Monday, September 19, 2011

Priapus and Berlusconi

Recently revealed wire-taps of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi portray a head of state more preoccupied with the priapic prerogatives of his prick than with attending to the duties of his office.

Guardian: Silvio Berlusconi wiretaps reveal boast of spending night with eight women

But why shouldn't he prefer this...

"Last night I had a queue outside the door of the bedroom… There were 11 … I only did eight because I could not do it anymore,"

to this...

Berlusconi, who boasted to one TV showgirl that he was only "prime minister in my spare time", told Tarantini in September 2008 that he needed to reduce the flow of women since he had a "terrible week" ahead seeing Pope Benedict, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Gordon Brown.

Indeed, if any cast of characters should cause the god Priapus to flee, it would be these four.

Berlusconi is getting some hard knocks for his behavior, with many urging him to step down. But au contraire, we here at Wxxx News believe that the world would be better served if its "fearless leaders" spent more time attending to their libidos than to the harm they generally inflict on the rest of us by "doing their jobs".

Ronald Reagan might even agree with this sentiment, seeing as he had very little good to say about government. If government officials would focus on their own sexual enterprises, they would leave the free enterprise of the people alone.

However, one proviso must be added to this proposal: these heads of state should display their sexual exploits for all to see, and thus call the bluff of shady intelligence agencies, corporate blackmailers and the like who maintain a stash of sovereign porno as insurance through which to operate their marionettes. Reagan himself may have been so compromised, but whether it was the CIA, a corporate cabal or simply Bob Crane who had the goods on him is up for speculation (as we do in Ronald Reagan Porno).

A sovereign porno specialty would likely be very kinky... and disturbing. We can only imagine what a video starring Prince Albert II of Monaco would look like...

Taki's Magazine: Inappropriate Touching Among the Untouchables

From what I’ve been told, Albert is into rough sex with both men and women.

We can imagine what various pairings would look like. Qadaffi had quite a thing for Condaleeza Rice...

MSNBC: In the ruins of Gadhafi's lair, rebels find album filled with photos of his 'darling' Condoleezza Rice

Oh, how things might have turned out so differently if only they had...

Update: October 5

AFP: 'Go Pussy!' - Berlusconi quips on new party name

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