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Headlines of note for May 2014...

Pravy Sektor getting a little out of control there Yatz?

Les moutons enragés: L’horreur à Odessa - 31 militants indépendantistes meurent brûlés par les milices du Pravy Sektor et les pro Kiev

RT: Odessa slaughter - How vicious mob burnt anti-govt activists alive (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Warning: extremely graphic images...

Live Journal (ersieesist reposting and translating frallik): How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House - the details of bloody scenario

...Many of the civilians found burnt to death in the House of Trade Unions on May 2 were discovered to have been shot and strangled by armed "sotniks," pro-Kiev "Right Sector" Nazi gang members, before they were consumed by flames. The Odessa police and fire department were ordered by Ukrainian authorities to stand down and not rescue the people trapped in the burning building.

After the Odessa massacre the Trade Unions building was spray-painted with swastikas and Galician SS symbols. The Galician SS, the political predecessors of many current Ukrainian nationalist groups, fought alongside German army and SS units who massacred tens of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, and Jews in World War II.

In addition, it has been reported that FBI agents from the same unit that was responsible for the 1993 fiery conflagration perpetrated on the Branch Davidian religious compound in Waco, Texas that burnt alive 74 men, women, and children, were involved in directing Ukrainian right-wing forces in the siege of the Trade Union building in Odessa that killed 46 with dozens, perhaps as many as 48, still missing.  CIA agents and former Blackwater, now Academi, mercenaries working for Greystone, Ltd. of Barbados, were also reportedly involved with directing Right Sector and other Ukrainian National Guard forces in the siege of the building in Odessa.

German intelligence has pinpointed Greystone mercenaries in Odessa and in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slavyansk, scenes of Ukrainian operations against pro-Russian activists. There have been reports that 20 Greystone mercenaries have been captured by pro-Russian forces in the Donbass region and that CIA director John Brennan flew last month to Kiev, in part, to seek their release. Brennan also promised additional CIA resources for the Kiev regime...

Kyiv Post has its own version of these events: Police say pro-Russians accidentally set fatal Odessa fire with Molotov cocktails

For the most part, Western media outlets are reporting the Odessa massacre in equivocating tones: 'well the separatists blame Kiev and Kiev blames the separatists for accidentally stating the fire' without pursuing their professional charge to investigate and resolve the competing claims. Unless it has been exceptionally faked, the photographic evidence shows that what went on inside the Trade Unions House was clearly premeditated rape, murder, and arson. The arson was perhaps intended to cover up the rape and murder, though unsuccessful in that attempt. By their omissions, then, the Western "journalists" on the ground - and every mainstream outlet has at least one deployed - are essentially collaborators in some of the worst atrocities Europe has seen since those of the Balkans in the 1990s.

Yet, in the information war, we are beginning to see cracks in the narrative that NATO and Washington would have their media mockingbirds maintain. A trivial but telling case in point: while the Kyiv Post has been a primary English language advocate for the anti-Russian point of view as espoused by the coup government - the government with Yatzeniuk or "Yatz" on top as recommended by U.S. State Department representative Victoria Nuland - we find an oddly unrelated choice of photo (of Nuland and Yanukovich on Feb. 6) for its repost of Reuters: Switzerland has frozen $193 million in Ukrainian assets. Is the implied message here to pin some blame on Nuland and the U.S. for the royal mess which Kiev and Ukrainians in general now find themselves beset with?

A much more substantial fissure in the NATO/Obama/Kerry/Nuland narrative comes with a New York Times article in the first weekend of May that finally gives voice to the point of view of Eastern Ukrainians opposing Kiev: Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many Faces of Rebellion. Note the number of the article's commenters expressing relief and praise and "recommends" that this is finally being reported; note the relative paucity of commenters and "recommends" taking the side of Kiev. It is apparent that the American people are not buying the bill of goods that their government is trying to sell them. More to this point, see Patrick L. Smith in...

Salon: Samantha Power’s brazen hypocrisy - Media swallows propaganda, but here’s the truth about Ukraine

We enter a new space, it seems to me — gradually maybe, but we are unmistakably leaving Kansas behind. You cannot conduct a foreign policy indefinitely without a domestic consensus, and 1) there is none now, even in the fearful age of “terror,” and 2) more important, there seems little prospect of one in formation. I take the dissent to be seen and heard around us as a memo from the future...

In “Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many Faces of Rebellion,” C.J. Chivers and Noah Sneider did some superb reporting. They spent many days with anti-Kiev fighters in Slovyansk, the eastern city they now control... Chivers and Sneider took on the freighted question of just who these fighters are. And they reported back honestly. No Russians among the so-called green men, we now know.

This contradicts the claim that Kerry and Obama have been pushing for the last month; yet no reporters from any Western news outlet have been able to substantially back up that claim, other than in finding logistical similarities to methods of the past...

Intelligence OnlineMoscow dusts off old KGB manuals

Putin is perhaps very adept at concealing his forces - he is after all ex-KGB. Then again, so is Obama ex-CIA - at least as an asset if not non-official cover. Western intelligence agencies however have been less than successful in concealing their involvement, for instance as reported in the German press, and picked up the same weekend by AFP/Yahoo...

Bild am Sonntag: Agenten von CIA und FBI beraten Kiew

In an effort to counter the losses then...

USNewsNATO Countries Planning Comms Mission in Ukraine

If the above cited Bild am Sonntag story and its translation into English via AFP signified a breach in NATO's comms mission outside Ukraine, the following weekend saw the info warriors better able to stem the tide away from mainstream English language outlets. Internet searches relating to the May 11 story, Kämpfen US-Söldner in der Ukraine? (to which Der Spiegel added some details), found no reports from mainstream sites in English. Reuters carried it but only in German. The Voice of Russia, RT, and other "Russian propaganda" English language sites were the exclusive source of this story for English speakers before message boards, social media and blogs reposted it, along with ZeroHedge and Infowars...

400 Blackwater Mercs Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists, German Press Reports

CIA, FBI and Now Academi Mercenaries on the Ground in Ukraine

Are State Department diplomatic pouches being used as a pipeline to arm the mercs?

WND: State Dept. laughs about buying explosives

Once again, like the faithful and all but abandoned spouse, the trusting American people (albeit a dwindling number) are the last to know, but then are only met with scornful laughter.

Stirred by "Russian propaganda" slanders upon Ukrainian "patriots" (as David Frum would have you believe)...

RT: ‘Fascists! Off to Kiev!’: Outraged Kramatorsk locals chase off Ukrainian military

To dismiss this as mere propaganda belies the fact that, as opposed to what is coming from the bulk of the mainstream Western press, unmuted reports (from Israel even) and analyses largely corroborate the Russian assessment of the Svoboda and Pravy Sektor parties...

Israel National NewsNeo-Nazis Honor Ukrainian SS on Holocaust Memorial Day

Consortium News: Ukraine’s ‘Dr. Strangelove’ Reality

Vineyard of the Saker: Ukrainian nationalism - its roots and nature

At least one U.S. Congressman isn't drinking the kool-aid...

nsnbc international: House grilled Nuland over US’ Cooperation with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Responsibility to protect? The parallels to Libya of 2011 are striking (an East/West divide with the central government in the West brutally suppressing a rebellion coming from the East), as is the response of the U.S. State Department...

WSWS: US defends role of Kiev regime and fascists in Odessa massacre

Voice of Russia: Armored vehicles used against civilians by Ukrainian troops in Mariupol

Channel4Bodies and fire on the streets of Mariupol

RT: Village near Slavyansk attacked with artillery fire, casualties reported

Kiev protégé allegedly behind Mariupol and Odessa massacres – leaked tapes

​Donetsk bloodbath: Insider video shows Ukraine helicopters firing at own checkpoint

'Torn to pieces': Ghastly details emerge of Italian reporter and his Russian interpreter’s killing in E. Ukraine

Strategic-Culture: Kiev lets loose 'Men in Black' death squads on East Ukrainian civilians

ParisMatch: Revelations on the Krasnoarmeysk killing

AP: Armed men in eastern Ukraine open fire on crowd

A note on AP's editorial decision making: as the above linked URL indicates, the original headline was "Ukraine guardsmen open fire on crowd" before "Ukraine guardsmen" became "Armed men in eastern Ukraine". Again, the intention here is to equivocate upon the facts, in contravention to the reporters in the field. We have noticed this tendency to alter AP headlines; for instance last month we linked White House confirms CIA director was in Kiev, only to find now that the headline has been transformed into the innocuous, "Little sign of progress as Obama, Putin speak". The text has been altered as well, so that the Brennan in Kiev report is pushed to the second half of the story. Internet search results are consequently altered: we find that a current search on brennan cia kiev puts the AP story as carried by Yahoo (preserving the original headline) at the bottom of page one. Most of the results link to "Russian propaganda" and "conspiracy theory" sites like RT, Infowars, Global Research and ZeroHedge, giving the casual news reader cause to dismiss the report as "fringe". This is just one of the ways that mockingbird cage-keepers (i.e. the editors of mainstream news outlets) keep their reporters in check.

Moon of Alabama: Serious Media Largely Confirm Donetsk Poll Results

The urge to disassociate from Kiev is not only coming from the East... Hungarian PM Orbán demands autonomy for Hungarians in Ukraine

May 25 elections give the Ukrainian presidency to chocolate oligarch Petro Poroshenko (at least the bucktoothed creep Yatz is soon out the door)...

amihailenkoPresidential elections in Ukraine - farce, hackers, violations and civil war

As the rest of Europe rejects its oligarchs...

BBC: Eurosceptic 'earthquake' rocks EU elections

Doubling down on a bad bet...

ZeroHedge: Ukraine Just Issued $1 Billion Bonds Backed By The US Taxpayer

Although Kiev has lost control of the Crimea (see our Crimea Child Porn Turf War), other potential unsavory sources of revenue for the new government could include...


Since the Ukraine is well on its way to becoming a failed state, there will be no moves towards NATO membership. Georgia however is another matter...

NATO reiterated its decision to admit Georgia to the alliance

NATO is inviting WWIII and it knows this...

Window on Eurasia: Putin Draws His Own ‘Red Lines’ across Post-Soviet Space

 ...In an article in “Vzglyad,” symbolically titled, “Not Just Ukraine,” Moscow journalist Yevgeny Krutikov points out that Putin has now said that “the West has crossed a line,” yet another indication that he has drawn such lines and that the West must take those into consideration (

Krutikov devotes his article to where these lines are. According to him, they include any further expansion of NATO eastward, especially involving Georgia and Ukraine, designed to encircle Russia. Instead, Putin’s first “red line” is that Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden and Finland must retain their “neutral status as ‘buffer countries.’”

Civil.Ge: Sokhumi on Georgia's NATO Integration

Breakaway Abkhazia’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday that Georgia’s NATO integration would have extremely negative consequences on the regional security...“There is every reason to believe that the West is seriously intending to take revenge against Russia and its allies for their unwillingness to accept its [Western] dictate in Ukraine,” the breakaway region’s foreign ministry said.

Paul Craig RobertsWashington Intends Russia’s Demise 

If we needed further indication that the Obama natsec team is fit for straitjackets...

Signs of the Times: Kissinger - It is not possible that Putin would voluntarily start an assault on Ukraine just after the Sochi Olympics

"The demonization of Putin is not a policy; it is an alibi for the absence of one."

Russia's trump card shall remain, for some time, Europe's dependency upon its hydrocarbons; efforts to bypass Russia notwithstanding...

EurActivItaly looks at Mediterranean for alternatives to Russian gas

Eurasianet: In U.S., Calls To Hold Energy-Rich Baku's Feet To The Fire Over Rights 

Intelligence OnlineYuri Shafranik, Vladimir Putin’s pathfinder in oil markets

Yuri Shafranik, head of SoyuzNefteGaz since its creation in 2000, is Russian oil diplomacy’s homing missile. Energy minister under Boris Eltsin, he has guided Russia back to into the oil and gas industries of its former satellites and Arab allies. In December 2013, he obtained several permits in Syria despite the ongoing civil war and has been active in the past in such countries as Algeria, Colombia and Uzbekistan. In Iraq, he became a key figure in the entourage of prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki and helped Russia to land a $4 billion arms contract with the authorities in Bagdad. 

LaRouchePAC: Vladimir Putin Meets Xi Jinping - Advance The Future

May 21 - It is Armand Hammer's 116th birthday, and notable for the irony that on this day in 1973 his proposed Trans-Siberian pipeline deal with the Soviet Union was shelved for a later time. Exactly one year later, Nixon in the spirit of detente signed off on other of Hammer's business arrangements with the Soviets. Forty years hence, however, there is not the wisp of a prospect of cooperation with the Russians. Instead, with Obama fulfilling Romney's campaign promise, Russia is treated as a mortal enemy by zero-sum game logic. With the Putin/Xi Jinping deal struck today, however, the outcome of this zero-sum game as such has been set in favor of the dominant powers of the great Eurasian super-continent - now a much more a formidable "land power" for the "sea powers" to reckon with...

RT: Russia and China seal historic $400bn gas deal

May 29 - The economic juices of this land power are facilitated even further...

Astana TimesKazakhstan, Belarus and Russia Sign Historic Treaty Creating Eurasian Economic Union

And coming soon?...

ZeroHedgeIs A Russia-Japan Natural Gas Pipeline Next?


Around the world...

Cold War nostalgia on all sides...

Voice of Russia: Preparations for Victory Day parade in Crimea causes hysterics in Ukrainian media

Victory Day night cap...

RT: Russia holds military drills to repel nuclear strike

DefenseOne: U.S. Conducts Nuclear Response Exercises

Pravda: Proton-M booster rocket explodes and burns during launch

Massive China-Russia naval drills in East China Sea...


Persian Gulf is having its own little cold war...

PressTV: Riyadh unveils Chinese ballistic missiles

Going hot?

Israel National NewsImmense Explosion in Iran May Have Nuclear Origins

A victory for Assad...

Zaman Alwsl: Syria rebels surrender strongholds in Homs

Yet the U.S. continues to double-down on another bad bet...

Stars and Stripes: New videos show more rebel groups in Syria have US-made anti-tank missiles

We noted above the parallels of today's Ukraine to Libya in 2011; that goes for Libya in 2014 as well...

AP: Clashes in eastern Libya kill 3 protesters

Three Libyan demonstrators died in clashes with a pro-military militia after protesters tried to break into their base in the eastern city of Benghazi, health officials and the minister of interior said Saturday.

Spinning out of control...

Ahram (AFP): Libya's general Haftar - 'outlaw' battling Benghazi Islamists

Meanwhile, the U.S. "soft power" regiment prepares to go hard again...

Maghreb ConfidentialLibya - USAID calls on military experts

Reuters: U.S. positions forces in Sicily over Libya security fears 

Al Monitor: Algeria considers Egypt alliance to confront Libyan terror threat

According to the method derived from Logic 101 of interpreting Obama statements, simply apply a negation outside the bracket of an Obama quotation as such: ~{O quote}. If O quote contains a negation, then the modifying negation cancels it. The following headline then should read as such: Obama hails security pact with Philippines, threatens China...

The statement therein is adapted as follows...

~{"Our goal is not to counter China, our goal is not to contain China. Our goal is to make sure that international rules and norms are respected, and that includes the area of maritime disputes."}


"Our goal is to counter China, our goal is to contain China. Our goal is to make sure that international rules and norms are not respected, and that includes the area of maritime disputes."

Staging for Vietnam War II?...

Tuoitrenews.vnChina sends fighter jets to guard illegal oil rig in Vietnam’s waters

ZeroHedgeOver 3000 Chinese Evacuated (By Boat and Plane) As Vietnam's Anti-China Riots Escalate; Taiwan Also On "High Alert"

China Daily Mail: Large number of Chinese troops seen heading for China-Vietnam border

A blow to Chinese interests in Thailand as well: Yingluck Shinawatra steps down...

National News Bureau of Thailand: Constitutional Court - PM removed from office 

Now under martial law...


Indian election results are in...

Mondoweiss: Shalom Modi - India and Israel look to deepen ties following victory of the Hindu right

As in Ukraine, so in Honduras?

DailyMail: Military police in Honduras force politicians including former president out of Parliament using TEAR GAS amid protest

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Georgia Guardsmen training troops in Honduras

Kony 2012 was a dismal failure in ginning up public support for U.S. African interventions. Maybe this will do better... 

Salamatu Faransa (YouTube): Speech/emotional display of Nigerian's first lady (Patience Ebele Jonathan AKA Mama Peace) - The parody:  mama peace...??? First Lady diaris darkness oo


The Trent: How Borno Governor Caused 300 School Girls To Be Kidnapped – WAEC
Nairaland (repost of Nigerian Tribune article, now a dead link): Boko Haram’s funding traced to UK, S/Arabia •Sect planned to turn Nigeria into Afghanistan •Arrested kingpin opens up

INVESTIGATIONS into activities of the dreaded militant Islamic sect, Boko Haram have led operatives of the State Security Service (SSS) and its collaborative local and international agencies into the sources of funding of the dreaded sect.

Information at the disposal of Nigerian Tribune indicates that operatives were told that the group had received funds from some Al-Qaeda-linked organisations based in the middle East.

However, the operatives were said to have made a shocking find, which confirmed that the group actually received funding from a United Kingdom-based (UK) organisation.

It was gathered that leaders of the sect already arrested had opened up by giving some strategic information, especially on the funding of the dreaded organisation.

Sources confirmed that while the organisation relied on donations by its members in its earlier days, its links with Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) opened it to fundings from groups in Saudi Arabia and the UK.

According to the sources, different confirmations coming from sources in Boko Haram had indicated clearly that a group known as Al-Muntada Trust Fund, with headquarters in the United Kingdom, had extended some financial assistance to the sect.

Investigations, so far, revealed that the sect received financial assistance from some Islamic organisations.

“The sect was also said to have received funding from Islamic World Society with headquarters in Saudi Arabia,” one source stated...
[we embedded link]

The Doctor's Report: Boko Haram - A CIA Covert Operation

Playing good cop/bad cop with the predictability of Hollywood TV schlock...

Daily Independent: U.S. to send FBI to find abducted Nigerian girls

AP: Obama - 80 US troops in Chad seeking abducted girls

Beware the lecherous eye in the sky!....

Intelligence OnlineSatellites to look for schoolgirls

Whatever happened to MH 370?

Sydney Morning News: CIA withholding information on flight MH370, says former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad

Washington Post: Top 2 Pentagon intelligence officials quitting

Salman bin Sultan, Prince Bandar's half-brother and deputy in disastrous Syria policy is out...

Intelligence onlineBandar sacking triggers further dismissal


Glenn Greenwald cashes in, throwing us some more bones: No Place To Hide 

But not without hecklers...

RT: Greenwald’s book tour draws ire from Anonymous hacktivists

BlotDocuments - Feds Targeting Others Over Snowden Leaks

Cryptome: Cincinnatus Public Key (Edward Snowden?)

Snowden's No Place to Hide Operation Success

Indeed, Snowden's "success story" is proving to be an empty victory...

Reuters: Bill ending NSA bulk data collection moving quickly in U.S. House

Marcy Wheeler (having left the all but moribund Intercept) is free to dissect...

Al Jazeera: Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA

Counterpunch: Willing Accomplices - The NSA’s Corporate Collaborators

Is First Look Media among those collaborators? Gently nibbling, for show, the hand that feeds it? After a month of next to nada, The Intercept publishes the latest Snowden revelation, but not without a curious redaction, a Country X, "which The Intercept is not naming in response to specific, credible concerns that doing so could lead to increased violence." In other words, we publish only that which generates manageable outrage. There may be another motive; from Wayne Madsen's pithy comment page...

Colombia's Zuluaga received signals intelligence from U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Glenn Greenwald better hope to hell Colombia isn't the target country of NSA's MYSTIC program and that "Country X" is actually Afghanistan. In that he censored his latest "report," by not naming Colombia, if that is the mysterious "Country X," he would have played into the hands of the current CIA and NSA election tampering in that nation. But he already knows that.

Afghanistan it is?... WikiLeaks statement on the mass recording of Afghan telephone calls by the NSA

Madsen is sticking with Columbia... Will the real "Country X" please stand up?

Washington's Blog: New Snowden Document Implies NSA May Be Putting Israel’s Security Ahead of America’s

Times of Israel: US officials - Extent of Israeli spying ‘shocking

Wayne Madsen pithy comment of Ha'aretz...

Edmonton Journal: Edmonton filmmaker found dead in Cambodia had CSIS ties, friend says

IntelNewsGermans kidnapped in Ukraine had ‘intelligence connections’

Caving to U.S. pressure, Germany will not allow Edward Snowden to testify in person before parliamentary committee... 

Süddeutsche ZeitungRegierung lehnt Snowden-Vernehmung in Deutschland ab


Police state news...

RobotEnomics: US Army to test robots that “think – look – move – talk – work”

Prison Planet: Scientists - Robots Could be Programmed to Kill You ‘For the Greater Good’

Truthdig: Supreme Court Won’t Hear Chris Hedges’ Indefinite Detention Case

Partnership for Civil Justice FundOut from the Shadows: - The Hidden Role of the Fusion Centers in the Nationwide Spying Operation against the Occupy Movement and Peaceful Protest in America

Judicial Watch: New Documents Show IRS HQ Control of Tea Party Targeting

WND: Education? No, it’s about data-mining - ‘Opt out’ movement surges in response to Common Core

Daily Caller: Police Now Throw Little Girls In Jail, Get Fingerprints And Mugshots

ZeroHedge: LA County Sheriff Admits Big Brother Is Here “But We Kept It Pretty Hush Hush"

Homeland Security News WireWisconsin silent about cell phone tracking by state police

Boiling Frogs Post (Paul Craig Roberts): Gangster State America

The backlash...

Liberty Blitzkrieg: Rebellion in the USA – Protesters Take Over Albuquerque City Council and Attempt to Arrest Police Chief

Washington Times: Operation American Spring to hit D.C. to oust Obama, Biden, Boehner, Holder

American Spring or corralling American dissidents onto Washington Mall?...

Willy Loman: Operation American Spring – The MindWar Rolls On


Today's "domestic terrorists" were yesterday's "heroes"...

Washington TimesInside the Ring - Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens


The Internet as we've known it is on the ropes...

BGR: FCC votes to move forward with controversial net neutrality plan

CBC: Google looms as 'censor-in-chief' after ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling

 Analysis - Google's memory hole a bottomless pit: Don Pittis

YahooNews: GOOGLE gets take-down requests after court ruling

Liberty Blitzkrieg: Obama Administration Launches Plan to Make an “Internet ID” a Reality

GuardianAttempts to stay anonymous on the web will only put the NSA on your trail



DailyMail: Are these mystery radio bursts messages from ALIENS? Freak frequency from outside the Milky Way baffles astronomers

Some cheery headlines from ENENews...

Press Conference by Former Official: I’m bleeding from nose every day, many in Fukushima have similar symptoms — Author: My nose bled for days, it wouldn’t stop; Staff had same problem… Do people want me to lie? I can only write truth — Gov’t: The nosebleeds aren’t caused by nuclear crisis 

Marine Mystery’ in California: “Toxic outbreak threatening marine life” — Birds falling from sky, sea lions convulsing — “Worst they’ve ever seen” — Toxin hits record level, almost 1,000% above gov’t limit — Heart lesions, severe shrinking in part of brain, nervous system failure

Over 50 dead seals, sea lions, whales, walrus recently stranded in Alaska — Dozens of seals suffering from baldness, skin sores — Experts: “Marine transported Fukushima radionuclides… may represent a new stressor to ecosystem”

‘Mystery disease’ on Pacific coast of Alaska — Livers ‘crumble’… Hearts enlarged, pale… Yellow lymph nodes… Blood-filled lungs (PHOTOS) — Professor: Worrying there’s no answers, big public health concern — Testing carcasses for Fukushima radioactivity

She never would have been permitted to report this on CBS...

Sharyl AttkissonResearch Immunologist Sees Vaccine Link to Autism, Obesity, Diabetes in Children

HAARP to go off-line. What has taken its place and where is it?...

Anchorage Daily News: Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP ahead of summer shutdown

Responding to questions from Sen. Lisa Murkowski during a Senate hearing Wednesday, David Walker, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering, said this is "not an area that we have any need for in the future" and it would not be a good use of Air Force research funds to keep HAARP going. "We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do," he said. "To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed."

Read more here:
The science of climate change is such that one can have no confidence in the "experts" of either side of the issue for two reasons: 1. Earth and its climate is such a complex system that it represents one of the greatest challenges of science to accurately anticipate what the effects of anthropogenically introduced carbon with other substances and energies will be - this intricate web of feed-forward and feed-back systems may drive us towards global warming, to a new ice age, to more extreme weather events, or to none of the above; 2. the "debate" has become so contentiously politicized that the objectivity of any claim automatically comes into question, i.e. is the "expert" here a tool of oil companies and the Koch brothers or of Soros, the Rothschilds and other Malthusian globalists?

Moreover, to raise a possibility we broached in President Weatherman, Part 3, given the extent that man can alter the weather and other "natural" conditions, any weather event of itself becomes suspect in its etiology - not only by high-tech means, but of low-tech as well. For instance, as much of the coverage of the ongoing California drought and recent brush-fires has been tied into reporting on the National Climate Assessment, and as hostilities on either side of the debate amplify, we must ask if the following could be counted as agenda driven arson...

10 News (San Diego): Sources - All but one fire burning in San Diego County have a suspicious ignition point

Shooter of the month...

Project Casting: 'Hunger Games' Director Son, Elliot Rodger, Kills 6, Universitry of California, Santa Barbara


Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut...

Earlier this month, Wolgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer went to Sandy Hook...

The Real Deal: Wolfgang Halbig / Kelly of Tulsa

Veterans Today: School closed, actors used: Robbie Parker, entertainer, exposed

Perhaps nobody died at Sandy Hook, but there have been plenty "over there"...

CryptomePOTUS Loves and Kills Kids

Who's next?...

Washington Times: Obama court nominee wrote memos justifying drone strikes on U.S. citizens

Who's exempt?...

Judicial WatchDHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List

Broward Bulldog: FBI publicly releases a few more pages about Sarasota Saudis; 80,000 pages given to judge

Alas, NATO's T 'n A battalions...

Wall Street Journal: Pussy Riot Members Meet With U.S. Senators

Channel 4: After the Ukrainian revolution - what next for Femen?

Santa Cruz IMCFake “Feminists” of Femen Participated in the Odessa Massacre

As Cannes goes porno...

Showbiz411: Cannes XXX Shocker as “DSK” Case Gets Porn Treatment in Ambush Film

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