Saturday, December 5, 2009

HAARP plays Bullseye

Reported in the Oct. 2 Nature News...

Artificial ionosphere creates bullseye in the sky.

What impresses us, however is not so much the bullseye, but the banded patterns rippling away, as from a tuning fork...

Instead of the expected fuzzy, doughnut-shaped blob, surprising irregular luminescent bands radiated out from the centre of the bullseye, says Todd Pedersen, a research physicist at the US Air Force Research Laboratory in Massachusetts, who leads the team that ran the experiment at HAARP.

We find a photograph of this at Physics Today.

The Naval Research Laboratory provides an animation and explanation of perhaps what was going on here.

{ Tangentally, the last time we saw something like this resonant band pattern, albeit much lower in the atmosphere, was this video shot over Northern Japan in 2007... Strange Clouds Mesmerize Japanese Airliner Crew }

HAARP may be the largest installation of its type, but we find similar arrays of HF antenas in other remote locations for global radio communications. For instance, there is a group of eight near Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska...

Rural communications site has global mission

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Anonymous said...

Those high frequency auroral striations are reminiscent of the anxious waves that swell above the head in Munch’s paintings like “The Scream” - the artist seemingly alerting the viewer of a coming era where familiar everyday faces morph into vampires and living dead. In Munch’s fin de siecle vocabulary, the sky is a sickly red; the HAARP experiment creates red’s opposite on the 4096 color-wheel, insinuating that the new threat level is code GREEN.

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