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Headlines of note for July 2011...

Before linking to the following video, we should remind the viewer that Alan Greenspan sticks his penis into that woman (if he can still get it up)...

MSNBC: New levels of 'anxiety and disgust' with DC

Pay no attention to the hype... our fearless leaders have no intention of letting the U.S. Treasury default. The media-fueled "public outrage" of the past weeks against 'politicians who just can't seem to get their act together' has provided a classic case of the problem-reaction-solution dialectical method of corralling the public into advocacy against their own interests. What is the desired Malthusian solution? Austerity to be endured by, and culled upon, the general public, of course. How can the general public be compelled to assent to its own culling? Begin by hyping the problem: if the U.S. defaults, economic apocalypse will ensue. Grandma won't get her Social Security check; the troops won't get paid; China will dump its U.S. Treasury notes. Then, hysterically portray the parliamentary war with each side of the Republican/Democratic divide acting like childish rivals in a game to gain petty partisan points. The "silliness" of it all engenders the public out-cry, the reaction: "for godsakes you guys get your act together or grandma will starve! Make the tough decisions!" Then, just when it seems that compromise is unattainable, the solution: a last minute deal is struck that averts worldwide financial panic and saves grandma's S.S. check for next month. But at what cost? Far down the road, grandkids' retirement benefits will be reduced and delayed by a few years, and Medicare coverage is shaved here and there so grandma's indigence is likewise trimmed by a few months or years, through ever so subtle culling mechanisms (sometimes known as "death panels," though never actually taking this blatant form). Hence, the "tough decisions" that the gullible public demanded will amount to breaches of contract for what are in essence federally operated insurance policies. So is it that the population will consent to depopulation.

Meanwhile, the military-industrial gravy train rolls unabated, and the national security state infrastructure continues to blossom into evil flowers of tyranny...

A case in point...

EFF: House Committee Approves Bill Mandating That Internet Companies Spy on Their Users

As we head to the wire, let's see if in the end this prediction is not completely on the mark. But if there should be a default and/or a credit-rating downgrade, know that it is a complete fraud. Jim Tucker explains why:

AmericanFreePress: U.$. $TATE$ HIDE BILLION$ IN $ECRET $LU$H FUND$

As he goes on to note, all 85,000 U.S. governments (federal, state and local) are cumulatively holding by the way-side $60 trillions in CAFR "slush funds" - more than enough to deal with the debt crisis. So, again, don't believe the hype.


In other news...

Gates of Vienna: Terror Attack in Central Oslo

The recent massacre in Norway brings to light a shift in the ultimate hate-targets of the European far-right. One hundred years ago, it was the Ashkenazi Jews migrating from the East who caught the ire of the likes of Adolf Hitler. Today, it is the "Muslim hoards" coming from the South that is cited by the likes of Anders Breivik as the "necessity" for his deeds on July 22nd. Notably, however, since 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend,' as the saying goes, there has arisen something of a "ZioNazi" axis, extending from the far-right of the Likud party in Israel...

Spiegel: Europe's Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel

to the English Defense League in Britian...

Daily Mail: Police probe claim Norwegian gunman marched with English Defence League

With Breivik executing the dramatic atrocity that puts the issue on the map, all of its advocates trip over each other in trying to distance themselves from him. But an hour or so before setting out on his rampage, Breivik sent an email to one of the movement's rising stars in Sweeden, Isak Nygren, when he reportedly happened to be on a kibbutz in Israel...

Isak Nygrens blogg: When the Norwegian terrorist contacted me

And so, in spite of his claiming to be part of a network of cells, with at least two others at large, the authorities and the media and the far right hasten to usher him into that familiar category: the lone wolf. But as these articles suggest, this wolf was apparently receiving some kind of support...

PrisonPlanet: Gunman Conspired With “Business and Political Leaders” Before Massacre

AntiWar: Anders Behring Breivik, Mystery Man


Is the Libya war heading to a resolution?

Reuters: Libyan rebels must talk to Gaddafi's government - France

Or expansion?

Telegraph: Sudanese army seizes southern Libyan town

As a civil war develops within the civil war...

Reuters: Libyan rebel commander killed by allied militia

Hold on a second! That story was substantially different the first time we read it!

Thankfully, Jihad Watch snagged the original version...

"Islamists," and former allies, suspected in assassination of Libyan rebel chief

July 29 "(Reuters) - Libyan rebels say the gunmen who shot dead their military chief were members of an Islamist-linked militia that is allied to their struggle to overthrow veteran leader Muammar Gaddafi."

July 30 "(Reuters) - Libyan rebels say the gunmen who shot dead their military chief were militiamen allied in their struggle to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, raising questions about divisions and lawlessness within rebel ranks."

: revising history by the day.

In any case, Al KKKaeda of North Africa continues its campaign...

Uruknet: Benghazi "Rebels" Lynching Blacks in Libya


Operation Gunwalker is the tip of the iceberg, says Daniel Hopsicker...

Mad Cow Productions: The Operation Behind Operation Gunwalker

Other miscellany...

NHK: Taiwan report - China deploys anti-ship missiles

PESN: HeavyWaterGate Continues in the USA Where Cold Fusion was First Announced

Daily Mail: 150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs - Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years

Secrecy News: Handling of Drake Leak Case was “Unconscionable,” Court Said

The Nation: The CIA's Secret Sites in Somalia

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