Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alamo on Trial, Pope in Hospital

As the trial of evangelist Tony Alamo began this week, Pope Benedict XVI fell and broke his wrist, in a clear sign to Alamo's followers that God is angry at the Vatican for the persecution of the self-proclaimed "World Pastor."

Alamo, whose real name is Bernie Lazar Hoffman, is on trial for 10 counts of violation of the Mann Act, as he is accused of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes. The trial opened with testimony from girls who say they were "married" to Alamo as young as eight years old, and then forced to engage in sexual acts with the now 74 year old evangelist.

Alamo alleges that he is under attack for speaking out against the Vatican, the U.S. government and the media. He released this statement last night on his website, Tony Alamo Ministries:

From Tony Alamo July 17, 2009 Regarding Government-Vatican Persecution vs. Tony Alamo

It is a violation of the US Constitution for the government to attack any religion, especially Christianity!! My trial is government vs. the Bible. The five young women who are falsely testifying against me have all been convinced to do so by the FBI.The FBI paid all of their tuition to go to a place called Wellspring, which is a “deprogramming center.” Deprogramming is a nice word for hypnosis, brainwashing, mind-control, voodoo, black magic. Their testimony is not to be believed because it is not true, and they are not in their right mind. They are under a hateful spell of witchcraft. They (in court) have all said that I, Tony Alamo, said, “The Lord said you are to marry me.” This is all a lie. I never told that to any one of them. Their testimonies cannot be believed because they are all uniformly brainwashed. They (the young women) never contacted the FBI; the FBI contacted every one of them and gave them thousands of dollars and many gifts to lie for them. The FBI is against the Bible, Christianity, God, and all Christian churches. The legal age of marriage is puberty. Webster’s Dictionary states childhood is the “state or time of being a child; state or time from birth or infancy to puberty or maturity.” Webster’s definition of puberty is “the age when one becomes capable to bear children, which is marked by maturing of the reproductive organs, with the onset of menstruation in the female; the period at which sexual maturity is reached.” The Bible says this as well. God’s Word, the Bible, never condemns a man for having more than one wife! Remember how they murdered, burnt up, the Christians at Waco, Texas! They are demonic. Witnesses for the FBI and all those they have paid to go to Wellspring are all saying the same thing that they are told to say

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