Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

As participatory historical speculators, conspiracy theorists do operate upon manipulators, whether or not they are correct in identifying them. But, in their ascriptions of authorship to events, particularly to events they would predict, they are unwittingly recruitable by the more advanced manipulators. Of course, in turn (there is always the opportunity for another turn), the theorist can forge tactical maneuvers in answer to his own recruitment.

A case in point: Alex Jones has been suggesting that the H1N1 pandemic is a staged event, hyped by WHO and the media far beyond its real danger in order to give the New World Order an excuse to bring on martial law. But his recent guest, Dr. Henry Niman, for Flu Tracker, did much to dispel many of the stories about swine flu making the rounds, such as Len Horowitz's claim that it is man-made, and the claim Jones in particular has been repeating, that the virus itself isn't cause for alarm since thousands die every year of regular flu anyway; hence it must be NWO hype for ulterior motives. Niman makes the crucial point that yes, while thousands die of flu anyway, they are generally very sick, old or feeble to begin with. This is not the case with the current outbreak of H1N1. Moreover, the fact that there have been quite a few cases and deaths out of season in the Northern Hemisphere suggests that we could be in for quite an Autumn/Winter '09/'10. Another claim Jones and others have been making is that the vaccine is in fact the real killer, and will do more to realize Prince Phillip's dream of wiping out billions than the virus itself. Niman tries to dispel this as well.

Dr. Niman doesn't want to get into politics. But Jones is all about politics, and as such, he will be a considerable factor in what goes down in the coming months. In politicizing the virus, Jones may be doing more for or against the NWO agenda than even his bogeymen could have expected.

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