Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Headlines of note for December 2013...

Dec. 16, R.J. Leon, district court judge of D.C, rules against NSA....

Dec. 17, Snowden speaks...

Folha D'S.Paolo: An Open Letter to the People of Brazil

Dec. 18, the POTUS review group issues its report...

Liberty and Security in a Changing World

Dec. 23, Snowden interview...

Washington Post: Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished

Norman Solomon: Under Amazon's CIA Cloud - The Washington Post

Dec. 25, Snowden up against the Queen on UK's Channel 4...

Times of India: Snowden urges end to mass surveillance in UK Christmas message

A Christmas Message From Edward Snowden

Dec. 27, another judge...

A follow-up to the Wayne Madsen report we reposted last month...

In addition to the plot by the MI6 station at the British embassy in Moscow to kidnap National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden there is also evidence that the U.S. planned to "snatch" Snowden from German authorities had he traveled to Berlin to testify before the Bundestag.

Although members of the Green Party in the Bundestag requested Germany to protect Snowden if he traveled from Moscow to testify in person before the German parliament and Russia said Snowden had the right to travel from Russia to Germany, it was decided that Germany could not protect Snowden on German soil.

WMR has obtained information that Snowden's video appearance before the Bundestag was arranged after information was obtained by German parliamentarians that the German Federal Intelligence Service was working with the U.S. CIA and NSA to snatch Snowden from German hands. Snowden was to be returned to the United States for arraignment under Espionage Act criminal charges already brought against the whistleblower.

WMR's editor's report in Russia in November that was later carried by Russian TV News that the British embassy in Moscow had taken the lead in trying to lure Snowden into a trap for exfiltration to the West. The threat against Snowden was confirmed by an anonymous senior official of Russian counterintelligence. The official thanked
"former NSA employees and journalists for publishing such information, but added that operational, technical and other measures to counter intelligence and other illegal activities of foreign secret services on the territory of Russia were  constantly maintained."

WMR can also confirm that the investigation of the British embassy operation by the Russian media and the Federal Security Bureau's counterintelligence branch is ongoing and that further news reports on the operation are forthcoming.

Pravda: Edward Snowden can be kidnapped from Russia?

PressTVSnowden safer in Russia than Brazil - W. Madsen

Russia Beyond The Headlines: Selling Edward Snowden

Glenn Greenwald busted?

Boiling Frogs Post: Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents

Twitter war ensues... @ggreenwald v. @sibeledmonds ...

BFP follow-up...

Greenwald-Omidyar Joint Venture: The Blurring Lines Between Being A Source and Being A Journalist

Others are on it...

Cryptome: O/G/R

Corbett ReportJohn Young Breaks Down the Snowden/NSA Saga

The fissure between establishment media (Greenwald was ever embedded within it) and the growing independent media (funded exclusively by its readers/viewers/listeners) is becoming sharpened. Even as it storms the gate-keepers, however, the latter will for some time remain dependent on old media...

Reuters: Exclusive - Secret contract tied NSA and security industry pioneer

SpiegelInside TAO - Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit

...though for even the most revered of reporters, finding a willing editor can be difficult...

Huffington PostNew Yorker, Washington Post Passed On Seymour Hersh Syria Report

Hersch did eventually find a publisher for the report, in which he calls out Obama/Kerry obfuscation on Ghouta sarin attack...

London Review of Books: Whose sarin?

Are they wisely in retreat now...?

Jerusalem Post: United States suspends non-lethal aid to northern Syria

...though a little too late to stem the monster they helped create...

Al-Monitor: Rise of Islamic Front a disaster for Syria

...so join them..?

Gulf newsUS mulls aiding Islamist groups

The Peninsula: Syrian Islamist rebels to meet US officials

Who came up with ISIS..?

Spiegel: Masked Army: Jihadist Group Expands Rapidly in Syria 

 ... as Bandar now vows to help Putin fight Islamist radicals - the same ones he previously threatened to withhold protection from during Sochi Olympics?

DailyStar: Report - Bandar asked Putin to delay Geneva II conference

Intelligence Online: Bandar bin Sultan goes it alone

From Russia to NATO...

Dmitri Rogozin: Life Поздравляем наших друзей из НАТО с Новым годом!)

NATO's reply? Unleashing the dog Bandar?

RTVolgograd trolley blast - Terror attack hits southern Russia day after railway station bombing

Whoever is behind these bombings knows of course that Bandar will be the first to be blamed, in reference to an August Al Monitor article. Perhaps Bandar simply doesn't care.

A belated attempt to ignite the Arab Spring in Algeria?

Rayyisse: Un jeune homme s'immole par le feu dans le pays de bouteflika

How it all began in Tunisia...

The National: Sniper mystery in Kasserine, the town ‘which made Tunisia’s revolution’

Continuing skirmishes in the region...

RT14 dead, 130 injured as explosion destroys police office in Egypt

ReutersChadian peacekeepers fire on protesters in Central African Republic

Globe and MailU.S. aircraft hit by gunfire in South Sudan


Japan going dark...

Asahi ShimbunDiet enacts state secrets law despite widespread protests

One of the most controversial points of the bill is that it allows bureaucrats and elected officials to arbitrarily widen their interpretations of what they deem to be state secrets...

Enjoy reports like this while they last...

ENEHighest ever radiation levels detected outside reactor buildings at Fukushima — People exposed to it would die in 20 minutes

And look forward to more question-mark headlines like this...

SeemorerocksWhat Is Happening To Alaska? Is Fukushima Responsible For The Mass Animal Deaths?

Nuclear Hotseat: US Sailors Vs. TEPCO Attorney Charles Bonner

Japan bottom feeding to clean the mess up...

Reuters: Japan's homeless recruited for murky Fukushima clean-up
Nuclear Hotseat #129: US Sailors Vs. TEPCO Attorney Charles Bonner - See more at: http://www.nuclearhotseat.com/nuclear-hotseat-129-us-sailors-vs-tepco-attorney-charles-bonner/#sthash.xVBoMbmr.dpuf
Nuclear Hotseat #129: US Sailors Vs. TEPCO Attorney Charles Bonner - See more at: http://www.nuclearhotseat.com/nuclear-hotseat-129-us-sailors-vs-tepco-attorney-charles-bonner/#sthash.xVBoMbmr.dpuf

Shooter of the month, with the obligatory same-day drill coincidence...

LegitgovActive Shooter Drills in Littleton, Colorado Same Day as School Shooting

Sandy Hook one year on, investigations continue...

MemoryHoleThe Sandy Hook School Massacre - A Compendium of Research and Analysis

Brendan HuntAnalysis - The Sandy Hook Victims and Families - Part One

While some argue there never was an Adam Lanza...

KnowTheLiesHoax and High Treason… Adam Lanza Never Existed!… Sandy Hook School Was Not an Operating School at Time of Shooting!

The legend has it that the hermetic slayer was an avid gamer, reportedly playing World of Warcraft under the avatar "blarvink"...

Sandy Hook Lighthouse: blarvink - Adam Lanza’s second username revealed

This raises the question, given the latest Snowden-leaks story, whether "Adam Lanza" - real or not - was profiled and/or programmed online...

NPROrc And Dagger - U.S., U.K. Reportedly Spied On Gamers Online


Protest, it's the thing to do...

New Straits Times: Thai political protests spread outside Bangkok

Sky NewsLenin Statue Toppled By Protesters In Kiev

Pussy Riot released...

Sydney Morning Herald: Pussy Riot's latest protest - Mikhail Khodorkovsky for president

Turkish protests and counter-protests, from Istanbul...

Today's ZamanMan wielding machete attempts to attack protesters in İstanbul

...to the Poconos...?

Pocono RecordSaylorsburg protesters focus on Turkish cleric


Boiling Frogs PostTurkish Prime Minister Erdogan Signed an “Action Plan” Against the Gülen Movement

Hurriyet DailyGold at center of corruption, money laundering allegations hitting Turkish gov't


Centenial of infamy...

Global Research: The Federal Reserve: 100 Years of “Financial Terrorism”

Other miscellanea...

NYPostInside the Saudi 9/11 coverup

PCMagGoogle Acquires Boston Dynamics, Maker of Crazy, Walking Robots

Capitol City Proj: Confidential Obamacare Navigator training manual uploaded online


MsTilaTruthWhy I Sympathize With Hitler Part 1 - True History Unveiled

Do Tila Tequila's anti-Semetic, pro-Hitler views - admixed with anti-Illuminati, anti-GMO, anti-flouride lyrics - represent another tactic to discredit independent media?

RawStoryHow Tila Tequila’s warm new embrace of Adolf Hitler is going down at Stormfront

Every time you hear my name it’s going down, goin down X 4
Feeding yo mind with GMOs
while givin yo babies flo flo
not flo rida but flo ride
that shit that burns yo third eye

Jewluminati motherfuckers hate me
Oh no they don’t wanna date me
Nor you nor you nor you too
Worldwide Genocide blame it on the jews

So now they call me a nazi
no bitch I’m just good at yhatzee
Espionage is my middle name HA!
I got you good while rolling through yo hood

Hitler no Hi Tila
Hitler no Hit Tila
Hitler No Hi Tila

Another MKULTRA grrl...?

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