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Headlines of note for August 2014...

The Times: US begins drone flights over Syria to prepare for airstrikes

One year after a concerted but failed effort to generate public support for the bombing of Syria, a new casus belli is presented. This time, however, the targets ostensibly are to be the Syrian rebel forces of ISIS...

(Ostensibly; however as Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge notes, quoting AP, already the possibility is being raised of 'balancing' strikes on ISIS with strikes on Assad)

NYTimes: U.S. General Says Raiding Syria Is Key to Halting ISIS

Oh really?...

Britain Investigating Whether Journalist’s Executioner Is a British Citizen

Look in the mirror Britain, the bogeyman is you...

Mirror: ISIS fighters could launch a deadly attack on Britain at any time warns David Cameron

"I am actually puzzled. I mean, if America were serious about eliminating terrorism, the first capital it should rock with cruise missiles is London." - Muammar al Qaddafi, October 25th 2001 on Al Jazeera, cited in TERRORIZING EUROPE: LONDONISTAN by Jürgen Elsässer

Seems they are asking for it...

Daily Mail: British Embassy in Washington sparks fury after holding a party to 'commemorate' 200th anniversary of the burning of the White House

Then there is that other "British Invasion" - in commemoration of its 50th anniversary... Yesterday and Today...

Telegraph: 'British' jihadist who beheaded journalist is Londoner called John

Operating closely with two other British born militants, the group have been dubbed ‘The Beatles’, by fellow jihadists because of their nationality.

For a little detour on this theme...

Wizards, Buses and the Physiodelic Church: "I am Yesterday, "and I am Today ; and I have the power to be born a second time. I the hidden Soul create the gods, and I give sepulchral meals to "the divine beings in Amenti and in heaven." 

Back to ISIS... London hip-hop artist Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary key suspect in hunt for killer of American journalist James Foley

Infowars: Experts - James Foley Beheading Video Likely Fake


What kind of a journalist was (is?) James Foley anyway?...

National Journal: These Are the Stories James Foley Risked His Life to Tell

Global Post (James Foley archive): Inside Gaddafi's Libya

Wayne Madsen ReportGlobal Post, the employer of freelancer James Foley, fails to pass smell test

The media operation has not been around long. It was initiated on January 12, 2009, a week before the inauguration of Barack Obama as president, by two Boston businessmen, Charles Sennott and Philip Balboni. The new website claimed it was going to “redefine international news for the digital age.” Originally charging an annual subscription of $199 a year, Global Post cut its annual rate to $30 a year, which has been WMR’s unchanged annual subscription rate since 2005. However, Global Post’s subscribers’ base only stood at around 400. Yet, Global Post could boast of 65 worldwide correspondents, albeit, many of whom, like Foley, were freelancers. But how does an on-line media with subscribers only in the hundreds manage to finance reporters in war zones like Syria and Libya while maintaining a worldwide network of correspondents?

Global Post, with its lackluster business revenues, was able to cut syndication agreements with the Public Broadcasting System (sometimes mockingly referred to as the “Pentagon Broadcasting System”), the Sumner Redstone-owned CBS, and the Mort Zuckerman-owned New York Daily News. Oddly, just two years after its start-up, Global Post had garnered Peabody, Polk, and Edward R. Murrow awards for its “On Location” video coverage. Clearly, someone wanted to increase Global Post’s street credentials through an “award washing” campaign....

Owned by Global News Enterprises, LLC and headquartered on Boston’s affluent waterfront, Global Post’s board of directors and management includes those who have had only a glancing encounter with actual journalism: former cable television executives, a former chairman of C-SPAN, a former member of the board of The Boston Globe, a former publisher of The Boston Globe, an assistant to the CEO of the Hearst Corporation, a public relations flack for PBS, and a board member of the Boston public television station WGBH.

But even more suspicious is the presence on the staff of Global Post of two former editors for The Cambodia Daily, a CIA-connected publication officially owned by Cambodian orphanage “aficionado” Bernard Krisher; a former senior correspondent for the CIA- and Soros-linked Radio Free Europe in Prague; a graduate of the CIA-linked Sasin Business Institute in Bangkok; a former Boston Globe Jerusalem bureau chief, a former editor for the CIA-connected Tico Times of Costa Rica, and a former editor for the hard-neocon publication The Atlantic. Global Post’s team of international correspondents are steeped in neocon credentials, from The Daily Beast and Kyiv Post to The New Republic and The Daily Telegraph...

Steve Pieczenik (citing NYTimes): Proper Rules Regarding Hostage Rescue and Hostage Survival...

In the NYTimes article entitled, “Before Killing James Foley,  ISIS Demanded Ransom From U.S.”,  (posted earlier) written by Rukmini Callimachi, the following  most revealing paragraph appears about James Foley’s death wish:

“Across the ocean at his home in Cambridge, Mass, the chief executive of GlobalPost Mr. Balboni, reached for his Blackberry and had a TERRIBLE SENSE OF FOREBODING [my emphasis]: The email informing him of Mr Foley’s abduction was almost an exact replay of the horrors his staff had endured a year earlier when Foley was kidnapped with three others by Col. Muammar El Qaddafi’s forces in Libya.”

 Let’s review what happened in Libya:

 “We had joked that we needed to take away his (Foley’s) passport, Mr Balboni said Wednesday. “I don’t want to say it was deja vu but in a way it was…in one way I knew what was coming.” Not only did James Foley put himself purposefully in harms way but he also compromised Mr Balboni and the integrity of his journal and it’s financial viability.  Mr Balboni and countless other individuals spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours to rescue James Foley from Libya.  In return for their collective “good-will” Foley returned to the mundane job of being an editor for the journal (desk job) in Cambridge Mass...

Just like a physician, the state dept and military must be able to triage whom they can afford to save and who they must let go.  Needless to say, not every hostage deserves to be saved.  Unless that hostage is sponsored by a large organization that can afford to pay ransom then asking the USG to send in Intelligence Officers and Special Forces to save a potential hostage would bankrupt us and endanger the lives of others.

If for reasons unknown, James Foley worked for some organization other than the stated one, the triage applies doubly for any overseas operatives who have been taught how to avoid these types of precarious situations...


Washingtons Blog: New Terror Narrative Emerging - ISIS Supports American Resistance

A veteran AGIT-PROPer recognizes the methodology...

Steve Pieczenik: I Have Never Been to Missouri…

(note also off-topic comments concerning remembrances of Charles Harrelson courtesy "MITMichael")

Reddit: Live Feed for riot and protest in Ferguson, MO. Scanner reports, news links

The Final CallRebellion, confrontations with police as another young Black male is gunned down

See our President Weatherman, part II for context. Weathermen-styled agit-prop - even at the White House - is evident...

InvestmentWatch: DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson

Infowars: Ferguson Police AWOL For Looting, Out in Force to Crush First Amendment, Arrest Journalists

Showdown - Black Activists Go Head-to-head Against Ferguson Riot Police

Attempts to divide and channel the rage with the race-card have not been entirely successful - perhaps in part because the case is egregious enough to generate outrage across racial and ideological lines - but thanks in large part to an over-equipped if not DHS-hijacked Ferguson police. The issue du jour has become the militarization of police, whence the "us" is more generalized and not entirely race-ID'd, while the "them" is not some isolated hapless cracker (e.g. the role played by George Zimmerman) serving to divide the populus into contentious and convenient factions. It is "the people" vs. "the pigs". Though to zero in on the police state apparatus does not entirely get to the crux of the crisis, which is the oligarchical looting of America, but it is a step in the right direction.

Black Agenda Report: Ferguson Versus the Counter-Insurgency State

Oath Keepers: Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon From Missouri Oath Keepers

New York Times: In Wake of Clashes, Calls to Demilitarize Police

Occupy Corporatism: New Bill Calls For ‘De-militarization’ of DHS, FBI and Others


On the war of Novorosiya, we recommend Eurasian Union, which is providing detailed situational maps of the Donbass region: - the latest: 29-8-14

Shall a western front be opening soon?...

Podkarpathian Rus and Novorossiya sign Agreements

NATO forces, and then some, are preparing...

Stars and StripesAnatomy of an attack - A step by step fictional siege in Saber Junction

...troops from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine make up the non-NATO forces involved.

Stop NATO: Report - NATO Uses Azeri, Moldovan, Romanian Air Bases For War In Ukraine

As of August 15, we were awash in claims/counterclaims as to what was occurring at the Ukraine/Russian border. With facts obscured by infowar smoke, we presumed fire...

Ukrinform: Column of Russian military equipment breaks through to Luhansk - NSDC

RT: Aid convoy to Ukraine faces disruption, may be attacked - Russia

AFP: Tensions soar as Ukraine says destroys Russian armour

RIANovosti: UN Unable to Verify Kiev’s Allegations About Hitting Russian Military Column in Ukraine

Updates at Interfax for Aug. 15

In the end, it appears this was a Gulf of Tonkin attempt...

DailyMail: Kiev in U-turn over claim that 'Russian tanks, artillery and 1,200 fighters' had been deployed in Eastern Ukraine as evidence fails to materialise

Aug. 25 brings similar reports  - but with the faulty eyewitness account coming from the Guardian, we shall place the eyesight of NATO affiliated journalists in the "yet to be verified" category...

AP: Weapons convoys seen rolling in eastern Ukraine

Another cause for our alarm of Aug. 15: the YouTube channel Anti-Maidan - our favorite source for news from Donetsk - had been silent for two days (Aug. 14-15), after posting this video...

18+ GRAPHIC | Right Sector Bus didn't make it to Donetsk. | English Subtitles

Aug. 16: after three day hiatus, Anti-Maidan returned, having a little fun with the infowar...

Ukraine Crisis |XXX| Interview w/ Ukr soldiers| Real Losses of Ukr. Army | Eng Sub

Earlier in the month...

Ukraine Crisis | Donetsk horror: who can put an end to it? | English Subtitles

Vineyard of the SakerUkraine SITREP by Gleb Bazov

Eurasian UnionTonight 438 Ukrainian Army Personel crossed into Russia - seeking asylum

Moon of Alabama: One Nazi Resigns - Russia Sanctions Start To Blow Back

Continuing MH 17 investigation...

RINF: MH-17 ‘Investigation’: Secret August 8th Agreement Seeps Out

Pravda: Boeing-777 was downed by Ukrainian MiG-29, Romanian expert says

Mondialisation: Le vol MH-17 abattu par un avion de chasse ukrainien ?

Qui bono...

Farm Wars: Biotech Takeover of Ukraine Imminent

Boiling Frogs Post: “The EU and IMF Rape of Ukraine Agriculture”

Mea culpa courtesy of the Council of Foreign Relations...

Foreign Affairs: Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

August 25...

RT: Ukraine President dissolves parliament, paves way for early election

Aug. 26...

Kyiv Post: Putin, Poroshenko start bilateral meeting in Minsk

Aug. 29...

RIA NovostiUkraine Ready to Return Detained Russian Paratroopers – Putin

Putin said that the Russian military personnel detained in Ukraine “had just gotten lost.”
“In fact, this is the case, I’m talking seriously. I believe that they had just gotten lost because there are no boundary markers there,” the president noted.

Why should he deny it? Now he strains credibility. This is better - state the intention:

Moscow TimesPutin Calls for Talks on East Ukraine 'Statehood'

On a lighter note, tabloid journalism at its finest...

Daily MailUkraine's 'Human Barbie' shows support for Putin by posing on Crimean beach as mass graves containing scores of her countrymen are discovered in rebel-held areas 


Gaza conflict extends to Egypt...

Intelligence OnlineMorsi's role in Hamas tunnels

Al Monitor: Did an Israeli drone strike militants in Egypt?

Cryptome: Gaza 6-Eyes Kill and Maim Weapons

Electric Intifada: Israel deliberately attacking medical workers in Gaza, Amnesty says

World BulletinIsraeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza

Intercept: Cash, Weapons and Surveillance: the U.S. is a Key Party to Every Israeli Attack

There goes your American tax dollars...

PressTV: Iran shoots down Israeli spy drone near Natanz nuclear facility

Continuing chaos throughout Middle East/N. Africa...

ReutersIraq's Maliki finally steps aside, paving way for new government

Al JazeeraSyrian fighters pull out of Lebanon's Arsal

NYTimesArab Nations Strike in Libya, Surprising U.S.

Libyans Overrun Compound Abandoned by U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

Al Monitor (trans. Al Hayat): After fall of Benghazi, Libya fears Islamic State

Global ResearchYinon’s Revenge? A Panorama of Chaos in the Arab World

new.euro-med.dkFormer Al Qaeda Commander on the ISIS Strategy - IS(IS) and Al Qaeda the Same – CIA Agents

Voltairenet: John McCain, Conductor of the "Arab Spring" and the Caliph

"Management of Savagery" in action...

Kuwait Times: Islamic State crucifies 2, beheads 23 – Militants tighten control in tribal region

Sharia UnveiledISIS Crucifies 8 Christians in Syria for Apostasy From Islam

LiveLeak (*Graphic*): ISIS terrorists film mass execution of hundreds of Syrian soldiers

RT: ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some alive incl women and children - Iraq

Never mind the mass beheading and crucifying of Shiites, Alawites and Christians. When the Yazidis become the target is when Obama must act...

Club Orlov: Obama risks American lives to save the devil worshipers


Elsewhere around the world...

Asia TimesISIS tentacles reach toward China

Free Beacon: U.S. Sends Second Carrier to Asia Amid Tensions with China

Telesur: SCO Holds Giant War Drills in China

Spiegel: A Two-Faced Friendship - Turkey Is 'Partner and Target' for the NSA

NYTimes: Ebola Epidemic Most Likely Much Larger Than Reported, W.H.O. Says

Strategic-Culture: Obama’s Africa Leaders’ Summit - A Corporate and Military Love Fest

ZeroHedge: Brazilian Presidential Candidate Dies In Jet Crash

LaRouchePAC: Argentina Activates 'Financial Terrorism' Law Against Hedge-Fund Economic Warfare

FT: Companies fear radical turn in Argentina



Philosophy of Metrics: Koch Bros. vs the BIS

Lame Cherry: RIP Rest in Piss

Flopping Aces: George Dubbya Bush Waterboarded!

ScienceNumerous methane leaks found on Atlantic sea floor

ENENews: Scientists: Fukushima radiation is causing “serious biological effects” — Disaster’s widespread impact now being revealed — “Major irreversible shifts” in ecosystems discussed — “High rates of abnormality and mortality”… severe damage to humans next? (PHOTOS)

BreakingDefenseWorldView-3 - Super Satellite’s Most Crucial Tech Stays On The Ground

AFP: Hypersonic weapon detonated after lift-off: US military

Intercept: The Surveillance Engine - How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

Spiegel: Wiretapped - Israel Eavesdropped on John Kerry in Mideast Talks

Spionageaffäre: BND hörte US-Außenministerin Clinton ab

GuardianBritain 'attempts to censor' US report on torture sites

ThereAreNoSunglasses: Saudi Prince Al Walid bin Tallal’s Motorcade Held-Up By Masked Robbers In Paris

AllGovWhy is Obama Still Hiding the 28-Page Report on Saudi Royal Family Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks?

T-Room: President Obama’s Citizenship Bona Fides — The Controversy Continues

WND: 'Kenyan' Obama 'need to get back to his roots'

But he is getting back to his roots, according to...

Rick A. HyattI am Stazi MFS Dir. Markus Wolf's bio-son. So is Barrack Obama, and that makes him ineligible to be President.

This may complicate the eligibility question for future presidents...

E2 FilmsThe Zapruder Film Mystery

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