Monday, December 28, 2009

In our previous post, Spiral Eye in Sky Winks at the New Prince of Peace, we identified contemporary manifestations of three of the four political prongs recommended as "substitute institutions" for replacing the non-military functions of war in the Report from Iron Mountain. But, we neglected to note any illustration of the first: "An omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force."

Then, the very next day, President Obama gave us one, issuing a significant Executive Order, Amending Executive Order 12425, which addresses this very issue, by rescinding the restraints that President Reagan had placed upon the powers of INTERPOL within the United States in the original E.O. gives a full analysis:

Wither Sovereignty

We should add, the timing of the E.O. - on the eve of his trip to the Copenhagen climate summit - suggests that Obama wanted to go to the summit with a demonstration of his willingness to open U.S. jurisdictions to the enforcement of international law, as this was one of the primary goals of the summit: an enforceable treaty, subjecting signatory countries to surveillance of carbon emissions and to punitive measures when those emissions are in excess. However, despite the aggressive lobbying of Obama and others, China, on behalf of the developing nations, refused to sign such an agreement.

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