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Compromised by Birth II

During the presidency of George W. Bush, we often mused to ourselves that he, being George III - the third U.S. president to be named George - would be the last president of the republic. The nightmare scenarios we imagined involved events like false-flag terrorist nuclear attacks in several U.S. cities prompting martial law, suspension of the Constitution, and W. declaring himself president-for-life. Now, while the mode of the realization of this outcome, the Fall of the Republic (as Alex Jones has documented it), has fortunately not occurred as feared, nevertheless the result has been achieved. George III - the monarch that preceded the establishment of an independent republic - is also the moniker of the president that ended the republic (for the time being, at least, until we can restore it).

This was achieved essentially through the election of an ineligible candidate, or one who did not meet the constitutional requirement that he be a "natural born citizen," defined as one born under U.S. jurisdiction to parents who are each U.S. citizens. Jerome Corsi makes the case in his Where's the Birth Certificate? that Barack Obama Jr., even if born in Hawaii (which he argues is not the case), was born a dual citizen, being a British subject through his African father, as he was born at a time when the soon to be nation of Kenya was still a British colony.

In light of this, we took a great interest in this particular speech of Obama before the British Parliament last month in Westminster Hall...

President Obama addresses the British Parliament, May 25, 2011

The president set a significant precedent in this speech, as noted in the introduction:

Yet until today, no American president has stood on these steps to address our country's Parliament.

But what is even more extraordinary is this statement (34:00)...

It is possible for hearts to change and for old hatreds to pass. It is possible... for the grandson of a Kenyan who served as a cook in the British Army to stand before you as President of the United States.

So says the grandson of a man testicle-tortured by the British Empire!

What could have possessed him? Do they have the grandson by the balls?

Indeed, they do.

In our previous installment, we noted that candidate Obama's advisor John Brennan, then CEO of The Analysis Corporation (or TAC - a State Department contractor whose trusted employee had compromised the passport records of candidate Obama) would become president-elect Obama's first choice for Director of Central Intelligence; we speculated that perhaps Brennan is utilizing the information gleaned from the passport records, and is holding the evidence of Obama's ineligibility, as collateral to insure that the president serves the interests of the Military/Industrial-Complex. (This is just one interpretation of the motives for the tampering.) But these interests are are not the only ones that might be served by such information. Consider that TAC, now Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc. (GTEC), was a wholly owned subsidiary of a British defense company, the Global Strategies Group (GLOBAL), at the time of the passports incident. (TAC was acquired in Feb. 2007 and sold in March 2011 - Govcon wire).

Sourcewatch: Global Strategies Group

The Washington Post's Top Secret America series has a page for GTEC, and lists its board of directors (subsequent to its initial public offering in September 2009).

Global Defense and Technology Systems, Inc. (GTEC)

The Board of Directors of GTEC (as of May 2010) is:

* Thomas Wilson -- Chairman of the Board of Directors

* John Hillen -- President & Chief Executive Officer

* Ron Jones -- Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development

* John J. Devine -- Member of the Board of Directors

* Jacques Gansler -- Member of the Board of Directors

* Eric Rangen -- Member of the Board of Directors

* Damian Perl -- Member of the Board of Directors

The latter, Damian Perl, is GLOBAL's founder and CEO.

This article provides us with some biography...

Telegraph (14 Nov 2009): Royal Marine Damian Perl to float US security firm for £100m

Mr Perl, who says he trained with both American and British special forces, controls the division and is set to be the main beneficiary at the culmination of a decade of building a security empire.

His original firm, Global Risk Strategies, was founded in 1998. According to his own marketing material, he has grown it from a "small office in south London" into "one of the world's leading providers of defence and security" operating in 20 countries and working for big corporates and governments.

He is now considered one of the most well-connected personal security executives

The Telegraph article has this to offer on some of the other board members...

The newly listed firm will be run by John Hillen, a former assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs who was said to be one of Condoleezza Rice's closest advisers. Another director is John Devine, formerly the senior CIA representative in Britain.

So then this company, whose trusted employee got the goods on Barack Obama's passport in the early primary season of the 2008 presidential campaign, also happens to be a significant corporate node sealing the "special relationship" in national security matters between members of the U.S. intelligence community (particularly CIA veterans) and their British counterparts.

Moreover, as his bio summarizes...

GLOBAL: Damian Perl - Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

In addition he has consulted on corporate risk management in the energy and mining sectors and has sat on a number of business advisory committees and commerce groups involved with the insurance market and with Central Asia and Africa.

And as this Forbes profile adds...

Forbes: A. Damian Perl

Mr. Perl served in the British military both in the Royal Marines Commandos and in Special Forces, and was involved in counter-insurgency operations in Africa and the Balkans. He also advised foreign governments on counter-terrorism, working with indigenous security services and linking civil and military security interests. Mr. Perl is a member of the SAS Regimental Association and the Royal African Society.

One might assume then that he had some input with these operations...

BBC (6 March 2011): Libya unrest - SAS members 'captured near Benghazi'

So, Damien Perl happens to have some experience in the very region where the U.S. and U.K. military forces have been most recently collaborating - an operation in which the president did not even bother, as is constitutionally required, to obtain the declaration (or even the sanction) of the U.S. Congress. Nor does he show any serious inclination in doing so, despite increasingly urgent requests from the Congress that he do so immediately.

Indeed, he is not behaving like a U.S. president; rather he does bidding like a viceroy and hired mercenary "commander in chief" for the British Empire.

What can we say? Lyndon LaRouche was right all along.

LaRouchePAC (June 9 2010): Americans Awakening To Truth About Obama - He's a British Agent!

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