Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Kinseyian Keynesian Kenyan American President

He said he didn't come into the presidency "all ginned up to spend 787 billion dollars," but circumstances demanded that he take this Keynesian approach to economic policy.

The Right is of course all up in arms over this, along with the conviction, in some quarters, that he is really Kenyan born, and hence an unconstitutional President. But above and beyond this, his alleged Kinseyianism is what really gets some blood boiling. So we might say: it is not so much his economic policies that get him all ginned up, but as Judith Reisman charges, it is sexual politics that gets him rather ripped...

Obama ripped on 'sex agenda'

Update, March 11

Senator Sam Brownback is apparently on Reisman's mailing list, as evidenced by his tizzied knickers...

Senator Brownback on Deputy AG Nominee David Ogden

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