Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sodano Rebuffs Sodomite Paedophilia Charges

Certain headlines simply proffer themselves to WXXX, as opposed to other news outlets which must opt for the more euphemistic expressions...

Catholic World News: At Vatican's Easter Mass, Cardinal Sodano defends Pope against 'petty gossip'

There is often a curious timing in the way certain stories enter and develop through news cycles. For instance, the recent allegations of Pope Benedict's protection of pedophile priests occurred about a week prior to Holy Week, and with such impeccable timing to deliver this story on Good Friday:

AP: US Jewish leaders denounce Catholic sermon

Yes, on the day commemorating the crucifixion of Christ at the behest of the Pharisees, the hapless priest should have known better than to utter the words "anti-semitism" and "Pope" in the same passage (Ratzinger was, after all, Hitler Jugend!) - even if he was quoting a Jewish friend, in the penultimate paragraph of...

Zenit: Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Homily


Another case in point of timing the news: just shy of a month before the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, it comes as no surprise that the federal judiciary/mainstream media-complex should be scare-pimping the subject of militias once again, spurred by the arrests of the Hutaree militia... It's as if we've entered a news time-warp into the 1990s...

NYTimes: The Government and the Militia Movement

NPR: When Right-Wing Extremism Moves Mainstream

On the latter note, it seems the aforementioned complex is recruiting its own to lead an insurrection, what with Glenn Beck penning his own version of The Turner Diaries...

Washington Post: Beck novel depicts America sliding into civil war

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