Tuesday, May 12, 2009

English Pirates by Somali Proxy?

It seems the ragtag Somali pirates have been gaining access to information gleaned from shipping communications scanned possibly from the UKUSA surveillance network (aka "Echelon"), along with with other details provided by informers said to be based in London.

Spain's Cadena SER reports.

For coverage in English, the UK Telegraph:

Somali pirates 'helped by intelligence gathered in London'

Was President Obama trying to tell us something with his humorous little slide show at the White House Correspondents Dinner (time-stamp 9:00), where the photo of his meeting with Gordon Brown segues into him meeting a pirate?


Update: 09/09/10

Intelligence Online: Britain and U.S. in pirate battle

Something nefarious is going on here, and the U.S. is pulling out the usual terrorist bogeyman in an attempt to put a stop to ransom payments. Of course, it could be that some of the pirate cash is finding its way to Al Shabaab, which is precisely why GCHQ is offering its clandestine assistance (if we were to entertain a "LaRouche version of history" here - something along the lines of... controled chaos in a failed state is cheaper than a sovereign Somali gatekeeper to the Gulf of Aden/Red Sea)

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