Gulf oil spill - White House blocked and put spin on scientists warnings the chemical warfare continues...

OpEdNews: Corexit Use Still Appears to Be Prevalent in the Gulf, Despite Official Statements

To list just a few of the casualties, as compiled on Florida Oil Spill Law:

Boat captain “bleeding from her vagina” — “I’m bleeding from my anus, too… This thing is killing me”

Chemist: Women more at risk — “Bleeding from their vagina and anus. Small kids are bleeding from their ears. This stuff is busting red blood cells”

“Constant health issues” after repeatedly going to beach — “Bloody, mucus-filled diarrhea” for 4 days with “blood running out of my ear”

Toxicologist now dealing with at least three autopsies in Gulf and “people who’s esophaguses are dissolving… these people have oil in their bodies” (VIDEO)

Valdez Toxicologist: “People are dropping dead now” — “I don’t think we’ll have to wait years to see the effects like we did in Alaska”


Sibel Edmonds makes note of Lee Hamilton's sponsor: BAE Systems

Boiling Frogs Post: 9/11 Commisioner's Turkey Baste

As we added in comments, this isn't the first time BAE has been connected to the event that brought it so much business (ref: EIR). As for the comments relating to HAARP, see BAE's June 2007 press release: BAE SYSTEMS COMPLETES WORLD’S PREMIERE FACILITY FOR IONOSPHERIC PHYSICS RESEARCH

Incidentally, last Friday, TruTV aired former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory episode on HAARP, covering its purported weather control applications. Then four days later, a near category one land-locked hurricane came barreling down the jet stream...

KSAX: Minnesota Wind Storm - Barometric Pressure Hits Record Low


WikiLeaks takes another massive data-dump, but it does so in the style of a social networking site, where you can create your own personal account, rate and analyse documents, with the assurance that WikiLeaks will not save your personalized information! Yes it's looking more and more like a NSA front...

War Logs


Another recent data-dump: previously unreleased 9/11 videos...

9/11Blogger: International Center for 9/11 Studies - NIST Cumulus Video Database Released

Curious that of all the mainstream news outlets, FOX News is the one that gives 9/11 truth the most leads...

EXCLUSIVE: Witnesses in Defense Dept. Report Suggest Cover-Up of 9/11 Findings

EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11


So long as we are perusing new revelations on old news...

Democracy Now: FBI Documents on Senator Paul Wellstone Raise Questions about His Death 8 Years Ago

ProPublica reporting on U.S. ties to Mumbai attacks (though rather timidly - just another dot-connecting problem)...

Feds Confirm Mumbai Plotter Trained With Terrorists While Working for DEA

FBI Was Warned Years in Advance of Mumbai Attacker’s Terror Ties

With so many trades crammed in the space of milliseconds, it took nearly 6 months to extricate what happened on May 6....

Nanex: May 6'th 2010 Flash Crash Analysis Final Conclusion


Much fear and loathing on coming quantitative easing actions of Fed...

ZeroHedge: A Paralyzed Fed Defers Decision On Monetary Policy To Primary Dealers In An Act That Can Only Be Classified As Treason


Institutionalized molestation...

Atlantic: For the First Time, the TSA Meets Resistance

"I'm going to run my hands up your thighs, and then feel your buttocks, then I'm going to reach under you until I meet --"

"Resistance?" I interrupted.

"Yes, resistance. Do you want to go into a private room?"

Indeed, airports are becoming more and more like Abu Ghraib...

Guardian: Humiliate, strip, threaten: UK military interrogation manuals discovered

More on that subject...

MI5 and MI6 Exposed: British Intelligence Torture Techniques


And finally...

PlasticPals: The Uncanny Valley Is Strong With this One

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