Sunday, February 24, 2013

FEMEN campaign for Berlusconi

Berlusconi's flagging campaing for re-election receives a big in its final hours...

Voice of Russia: Femen girls in nude Berlusconi greeting (VIDEO)

The three women pulled off their clothes, remaining only in jeans, as soon as the former prime minister appeared at the polling station.
They shouted "Basta Berlusconi" ("Enough with Berlusconi"), the same slogan was painted on their bare upper bodies.
The activists broke through a line of journalists at the polling station at the Dante Alighieri School and tried to reach Berlusconi, but they were immediately seized by bodyguards and dragged away.
The three women, Inna Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko and Elvire Duval-Sharle, were quickly detained by police. The women resisted as officers struggled to put jackets and handcuffs on them and seat them in a police car.
The 76-year-old politician’s reaction to the incident was calm...

Indeed, because he knows that more bare breasted femmes means more votes for Berlusconi, and more votes for Berlusconi means more bare breasted femmes... The average Italian male understands this, but do these alleged feminists comprehend the dynamic here? It might just be enough to put Berlusconi over the top.


More femme-provocateur news....


RTBoob job - FEMEN activist reveals topless protesters’ $1,000 salaries



The campaign effort didn't work out for Berlusconi, who lost by a narrow margin, thanks in large part to the campaign of the self-described clown Grillo. For the ins and outs of Italian politics, see Webster Tarpley...

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