Wednesday, November 11, 2009

His Sullied Highness

Let this be a lesson: if you are a Sovereign, and you hire an intelligence contractor who is not your subject, who is in fact a foreign national, and you fail to meet your contractual obligations with said national, do not be surprised that your sovereignty should be trumped by his sovereignty, belonging to the American People, who thus are now informed of said breach of contract, here published by the Superior Court of the State of California, spilling your privy intelligence for all the world to see...

Robert Eringer v. His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco

Update, Nov. 13

HSH has invoked sovereign immunity, so Mr. Eringer won't be getting paid. But, given what he knows, he certainly could write a book and pay himself back that way. From his web log...

Press Release

Update, Nov. 19

Eringer reopens the case, this time lodging the suit against Monaco itself. As we read in his post, "Eringer names the nation-state of Monaco as a defendant on the basis that Prince Albert acted on behalf of Monaco in his dealings with Eringer." But, Monaco is not simply a "nation-state," it is a principality. It may seem a pointless distinction, but it is a point the defendant might pursue... There is virtually no distinction between the person of the prince and the dominion of the principality. They are the two corporalities of the same sovereign, one mortal and one eternal. Read The King's Two Bodies by Ernst Kantorowicz for explication.

So, we do not expect this shall go far either. Really, the only way to resolve the dispute between these sovereign entities is by force. The United States will need to declare war against Monaco.

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