Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Geopolitic Testicles

We were startled to see this title...

Greg Palast: The Right Testicle of Hell: History of a Haitian Holocaust

Is the WXXX News practice of sexualizing headlines starting to take off on the internet?

The implication of the article in question seems to be that, despite the fact that Iceland and Haiti are respectively left and right testicles of IMF, debt obligated austerity plans - as llustrated with the Google-map connecting Iceland and Haiti - nevertheless Iceland was able to send relief supplies to Haiti even before the United States.

It should be added, however, Iceland is only now beginning to deal with this kind of debt colonialism (at the hands of Anglo-Dutch financiers) that Haiti has endured for the past two centuries And it is perhaps in large account thanks to Haitian experience, as well as that of other countries, that the Icelanders are getting wise to what is afoot, and doing something about it...

Birgitta Jonsdottir: Iceland against financial blackmail

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siggtry sigmarsson wrote:

Birgitta Jonsdottir used to organize industrial gigs in the late 80s. she, like a lot of the green/left wing party members have art(school) backgrounds, ... her voice can be heard on some early Reptilicus recordings, which is one of the more known industrial bands from iceland, having cd's out on staalplaat in the 90s. including a collaboration with the hafler trio.