Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Entertainer of the Year

The title goes to Alex Jones, which is not to downplay the seriousness of his subject matter, this Michel Foucault for the masses... If Foucault were alive today, one imagines he would be sounding the alarm bells upon these same subjects... the militarization of police, surveillance swarming amuck, the psychotropic administration of children, the technocratic economization of nutrition, the transhumanist appetite to cull population, and so on. The "power/knowledge" nexus which he traced in the 1960 & '70s has now only amplified all the more; so that what Foucault called the "carceral society," Jones can now call the "prison planet."

At times he gets a bit clausterphobic and loses it...

Alex Jones Tv:2009 Police State "RANT" of the New Year!!!

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