Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stop Carving Her Breasts (for now)

The verdant mountain abounds like a voluptuous woman. Her terrain flows with the graceful, seeming suppleness of an enchanting Belle. But, the lithesome semblance is only that. Truly, her elegance rests upon the firmness of granite bedrock, concealing rich seams of coal. And, there lies the object, motivating one of the most egregious species of crime ever committed by Man upon Earth. The butchers disingenuously plead as if they could "reclaim" her delicate flesh. But, in truth, wielding dynamite and earth movers as their weapons, these knaves have scraped off her tender topsoil, dumped into maiden stream beds below, leaving her moist flowers forever entombed by the blasted rock, thus making a grisly chastity belt from what had been through the aeons the foundation of her sublime beauty. Is this some kind of lovemaking? No. Mountaintop removal is like unto the sexual mutilation of a lovely lady... nay, of a whole host of such lovelies.

This crime has been committed multiply with the consent of the States of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, along with the Federal Government of The United States of America. Until now... perhaps.

Today, we are happy to report that the EPA of the Obama Administration is putting a hold on mountaintop removal permits, pending further review...

Obama EPA starts crackdown on mountaintop removal

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